Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The door leading to the garden are open allowing a pleasant breeze to flow in.
In the calm and quiet space, only the sound of the pages of a book turning and the soft rustling of trees can be heard.

“I see…”

As I thought, I still want illustrations, I turned through the pages of a book full of characters.

This is a magic book passed to me by the Cooperation Union Chief.
Because of my sudden deed, “Read this!” he strictly ordered me.
The book itself is quite interesting, so I don’t have complaints, but the Cooperation Union Chief was looking a little down with a tired expression…

From reading the book, I understand that the amount of magical power I carry is extraordinary. To the extent, I can’t help but worry…
There is no one in this world who doesn’t possess magical power, but only a few people are able to release that magical power out of their bodies. The magic released outside the body is proportional to the magical power within the body.
The amount of magical power needed to use ice magic to let it snow in the whole capital is truly ridiculous.

No one is telling me directly that it was my doing, but everyone speaks about my extraordinary lack of common sense since that day.
Everyone has already decided it was my doing without confirming first. If this were not my doing, I would be completely gray. Everyone is so cruel! Well, it was my doing, though!

That incident appears to be a miracle in the streets. I’m amazed it became so serious, but it seems to be the consequences of the falling light.
My falling “Light” was not light that illuminates the streets, but the light of healing magic.
It does not bring such change to physical condition, but it somehow makes you feel better? Because it was only at one place, there’s a possibility that it was a people’s doing, but the rumors saying that it was a “Miracle” have emerged.

“Everyone exaggerates too much…”

I leak an unconscious sigh with a complaint.

“It seems better to report that you are not reflecting.”

My body jolts at the sudden voice coming from behind.

“Ch, Christhard-sama… please don’t startle me so much.”

The tall Duke Flaksburb stands behind me with an overwhelming impression.

“His Majesty is too lenient, don’t you think so?”

Christhard-sama continues talking while looking down at me.

“I am really grateful for his sympathy and appreciation towards this unworthy me. I sincerely receive Chirsthard-sama’s and everyone else’s discipline and engrave it to my heart.”

“If you said it from the beginning, I would believe those words, but… are you self-aware?”

Christhard-sama’s words pierce me.

Yes, it’s indeed as you said…
I’m self-aware. Enormously. I am, but if I lose to the guilt here, my past sins will come up, and it will become troublesome.
Prohibition to go on the trip. If it’s too bad, sealing off my magic?

“That reminds me, does Christhard-sama have any business here today?”

Because I don’t want my past troubles to be dug up, I crisply change the subject.

“… Ah, well. I came to express my gratitude for the handkerchief from the other day.”

Christhard-sama leaks out a tired sigh and states his business.

“It is really not something you had to come over personally for…”


Seriously! I mean, I gave it to Christhard-sama unwillingly… no, inevitably?… even worse than that…
There’s no way I couldn’t give Christhard-sama something after giving Arthur-sama, Anneliese-sama, Bianca-sama, and everyone else in residence. More than receiving thanks, I would like to apologize. Duty play, I’m sorry.

“Apparently,’Courtesy is an important thing indispensable to human beings’.”

To my surprised-like words, Christhard-sama returns quietly.

Ah, you were told by Bianca-sama, weren’t you! I can accept that!
However, surprisingly, Bianca-sama seems to be the one calling the shots. I bet he was lectured gently in harmony.
I have received a polite thank you letter from Bianca-sama. She’s truly a good lady! I will send you sweets again, okay!

“Well, just saying thanks for that staggering handkerchief may not be enough, though.”

Staggering handkerchief… that’s not praise, is it?
Right, that handkerchief has a magical power embroidery just like Wirbel’s vest.
I thought I would be scolded again if I used as much magical power as I did for Wirbel’s vest so I thought I was being moderate, however… I have received “Staggering handkerchief” evaluation.
Well, embroidering with magical power is absurd in the first place, but…

“I am happy you have received it.”

“It’s where I got lost whether to lecture you or to thank you. Well, thanks.”

I’m glad! Not only Berta’s but I may have paralyzed Christhard-sama’s feelings too. A lecture avoided!
Christhard-sama is a man of few words, but the sharp glint in his eyes is scary, you know! Moreover, repetitive silence is heavy! He might be the number one person I don’t want to be lectured by.

“By the way, how are your preparations for travel progressing?”

I have already talked about the travel with Christhard-sama and he even allowed me to take Wirbel along.

“Yes, I am expecting a perfect safety and a comfortable journey.”

“I see… I would like to advise you to take it with moderation, but it can’t be helped since Wirbel is going along.”

To my words full of confidence, Christhard-sama appeared uneasy about me overdoing it again, but Wirbel’s safety seems to be important.

“Then, it’s time for me to go, but… Amalie!”


Having my name suddenly called out, I replied in a startle.

“Be careful.”

Christhard-sama says in a commanding tone then quietly leaves the library.

While watching Christhard-sama’s retreating figure, this person indeed shines, I thought.
This person shone since the time I saw him for the first time.
The reason the skill shines is because of value, so I can immediately understand. But, why does Christhard-sama shine?

I could be convinced by the reason that he gave me Wirbel, but people who are not Christhard-sama could do that too.
Then, why? I can’t come to a conclusion even if I think about it. Didn’t I cause trouble to Bianca-sama by marrying? When I think that I made it difficult for the two people who love each other, I couldn’t help but feel apologetic.

However, my concerns were canceled with Bianca-sama’s confession.
I did not cause any inconvenience. Because…

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