Chapter 36

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Snowy Night
“What is ‘snow?'”

While relaxing after dinner, Wirbel asks while looking at the snowflake symbol engraved goods left behind by Becker.

“Snow is something that falls from the skies, just like the rain. It is white and very cold.”

“Is that so? But, I have never seen it before.”

“Yes, that is because snow falls only in cold regions, you can not see it here in Morgenrot which is always warm.”

“Has Okaasama saw it before?”

“Let’s see…”

Snow, huh.
Amalie who have not gone out of Morgenrot naturally didn’t see it before.
However, “I” know of snow.

My previous self was born and raised in Sapporo.
Snow piling up when winter comes is a natural scene to me.
Enough to make me wonder how can it not snow in Morgenrot.

The memory of “Snow” from my past life is very vivid.

I can accurately remember other memories too, but because I remember them only as images and sounds, their emotions from time to time are not accompanied.

A memory of a single girl being born and raised.
I can remember various events, even my parents, and siblings, but I have no memories of how I felt at those times.
The feelings during my time spent as Amalie get stronger while recalling my past life.

However, only the “snow” is different.
“Snow” makes my heart beat faster, and when I start thinking about it, it makes me feel lonely, and my heart starts hurting.
I feel like that only when recalling “Snow.”

Snow starts falling as if trying to cover the dark sky.
“I” was absentmindedly staring at it. The snow steadily piles up on me and completely buries me in white.
Is this memory perhaps my last memory of the previous life?

The memories of my previous life don’t go past the time I was a high school student.
Can I simply recall memories only to that point, or did I perhaps die at that time…
Why? When I try to remember, I can’t recall. Only white “Snow” covering the heart of my previous self.


While I was recalling about snow, Wirbel puts his warm little hands on my cold hands.

Ah, I have made Wirbel worry.
Both my present and future in this world will be with Wirbel. I can’t be getting depressed without reason! We have to enjoy ourselves!

“Wirbel, the scene of falling snow is very beautiful. There are also many interesting cultures in cold regions.”

“I’d like to see it!!”

Eh, is that so? Then, shall I make it fall?
Isn’t it a walk in the park for me who can handle sorbet magic? A piece of cake? Should I do it? Grin.


Uo!? Chills!?
A blizzard from behind!? Is what I thought, but yes, it was just our regular maid, Maou Berta-sama, I see! I knew it!
Hahahaha, with a dry laugh, I will mislead her… not, huh~ So scary brrrrr.

“Okaasama! How is the culture in the cold regions?”

Wirbel who is young but able to read the mood rescues me from the hands of the demon.
Seriously good child! An angel!

“L, let’s see. When it comes to playing with snow, it would be gliding on the snow or ice, and making houses or statues from the snow?”

A game where a person is taken under a tree and the tree is then kicked?? It’s there, but it’s dangerous, so I’m not able to recommend it. Yes.
After that, is there something else? An enjoyable event during winter is “that” right? It can be done even without snow.

“Wirbel, shall we decorate a tree?”

“Tree, is it?”

“Yes, we decorate a tree and put presents under it. For a family member or an important person.”

“I want to give Okaasama a present! Ar Niisama and Anne and Otousama… Bianca-sama too…”

Wirbel who spoke excitedly murmured the last part in a tiny voice.

“Yes, I would like to give a wonderful to Bianca-sama too.”


When I smile with a pleasant smile, Wirbel returns a glad-looking smile.

Wirbel really is an attentive person for a three-year-old.
When I think that it’s most likely because of me, I become apologetic.
It may not be so for Amalie, but it’s too much for me who is essentially my pace. I’m sorry to have troubled you.

Now then, presents it is. I would like to give presents to Ojisama, Bel Niisama, and Obaasama in the Royal Palace too. Also, it’s inevitable so to Justus too? I would like to give to Berta, Head Chef and everyone in residence too, also Rouven, Becker… I have approached incalculable amount~

“Ah! I want to give one to Ojiisama too!”

Wirbel looks at me with sparkling eyes.

“… Right, present for Otousama is necessary too.”

A present for the wise Excellency the Prime Minister of our country… wood carving of a panda? Let’s go with that.

In the future, a rough carving of panda chewing on a bamboo would decorate the His Excellency the Prime Minister’s desk, and the nobles who would speak badly of that carving would get demoted to a remote area… Anyway, apparently that very carving has been treated with care in the Royal Palace for a long time.

Now! Let’s prepare the tree!
As a matter of fact, I have just the right tree! There are many in our garden! That will help!

We get the tree from the garden and install it in the living room at once.

“Okaasama, that’s a really big tree, isn’t it!”

“Yes, then, shall we decorate it? Berta, some little decorations… Berta? Are you all right?”

When I turn around to give instructions, Berta was there in a reduced to ashes state.

What’s the matter? She has not said a word after returning from the garden, did something happen?
I removed the tree from the ground and because it would be difficult to carry I just made it walk on its roots with magic?
Wirbel had fun, and something like that is normal in this world of magic, right? It’s a popular way of transporting trees, right?

“… Yes, I will prepare them immediately.”

Berta staggeringly leaves the room and returns back with decorations in about two minutes.


Two minutes!? That is an unbelievable response time for the lightning-fast Berta-san.
As expected, she must be tired…

“Berta, I just recalled that Head Chef asked me to sample a new cake, but I am just in the middle of something so could you go instead of me?”

“!! Is that all right!?”

“Yes, please.”

Berta who regained energy bowed down and excused herself.

“Then, shall we decorate the tree with this ribbon?”

There was a multicolored ribbon, so we decide to display it.

“Okaasama, I can’t reach the top.”

Even if I lift Wirbel up, he can’t decorate the top of the tree with the ribbon.

“Let’s see, let’s have the tree decorate itself then.”

When I cast the same magic I used for the transportation of the tree, it extends its branches and begins to decorate itself.

“Magic is convenient, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Okaasama’s magic is convenient!”

N? Somehow, doesn’t Wirbel’s and my words differ a bit?
It’s my imagination, right? Well, alright.

And after a while, the tree finishes decorating itself.

“It’s cute! Is it completed with this?”

“Well, all that’s left are ‘lights’.”

“Lights? Do we decorate it with candles?”

“Yes, but candles are a bit dangerous so let’s turn up the lights with magic.”

Right, my mental state might have already been influenced with “Let’s just do it with magic” syndrome.
Unfortunately, the person who could stop me (Berta) is absent.
I am… guilty…

“Incredible!! It’s sparkling!!”


Perfect workmanship if I say so myself!
Somehow, pride forms in my chest when looking at the tree?

If it’s like that, it will be lonely when we take it down.
After the tree illumination comes the snow, right!! All right! Fall down!!

Using the sorbet magic, snow descends onto the tree.

“How is it? Wirbel, this is ‘snow’.”


Wirbel opens his mouth wide and absentmindedly stares at the snow decorating the tree.

“Amazing… Okaasama, that’s amazing!!”

Lovely eyes blurred with respect and deep emotions look at me.

This was the moment my limiter was completely released.
Regret doesn’t come first. Well, I don’t regret, though! Someone will get angry if I say that so I won’t say it!

“Wirbel, would you like to see snowing a little more?”

“Yes! I want to see it!”

When we get out to the garden, the outside is already dark.

I have made Wirbel stay up quite late, didn’t I?
But, snowing may be more beautiful at night.

Holding up my arms up, snow falls down from the dark sky.
Because the temperature of Morgenrot is too warm, the snow melts down the moment it falls on the ground, but the scene of snow falling down during the night is very magical.

Fumu, as expected a bit of illumination would increase the mood!
All right! Let there be light!

Small particles of light flutter down together with the snow.

“It’s beautiful…”

“Yes, it is lovely.”

“Yes, I feel like it’s wasteful only for the two of us to see it…”

Wirbel says so while watching the sky in a trance.

Our child is seriously kind!
I understand! Let’s have everyone experience a snowy night then!!

Not only the Sunlight Mansion, let have the snow and light fall down even in the capital for several minutes.
It’s quite late, it’s already night, it won’t probably make too much of a fuss, I thought.

And then, the capital was wrapped in the night of snow and light.
People lost words for this miracle and thought it was the work of a god. The differences between young and old, wealthy or poor were unrelated during that miraculous spectacle.
That scene was handed down for a long time by the rulers of Morgenrot, the legend of gentle light continued to warm the hearts of people.

… I just don’t want to remember what happened after that.
I was scolded by Berta so much I wanted to escape from reality, I was crushed under pressure of Christhard-sama’s few words he said when he visited the Sunlight Mansion, then I received “Come over” words from the Royal Palace and the Cooperation Union Chief… how did I get exposed!?

Well, but, it’s okaymon! Wirbel was happy! I’m satisfied! It was a good night! Fufufun.

Hii! B, Berta is glaring at me!? Please don’t read my mind! Please! I won’t do it anymore! Probably… I think?

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