Chapter 45

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Gem and Panda
“How do you feel?”

“Yes, rather well.”

When I answered the doctor’s question, the doctor showed a slightly surprised expression.

“Is that so? Resting for a little bit more would be most likely the best. Okusama’s recovery seems to be fast.”

“Do you know the cause of my collapse?”

While thinking that the possibility of him knowing the cause behind the event in the mine has to be low, I ask just in case.

“No, I don’t know the precise cause, but I could guess the reason why Okusama has collapsed.”

“My, what is it!?”

“Yes, the case of one collapsing because the exhaustion of magical power is quite usual. However, I have examined Okusama immediately after the collapse, but Okusama’s symptoms are slightly different from magical power exhaustion.”

Indeed, the Cooperation Union Chief has told me that spending too much magical power is dangerous.
When you try to use magic while exhausted of magical power, it consumes your life force instead, so it seems to be quite dangerous.
However, the doctor is saying that my case is different.

“Excessive use of magical power makes the heartbeat extremely slow in order to prevent movement, so there wouldn’t be any further consumption. Unconsciousness is the body’s self-defense. However, I couldn’t see that sign in Okusama.”

“In other words, the cause is different? Moreover, you have said that you can guess the cause before, didn’t you?”

Because he’s an intelligent person, or because he’s a doctor, the doctor’s explanation is a little roundabout, I unconsciously ended up urging him.

“Yes, I dare say that Okusama’s collapse was because of sudden loss of magical power. Not by exhausting it of your own will to use magic, but sucked up from the outside, Okusama’s body most likely couldn’t withstand that.”

“That is an unusual thing, isn’t it?”

“That’s correct, however, because there are magical power sucking monsters, I have heard stories about them from adventurers. Well, there were people who had their magical power sucked out and collapsed, and it would be difficult to distinguish the real reason behind the collapse. However, it’s certain that Okusama’s collapse isn’t because of common magical power exhaustion.”

Fumu, is it like a shock from rapid loss of blood? No, a little different?
Well, to put it simply, my body got startled and collapsed.
Everyone in this world possesses magical power so it can be said that the body is composed of magical power.

“Then, will it have any adverse effects on my body in the future?”

Berta who was silent until now asks the doctor anxiously.

“No, with a little bit of rest, the magical power will recover. Afterward, please eat food with a lot of nutrition.”

“Is that so, I’m relieved. Really, thank you very much.”

“Well then, please call me immediately in case something comes up.”

Saying that, the doctor was seen off by Berta.

Now then, I now know the reason behind my collapsing.
Then, why was my magical power suddenly sucked out?
As expected, considering that it happened the moment I have touched the gem in the mines……

“Berta, can you tell me the state of the mines?”

“Yes, it’s what I heard from the three that went inside together with Okusama so I can’t say in detail, but a dazzling light wrapped Okusama the moment you have touched the gem, and then, when the three opened their eyes, Okusama has already collapsed… the gem in the wall has vanished… I’m told.”

“Eh!? The gem has disappeared!?”

“Yes, aside from a gouged out wall, there were no other traces of the gem.”

Berta reveals perplexment.

That’s certainly surprising. For something of that size suddenly disappear…
Moreover, it was so hard it couldn’t be dug out so how did it disappear? Only doubts come to mind.

“There was no other change?”

“No, ah, yes, there is.”

At my question, Berta’s gaze turns towards the side of my pillow.

There, a panda was cutely laying face-down while sleeping.

Ah, there was this child.
Although the biggest question, I forgot about it.
Just why is this child here? No, in the first place, why is there a panda in this world? It’s full of mysteries.

“Why is this child here?”


First of all, let’s clear up this problem first.

“Yes, this… Sacred Beast-sama wouldn’t separate from Okusama. Moreover, it was calmly sitting near Okusama so… I thought there shouldn’t be any danger since it’s Sacred Beast-sama.”

Sacred Beast… it’s recognized like that, after all.
It was Becker who selfishly decided that panda is a sacred beast, but I really didn’t think I would be able to see one in this world…

At any rate, I thought that sacred beasts are phantom beings and that genuine pandas won’t appear in this world, I did not think it would end up like this.
Becker… what to do!? Am I at fault for not rejecting you? No, that may be so, but! Mou! Why did it end up like this!?

“Okusama, you should rest if you feel bad…”

When I’m at my wits’ end, Berta anxiously calls out to me.

“Thank you, I’m fine. So, where did this child come from?”

“That is, I don’t understand well. Carl brought it along, so it seems it comes from the mines. In addition to that, it suddenly appeared after that light and was sitting beside Okusama…”

“Is that so…”

Hmm, from the circumstantial evidence, it’s not possible that this panda is unrelated to that accident.
And, perhaps, also related to the disappearance of the gem?

Let’s think about it in order.
The moment I stroked the gem, that light occurred.
That means, my magical power was snatched by that gem?
Normal gem wouldn’t have such power, but if we consider that it was the same gem as the national treasure, the”pyroxene,” this mysterious phenomenon wouldn’t be that inexplicable.

However, that gem has disappeared.
Instead, a panda has appeared.
A creature that shouldn’t exist in this world.
Right, it’s something only I know of…

“Have you noticed anything else?”

Wishing for more clues, I ask Berta.

I did not expect any particular answer, but it somehow left my mouth.

“Ah, that’s right! It’s something Dominic has told me, but he could apparently strongly sense Okusama’s magical power from this Sacred Beast-sama. Dominic is sensitive to magical power, it seems he can tell even minor differences of magical power in people.”

The panda has my magical power?
… I have no proof, but one hypothesis came to my mind.

In other words, that panda has been born from that gem.
I don’t know if the expression ‘born’ is the correct one, but considering that the gem looked like an egg, it would explain the vanishing of the gem and appearance of the panda. Probably.

Thus, the egg required a lot of nutrition, which was magical power.
My magical power was not exhausted, but a considerable amount of it was snatched from my body.
Because I’m often told that I have a lot of magical power, it would be most likely impossible to snatch magical power from other people.

If Amalie didn’t buy this mine and I haven’t come to see the gem, this incident wouldn’t happen.
Or perhaps, the gem would most likely stay buried underground without being found.
Fate? Inevitable? I don’t understand well, but I feel like being guided to something.


While immersed in thoughts, the panda had climbed on my lap and was watching me before I noticed.

There are still some questions left.
Why is this child a panda?

Although it’s only a speculation, but it does support the explanation that it’s born from my magical power.
Born from the imagination of the magical power’s owner? Probably.

Such creature exist!? It does have such feeling, but well, it can’t be helped since it’s here.
… It wouldn’t turn out to be a real sacred beast, would it? It wouldn’t, right? Hahahahahaha, haa.

Well, on the bright side, the gem that was the source of trouble has disappeared!
There would certainly be an uproar if “pyroxene” was found, after all~
Instead, a panda has appeared, but well, isn’t that alright! Let’s think it’s good! Right! Panda-kun!

Poto. Korori.

… N, now, let’s rest just as the doctor has told us to! Goodnight~

“O, Okusama! What is that!?”

“What is it? Berta, I don’t feel well so I will take a rest.”

I ignore Berta’s fright and lie down.

“Okusama! What is it? It’s not! Okusama can see it too, right!? Please, stop escaping from reality! That’s a futile resistance!”

Berta rocked my shoulders when I closed my eyes in order to escape from reality.

Let me escape from reality! Please!
This should not be a reality!
It must be my mistake to see gems dropping from the panda’s hands! Right!?
Moreover, since they are small versions of the gem in the mines, this can’t be a reality!

… “Pyroxene”?
No, no, no, no, wrong! I’m wrong! I’m wrong, right!? Please, say that I’m wrong!

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