Chapter 50

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The sound of lips smacking resounded in the surroundings.
When I shift my attention towards the person who made the sound, I saw a man.
That man is spitting out some kind of words while looking at the ground.
When I listen carefully, I hear “Shit”, “Dreg” and “Trash” such words escaping from his mouth.
While thinking about how foul-mouthed that person is, I took a good look at the man’s face.

“Bel Niisama!?”

When I unconsciously cry out, the man raised his face.
His usual refined, gentle demeanor and the elegance of royalty was very far from his vulgar aura, and his face was rough, similar to a soldier with long military service.

It’s not Belhold Niisama?
He’s similar, but not him. It’s impossible that this person is Bel Niisama, I feel signs of conviction showing.
It’s impossible for this person to be the well-bred noble youth who is the Crown Prince of Morgenroth.
The more I look, the more the conviction of this being different person increases.

The man slowly turned his face towards me.
My movements stop under the powerful, severe glint in his eyes.
Just with the man’s glance, I was pointing my chin towards the ground.
When I turn my attention at the feet of the man, I froze in a shock.
A weird hole opened in the ground and a dark mist was leaking out.
I haven’t noticed until now, but I can feel a strange, sinister presence.

“What… is this?”

To my trembling voice, the man looked at me as if I was a fool.
You can’t even understand that? The man’s eyes were telling me that.
Creepy!! This guy is not Bel Niisama!! Definitely!! Rather, I’m sorry I thought this fellow was similar to you, Bel Niisama!!

A haughty expression of a scoundrel who lived by drowning in his power. A strong will is dwelling within that existence.
And the bottomless surge of magical power flowing from that man.
It’s my first time feeling threatened by another’s person magical power.
But, while opposing and fearing that feeling, I also feel intimacy towards that person for some reason.

Is it because he resembles Bel Niisama?
Yes, as I thought, this man resembles Bel Niisama. It can be said that he looks too similar.
It’s the close resemblance that would be impossible without being blood relatives.

The blood of the royal family? But, I don’t know anyone who makes me feel so closely connected to their blood.
Various possibilities pop into my head.
Just who is he?

While absorbed in thought, irritation floated on that man’s face.
As common with haughty men, this man appears to have a considerably short temper.
But, if this man’s displeasure is caused by the mist at his feet, it might be unavoidable.

It wandered as if it were alive.
It vigilantly waited for the opportunity to swallow me.
My aversion towards it causes me to feel nauseated.
Wicked Intentions. Impure existence. Source of misfortune. This mist is all of that.

“This feeling is far worse for you, isn’t it?.”

When I shake off the faint-hearted feelings and stand up, I tried speaking with a selfish, ladylike, haughty and conceited tone.
When this man showed further displeasure, I for some reason found it amusing.

Then, the man unexpectedly looked at me and laughed.
That smile had the power to charm people.
Both men and women would be captivated by this man’s strength, it makes you want to dedicate your life to that charm.

Ahh, so that’s why I suddenly felt that we are close.
Right, why?
I understand the reason for feeling close to this man. That’s because, this man is…


Rain, huh… I thought so while still able of a meager thought process.
I look at the light leaking through the gaps of the curtains. I vaguely hear the sound of water in my ears.

I feel like I dreamed about something…? What was it? A severe light and… darkness?
Even when I try to remember, I can’t form a clear image. Irritating. Even though I feel like I shouldn’t forget the dream I just had.


My thoughts were interrupted by a cry, and when I shift my attention towards my feet, I saw Dieter widely opening his mouth and yawning.
Then, I notice that which I was protectively holding in my arms.
My dear warm and gentle one.

When my beloved son mutters something in his sleep, I brought my face close and rubbed his cheeks.
The two of us are huddling on top of the large bed.
I feel Wirbel’s consciousness gradually return while I stroke his soft hair.

“It’s almost the time to wake up, isn’t it?”

At the same time I thought such, Kon, kon knocking resounded from the door and a person entered inside.



“Okusama, you are awake?”

“Yes, it’s raining today, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it might be better to cancel today’s schedule.”

“That might be so…”

When I sat up, Wirbel opened his eyes while rubbing them with his hands.
When Dieter licked the cheeks of the half-asleep Wirbel, he raised a voice in protest because of the rough feeling.

“N~ that hurts, Dieter. My cheeks will fall off~”

Wirbel hugs Dieter while chuckling and giggling.

“Good morning, Wirbel. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, Okaasama. I’ve dreamed about the tale of the boy who got on a bird and went on adventures you have read me before going to sleep.”

Ah, that Swedish story. It’s a compassionate story full of bravery, so it was perfect for a bedtime story.
Well, Wirbel is far stronger and gentle child though! Moreover, he comes with cuteness! Fufu, he’s invincible!

“Okaasama, I hear rain.”

“Yes, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop, does it?”

It’s not to the extent of a downpour, but there were dark clouds as far as I could see on the other side of the curtains that Berta pulled back.
As I thought, today’s outing has to be canceled. Shall we spend the day by rolling and idling around~ it’s a resting time~

“We have received a grand welcoming from the people of the town, it’s unfortunate that we can’t greet them huh.”

Uh, that so, isn’t it?
The child of our house passes as an adult. I feel completely hopeless. Sob, sob.
N? Berta-san, your face looks serious, but your shoulders are trembling, you know! It wouldn’t be a laughing matter if she snapped. Furthermore, to laugh at my inner voice! I can’t make light of you!

“Wirbel, then, how about having a picnic today?”

“Picnic, is it? But, it’s raining outside?”

Wirbel tilted his head in wonder.

“Yes, that’s why, let’s have a picnic in the mansion. Let’s spread a carpet on the floor and have a light meal. How about inviting the townspeople to the hall? It’s a change of pace, doesn’t it sound fun?”

“Yes! I want to do a picnic!”

Let’s spread many mats for the picnic! I want to watch cherry blossoms~
That being said, aren’t flowers and trees needed to make it lively?
Alright, let’s make it with a garden-like atmosphere! I will do my best! Oh~!

N? Which reminds me, am I forgetting something?
What was it again?

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