Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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King of Morgenrot
“Fumu, this is unexpectedly delicious.”

Raw vegetables called appetizers are in front of me.

The whole castle recently started eating these fresh vegetables. The Grand Chamberlain was complaining that the Head Chef was acting strangely.
Normally, the Head Chef gives off a composed, uninterested impression, so I found it strange.

It appears that the Queen Mother, my mother requested this first. I thought it might be some foreign cuisine, but surprisingly, it was Millie’s suggestion.
The reason being, Millie said that fresh vegetables help in “Losing weight”. Because those are magical words to women, fresh vegetables rapidly spread among the noble ladies and children.

But, because the hectic government affairs temper me, I thought that I wouldn’t need this.
However, according to the letter Millie wrote the other day, fresh vegetables are not only good for beauty, but also for health.

“I want my dearest Ojisama to live a long, healthy life so please eat lots” This is what my cute Millie said, so well, I have no choice but to eat it.
Millie is not only cute, but also a kindhearted child. Well, she’s especially kind to me. If Belhold heard these words, he would raise a complaint. But, although he’s my son, he doesn’t listen. It’s only natural. Because I’m Millie’s beloved Ojisama. Fu

Well, I tried the fresh vegetables because of that, but unexpectedly, they weren’t that bad.
This macaroni? was also quite good. It seems that Millie also taught Head Chef this.
The Head Chef who was taught about fresh vegetables and macaroni reveres Millie with greater loyalty than me. Well, I will allow it since it’s Millie. I’m a generous king.

Right, right, when I tried the Baumkuchen snack, I was greatly startled.
Even though it wasn’t that sweet, it was very delicious. Moreover, I have never eaten a pastry with such soft and fluffy texture before.

This also seems to be made by Millie. Seriously, that child is not only cute, but also wise.
I have to ask that child to bring it over again. No, with pastry as good as that, it may be better to open up a shop. Let’s propose it to Millie the next time.

“Now then, it’s time to go.”

After breakfast, I changed rooms to attend state affairs.

When I enter the room, a mountain of documents was piled up on a large table.
As usual, I take a seat, the Prime Minister appears on the side and greets me, and I begin doing my uninteresting official duties.

Listening to this man, he too. I thought.
This man is the father of my dear Millie. I thought about making Millie my daughter, but the social position of a princess is strict, therefore I’m glad I didn’t make Millie a princess.

No, making that child a princess might have been better. My Queen and I would lovingly raise that child with utmost care. Unlike her mother.

That child’s mother was a troublesome woman.
She, who’s mother was a princess always had a weak body and was raised spoiled.
Her mother, the Princess, died early, and she dealt with it like a tumor.

My mother, the Queen Mother, was also one of the people who spoiled Millie’s mother.
Because there were many men among the relatives, she must have wanted to be affectionate to the only girl.
But, even now, the Queen Mother feels obligated for bringing misfortune to Millie by creating a spoiled monster-like woman.

Therefore, I spoiled her. The problem wasn’t settled, but there was nothing else I could do for the little girl that was frightened of everything.
Although our affection grew, Millie’s reputation gradually changed to bad.

In front of me, Millie was an obedient and good child. That doesn’t mean she was feigning in front of me.
On the contrary, she showed her real self in front of me. A tender, adorable smiling girl.

“Your Majesty, are you listening?”

Because I have immersed myself in my thoughts, the Prime Minister softly remonstrated me.

“Ah, sorry, about the snow matter from the other day? The result of the investigation is that there was no damage, right?”

“Yes, because it was only for a short while, there weren’t any changes to the temperature.”


Something impossible happened in the capital the other day.
It snowed.
In this always warm Morgenrot, it’s an abnormality.
Moreover, not only snow but light was also falling. An unthinkable natural phenomenon.

It was a breathtaking scene, but the thickheaded people got excited about an enemy attack.
Well, because there was no trace of offensive magic, it was simply magic to make everyone feel happy.
However, because having such tremendous magical power that could make snowfall in the whole capital is terrifying, many people in the court are in fact, scared.
Hence, I had the town investigated.

“Your Majesty, I’m terribly sorry about this matter. To take an action of this extent without thinking… No, I didn’t even think she could use this much magical power.”

“No need to apologize. Because it’s unclear whose act it is. Isn’t that correct?”

“… Yes.”

That snow made people feel happy.
The people in town think of it as a miracle from God, and watched it while shedding tears.
It’s obvious who’s doing that thing was, but no one will talk.

“Didn’t that magic made children happy, it was probably magic to make children happy in the first place.”

“Yes, harmless foolishness.”

The Prime Minister calls it like that, but I know that he received an unusual decoration from this “Harmless fool” the other day which he holds precious.
There seems to be someone who has spoken ill of the rough carving, which reminds me I haven’t seen that person in the palace recently… Well, can’t be helped.

I had also received a present from that child.
The handkerchief with a very beautiful embroidery made by that child herself.
So that means, that brutal-looking panda was also Millie’s work? In a sense, it seems to be harder to do than embroidery.
Well, that embroidery was overflowing with love for me! I won’t lose even to her father when it comes to returning that child’s smile! Fufun

Child, huh. A child seems to have brought a good influence on her.
That atrocious marriage has brought her happiness. Because she was able to master the magic she avoided so much.
Well, she overdid it a bit, but…

That child has a skill which makes things of value shine.
When I asked whether she can see this shining on humans out of curiosity, she told me that I’m shining. Therefore, she could approach me without worries.
Thus, “I appreciated having this skill for the first time”, she said while sweetly smiling. I was also very appreciative of the skill that did a good job. You did well, skill! I will praise you!

First of all, I told her to inform me if any other man besides me shined. To reject an undesired lover of my adorable daughter… no, no, approaching too defenselessly is too dangerous. That was the reason!

One day, she informed me that she saw a man that shined.
What!? Is what I thought, but that man was considerably capable.
I thought that if it’s this man, I will really, really reluctantly hand over her to him as a bride.

So I thought.
She would become my daughter if I married her to one of my sons, but the crown prince is like her older brother, and he also has a slightly older fiance. The relationship with the second prince Justus is like that of a cat and a dog. Besides, I couldn’t honestly say that our blood is close enough.
However, because of these bad rumors, Millie might miss the marriageable age. Wouldn’t it be better to marry Millie to that shining man? I thought.

Because I was the one who recommended it, Millie obediently went along with my proposal.
The problem was that Duke Flaksburb already had a fiancée.
For that reason, he gently declined.
However, because Millie’s skill shined, I couldn’t give up that easily.
It turned out with me, forcibly pushing Millie onto him, but the two tied the knots of marriage.

Being a second wife with Millie’s social status is unthinkable, but I had no choice because of the status of Duke Flaksburb’s fiancée.
It was slightly against his will, but looking at Millie now, it was the right choice. She was quickly blessed with a boy named Wirbel.

I had learned of her bad reputation, so I was very frustrated about that marriage, and the child’s existence didn’t make me happy, until recently. Will the negative chain continue? I thought.

However, look, that child who came to the castle the other day was beyond recognition.
I thought her look changed. That always unhappy child wasn’t there.
There was only a happy child who threw all sorrow away.

Belhold probably noticed that too, and the two talked in high spirits.
My mood was too good, and I ended up acting immaturely, but just how delighted Belhold and I were? I can’t describe it in words.

I think I will keep watching over that child after this too.
Just like the snow this time, I feel like I will have different worries than I’m used to, but compared to those frustrating feelings I had before, this is nothing.
Fumu, but taking her magical power into consideration, I can’t be too optimistic… it will be okay, right?
Millie… prudence.

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