Chapter 48

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Platoon Captain, Trapped 1
“There’s was no problem in the safety verification of the mansion then?”

“Yes, the knights have been defensively arranged as per Platoon Captain’s instructions. We have looked all around the rooms for suspicious points, and we have confirmed the back entrances as well.”

“All right, I don’t think anything will happen to Okusama and others in this town, but we can’t be negligent. On this travel, protecting the two is our responsibility. Understood?”

“Yes, I will make sure to pep talk those who are slacking.”

Carl gave a serious nod and left after bowing.

Carl gives a light impression because of his bright and charming personality, but he’s a very skilled knight.
Often paired with Dominic, they are both young, but both of them are reliable youths with a promising future. These two were added to this travel surely because Christhard-sama also trusts them.

I should feel terribly old watching the young generations, but there’s not such a thing.
It’s said that man’s prime is in his forties, but I’m still in my thirties. It’s still too early to say that I’m old.
In any case, I still don’t have a wife. I have more or less missed the marriageable age because of my duties and training, but it’s still not too late.
Having said that, it’s not my current objective, so wife and child are still a way ahead.

No, this is not the situation to be thinking about this. It seems I have also gotten lax after arriving at the final destination of the travel.
This town is Okusama’s town, it’s a very good town.
Although the danger and monster damage increase the more you separate from the royal capital, this town is a very safe place to live. Because this is all thanks to Okusama’s grace, it’s only natural that the townspeople are grateful and appreciative.
Well, I was a little surprised about the worship of Gill who was entrusted with the management of this town, but……

Okusama is a mysterious person.
Okusama’s reputation in the royal capital just a little while ago couldn’t be said to be sweet by any standard.
Although I saw her figure from a distance before, I never had a direct conversation. She gave me an impression of a lofty lady with a smugly and cold expression.
Because she was famous for having too much magical power, I thought of her as slightly pitiful.
There are people who have a hard time handling their magical power among the knights, but their magical power can’t be compared to Okusama’s. She must have had it really difficult.

However, Okusama’s reputation suddenly changed entirely.
Her high temper has ceased, her severe facial expressions were changed for a smile, and furthermore, she now treats everyone to sweets (regardless of social status).
Everyone was surprised by the abrupt change. It’s rumored that Okusama’s state of mind changed because of the illness we were not told the details of.
But, looking at this town, I’m thinking that Okusama wasn’t that cold before she changed. Well, truthfully, Okusama’s mind is difficult to read, so I can’t say much, though……

The impression of Okusama has changed, but the strength of her magical power is unchanged.
I realized that during this travel.
Okusama’s magical power keeps surprising me. Not only its power, but I have also never heard of such usage.
She might be like the legendary magician of the past, no, she might have already exceeded him with her uniqueness.


I didn’t know that there was a magic that would make others difficult to recognize my existence. Moreover, her magical power is so startling that it wasn’t used only on myself, but many people and things (carriage).
Not only that, the shoulder strap that was handed to us before the travel seems to be infused with protection magic.
Is something like that possible? When a method in the category beyond my expectations is used, I can only sigh. I can’t help but wishfully think for this travel to end.


What was that? I suddenly felt cold creeping over my back.

I reflectively reached for my sword, but there’s only a dim corridor behind me.
Dim? Is the fact that the part of the shadow where the light from the window can’t reach feels darker than before?
And, it’s steadily spreading?


The shadow instantly fills my field of vision, and my breathing gets blocked, and my vision is pitch black.
I grit my teeth, shake my hands to shake off the shadow and stare at the dim place I deem to be the cause.
Then, the ominous dim place that has been there just a little while ago returned to being just a shadow. There are no threatening signs at all.
Was that just my imagination? No, that shouldn’t be the case, but……

I lightly shake my head and take a deep breath.
The shadow that was before my eyes is gone, but I can feel a faint haziness in my head.
What has happened to me? It should have been something strange, but I don’t know what that is.
What was I thinking about…
Y, yeah, that’s right, it was Okusama’s magical power, wasn’t it?

Magical power that exceeds beyond the expectations category.
How fearfully strong. Is it all right to leave a power like that run loose?
It will be dangerous if someone doesn’t confine that abominable power. If anyone won’t destroy that monster-like power… I… should do it…

Something dark wriggles around his head like a snake.
Someone… save me. Please.
However, that wish was denied by the emptiness, and his mind was inevitably swallowed in darkness.

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