Chapter 46

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Worry and Reflection

I sigh while stroking the back of the little child that has snuggled up next to me.

The next morning, when my body finally recovered, Wirbel came flying into the room with a face full of worry.
When I was soothing Wirbel who leaped into my arms while crying on the sofa, his body gradually relaxed and I soon heard “Ku~ ku~” his sleeper’s breath.

“He fell asleep, huh.”

“Yes, he must have been tired from crying. He has also attended me until late in the evening.”

“Yes, he must be relieved to see Okusama in good health. He was so anxious yesterday it made me uneasy.”

“I see, then, it would be better to let him quietly sleep for a while.”

When I said so, Berta lifted Wirbel in her arms and took him to his room.

“Okusama, the Platoon Captain and Gill-san would like to see you, is it all right to call for them?”

Berta who left came back into the room while pushing a tea cart and asked.

“Yes, I made everyone worry, didn’t I?”

When Berta gave signal outside the door, the Platoon Captain, the knights Carl, Dominic and Gill who’s in charge of the mines and town soon entered the room.

“Okusama! I’m glad to see you safe! You really gave me a life-threatening fright for a moment!”

“Thank you, I’m all right. Did any unusual phenomenon happen in the mines?”

After having asked, I realized that I accidentally asked a question that wasn’t needed.
Of course, an unusual phenomenon has happened. It was an unusual phenomenon in anyone’s eyes.

“Ye, yes, I think that you have already heard, but… that, g, gem has…”

Pitiful Gill answers in panic while breaking in a cold sweat.

“Yes, that’s right, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I, of course, understand that the disappearance of the gem from the wall is not your responsibility. What I wanted to ask is if the disappearance of such large gem didn’t lead to the collapse of the mines or if it somehow interferes with the people’s work.”

“Yes, I have observed the situation for a while, but there seemed to be no change, so I resumed the mining operation this morning.”

Understanding that I’m not blaming him, Gill has returned to his composed attitude.

“I see, if you sense even the slightest sign of danger, suspend the operation immediately, okay? Everyone is wearing what was delivered to you before, right?”

“Yes! Everyone is thankful for Okusama’s consideration!”

Gill looks at me with the usual expression of adoration.

No, it wasn’t that great of a deal?

I thought what’s necessary for workers in the mines and came up with helmets.
When I checked, they weren’t wearing on their heads as I have expected, so I had Becker Company make it as always.
When I told Becker to make masks while at it, he asked “That, what kind of a thing is that!?” with sparkling eyes.

Because he was looking at me in wonder when I told him it’s so the workers don’t inhale mine dust, I explained to him that inhaling too much mine dust will damage the body.
There seems to have been many people who harmed their body at the mines until now, but it seems that the dust was not thought to be the cause.

Becker full of commercial spirit muttered “This will sell” and ominously grinned.
After explaining that there is also an effect to prevent infections such as influenza while smiling wryly at the usual Becker, his eyes started sparkling even more.
Well, since this is useful to people, Becker’s enthusiasm might have been good this time.

That being the case, I had the helmets and masks delivered to the workers.
What I was also worried about were the gasses.
I heard that harmful gasses might spring forth when digging mines, so I was wondering whether there’s a method to avoid it.

I have a vague recollection of birds being used to notice abnormalities early. Because I remembered hearing a story like that and couldn’t judge its validity, I have sent a letter in order to consult with Gill.
Then, the answer came surprisingly quickly.

He said that there are monsters who consume harmful gasses.
Seriously!? I felt like that, but it appears that there really are such air cleaning monsters for some reason.

Because people are aware that mines occasionally produce gasses that are harmful to people, there was a story that there are monsters who can effectively prevent it.
That being the case, I thought that he should have told me from the beginning, but because the monsters are very expensive, I understood why Gill didn’t tell me right from the beginning.

If it’s like that, it’s easy.
I said it many times, but I have money! And I also have an intermediate (Becker), so I immediately deployed the purchased monsters to the mines.
Because the living air cleaners are very obedient and cute, they also contributed to comforting the workers, Gill then sent me a letter of gratitude.

“Okusama, I’m terribly sorry!”

When I raise my head at the sudden words, the Platoon Captain and the two knights were silently bowing their heads.

“My, you are not responsible, though? Please, raise your heads.”

“No, we shouldn’t let Okusama enter the mines without confirming whether it’s dangerous or not. It was terrible negligence. Moreover, there also was the danger of the mines collapsing, the mines are not a place Okusama should set a foot upon, I should have stopped you!”

Captain declares with a serious voice mixed with regret.

“Not at all. The safety has been confirmed by the workers, I have also received an explanation that the mines are under a magic effect that prevents the collapse. This incident was not your fault.”

“No! We should have confirmed the safety ourselves, although I couldn’t stop you, I should have at least accompany Okusama!”


The Captain with a serious expression makes me feel sorry.

Having me encounter danger must be intolerable for Captain who has sincerely pledged allegiance to the Flaksburb house.
However, that was completely unavoidable. Nobody could expect it.

And, if there were a person who made a blunder, it would be me.
I was completely careless and didn’t think of danger at all.
I shouldn’t have carelessly touched the gem.

I should have thought that something might have happened.
Because I knew that it might be the national treasure “pyroxene,” the precious gem of legends.

If that gem had absorbed my magical power completely, I might have died.
Dying is very frightening, but thinking that I might have left Wirbel in this world alone, my body started trembling.
Not being able to stay by his side to protect him, not being able to embrace him with love… although late, I became terrified by my own carelessness.

“No, it was my mistake. I should have been more careful…”


Seeing my expression swiftly change to blue, Captain looks at me anxiously.

“I’m all right… Let’s see, how about both of us learn from this lesson to be more careful in the future? Both you and I made a mistake. Isn’t that so?”

When I pull myself together and ask, Captain, Carl, and Dominic drop on one knee and sincerely bow their heads.

I was a little startled by the highest grade bow, but I felt happy that our bonds have somehow deepened.

“Okusama, so… it’s hard to ask, but that, that fellow, no, that…”

Carl hesitates to ask while shifting his attention next to me.

“Ah, this child.”

Everyone’s gazes focus at one point.

A black and white body was laying next to me as if it was natural.

“I have heard that you picked it up, though?”

“Eh!? Ye, yes, it clung to Okusama and wouldn’t separate, besides, I couldn’t leave it behind after seeing those eyes…”

Carl says apologetically.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings. You can’t go against those bead-like eyes when they are sorrowful.
Moreover, I can’t blame Carl for not leaving it behind in this disturbance.

“Dominic, I heard you could sense my magical power from this child?”

“Yes, even now, I can feel Okusama’s magical power flowing through its body.”

Dominic looks at me and the panda and nods.

“Flow of the magical power?”

“Yes, Okusama’s magical power flows into the, umm, Sacred Beast-sama? than returns back to Okusama with its power amplified.”


Astonished voices besides mine overlapped over Dominic’s words.

“Are you saying that Okusama’s abnormal magical power is being further amplified!?”

“That is… how frightening…”

“Eh!? Isn’t that dangerous!?”

I understand their feelings, but their words are too rude.

“Hou, as expected of Okusama!”

Gill irrelevantly raised his voice in admiration.

Amplification? Amplification, huh… amplification of a bottomless magical power? I’m scared if I say so myself.
What should I do… throw it away? No, throwing away a panda is no good.

I’m troubled. When troubled, I have no choice, but to depend on Ojisama as always, huh?
There’s also the thing about the gem, and I will be coming home with a panda.

Ah, is it really all right to bring the small celebrity that has the panda become back to the capital?
Although I wanted to keep panda when I was small, it was an unrealistic thought.
Mother always told me that panda in the house would only bring troubles.

Troubles in the house. She was indeed right.

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