Chapter 35

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Safe and Comfortable Trip
“Okaasama… is it true that you are going on a trip?”

Wirbel mutters in the living room.


Because the question was so sudden, a stupid voice leaves my mouth unconsciously.

Startled, I look at Wirbel, but he was looking at the ground, trying not to look at me.
I have wondered why Wirbel knows about that, but he probably heard from the maids that are preparing for my travels.


When I call his name and stroke his soft chestnut-colored hair, Wirbel embraces me and buries his head into my tummy.

I feel like I have seen Wirbel’s heart which has not recovered yet.
Not much time has passed since I have awakened as Amalie, and Amalie wasn’t showing affection to Wirbel before that. Wirbel must have certainly gotten hurt by his mother who continued treating him coldly.
However, even in the past, Wirbel didn’t show any signs of dislike of Amalie. He always looked at her with a smile on his whole face.

Even though getting hated was unavoidable.
If that had continued, Wirbel would definitely lose his smile before long. Just thinking about that makes me shudder.

Thinking that far, I have made up my mind.


When his name is called again, he looks at me with his round and pure eyes and waits.


Wirbel timidly raises his voice.

“Wirbel, how about yo go too! How about it?”

When I tell so with a smile, Wirbel opens his eyes wide enough to pop out.

“… M, me too?”

“Yes! It will surely become a fun trip!”

“Ye, yes!! I’d like to go together with Okaasama!”

A vigorous voice full of joy replied.

All right! There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of since it has been decided.

First… I have to talk with the head of the family, Christhard-sama.
If it were just me, he would send me off just after a while, but it won’t be that easy if Wirbel is with me. Although I’m the mother, since I want to take out the son of the Flaksburb House, we have to talk thoroughly.

It would be best to request Rouven to put in a good word.
The annoying face of our House’s steward entered my mind, but he should be able to persuade Christhard-sama. Do your best Rouven! I’m sorry for relying on you!

After that… This is the most important thing, but it must be thorough “guarantee of safety.”

The only means of transport are horses, so naturally, a carriage will be used. Unlike a car, a carriage is dull. Seriously! That’s why one-way will take ten days.
I miss Shinkansen… airplane would be good too, but… an airplane… I wonder if there’s a way to fly? No, I can’t expose Wirbel to something so dangerous. Even if it’s possible, there’s no guarantee that it’s completely safe.
Well, I may look into it later, but let’s be safe and use carriage this time.


While pondering about that, Berta quietly called out.

“What is it?”

“Wirbel-sama has…”

When I look down, Wirbel fell asleep while clinging to me.

“Oh my…”

I unconsciously smile after seeing his lovely sleeping face.

My precious, adorable Wirbel. Since I have decided to take him along, I will protect this child even if it costs my life!

I carry Wirbel to his room, and leave to my room after staring at his sleeping face for a while.

I have Berta prepare me a pen, and I begin to write.

“Improvement of a carriage”

Let’s think about this first.

When attacked by monsters or bandits, the strength of the carriage is certainly important, but the “strength of horses” is as important. If possible, it’d be nice if they could “trample or kick away,” but…
Improved defensive and offensive power… after that…


“Eh? What is it?”


When I look back, I met eyes with Berta’s tired eyes.

“Okusama, you wish for an offensive power from a horse, but… horses are originally cowardly animals…”

It seems that the plan I thought was smooth was seen and Berta softly stated her objection.

I see, demanding so much from carriage horses would make them pitiful~ Since it can’t be helped, let’s endure with “extra-thick armor.” “Eye beams”… no, too dangerous.
Because Berta’s tired eyes were switched with cold ones, let’s leave the horse reinforcing at this.

Let’s think how to make the carriage “safe and comfortable” now.

I think of various ideas, but maybe it is better to think about the possibility of using “that.”
Right, the terrifying “that” I thought of never using again.

“Dimensional Barrier”

Open a dimensional space and enter it.
When I asked the Cooperation Union Cheif about it, he confirmed that it’s even rarer magic than ice magic.

Many people don’t publicize the magic they can use, so it is not clear, but among those who did, there wasn’t anyone who could use this magic.
While explaining, the Cooperation Union Chief stared at me and muttered “Surely not…”, but he didn’t want to hear more to keep being sane, he didn’t ask anymore. The Cooperation Union Chief groaned “Ouch, ouch, ouch…” while holding his stomach, but it’s not my fault. Right?

That being the case, as a result of investigating by myself from reading books and testing the magic, I came to the conclusion that there would be no danger in the dimension space itself.
If there would be a danger, it will be not being able to leave the dimension, but that shouldn’t happen with me around.

Therefore, I have decided that “the door of the carriage will be linked to dimensional space.”
The deep, deep sigh I have heard from the back must be my imagination.

Well then, let’s go ahead with the plan.
In order not to make it unnatural, let’s “keep the space as big as the inside the carriage.” Just sitting in a seat in the carriage for ten days will inevitably impose a considerable burden on Wirbel.

In that case, how about using the specifications of Ox cart from the Heian period?
In other words, “sitting on the ground without seats.”
We will spread a soft and fluffy carpet and put a lot of cushion under. It would be possible to sit on the cushioning and lie down if tired.
Because it will be inside the dimensional space, there naturally won’t be any shaking, it will be neither hot nor cold.

Right, right, children like to watch outside while traveling, so I can’t forget a section for a window.
Then, it would be better also to hear the sound from outside to the degree they won’t be too loud… that’s somehow difficult… well, let’s think about the minor details later.

Comfortableness is secured, so the “reinforcement of safety” is next.

The dimensional space is very safe on its own, but other measures besides that are necessary.
What would be the best… n~… I see, “not being seen” would…

You can’t attack a carriage unless you see it.
Then, how can I make it invisible? Fumu.

So, what is the phenomenon of seeing?
People can’t see in perfect darkness. People are able to see the shape or color of objects because of the reflection of light, is what I think I learned.

Does that make things that do not reflect light invisible?
First of all, let’s test it.
Berta graciously cooperated after reaching the point of giving up.

The conclusion of the experiment is that it’s not possible.
When only a small part of the scenery doesn’t reflect light, an unclear black object can be seen, it doesn’t completely disappear from sight.

Then, what should I do to make it completely disappear from the human eyes? I thought various things, to make it invisible I had no choice to go with transparent, but even if transparent, it’s possible to notice it by sound or presence.
In the first place, this world has beastmen who have better eyesight than humans, monsters and magic beasts also exist here.
It may be good just to erase sounds and presence, but when not done only for ourselves, but for all things and people, I think that various inconveniences would emerge.

Then, what should I do?
As expected, it may be better to give up the direct way and try the indirect way.

In other words, “visible, but not visible” state. People are not conscious of things that they are not interested in, so it doesn’t remain in their memory. Influence the consciousness of people to make us difficult to acknowledge.
“Did something just pass by?” “Eh? I didn’t notice” something like that.
How is it? Isn’t this the best solution?

Let’s make the influence of this magic to about a radius of 50m.
There won’t be a collision since it can be actually seen, but its existence will immediately go out of the consciousness.
In a case of ranged attack, let’s not forget about “shielding magic” on the carriage.

No matter how much I don’t want us to be seen, we should disable magic like that in places with a lot of pedestrian traffic so let’s set up an “on and off switch.” It would be terrible if we cause an accident resulting in injury or death.
Besides, there may be a situation where it would be troublesome to be not recognized. It would be too sad to get ignored.

Is it also necessary for “offensive magic practice?”
The offensive horses were rejected by Berta, so I have no choice, but to do something about it myself.
Well, we will have guards with us, so I don’t think my turn will come, but…

Is it the turn of “Blood sharishari magic” as expected? “Turn the blood inside your body into sorbet” is a merciless attack in a sense.

But, wouldn’t a scar remain on Wirbel’s heart after witnessing something like that? No, this world is different from my past peaceful world, so it may be alright, but…
Well, I have never seen the blood in a person’s body turn into sorbet, so it’s possible that he would just suddenly collapse. There will also probably be little to no suffering. My, but it may be better to learn slightly more proper offensive magic?

Hmm, while groaning about my plans, a new cup of tea was placed in front of me.

“Oh my, thank you.”


When I say my thanks, Berta replies with a feeble voice.

Huh? Is the usually lively nagging Berta-san tired?
She was fine when we returned to the room, when did she become so exhausted to look as if her soul left her body? How curious? Why?

“Berta, you do not look well, are you all right?”

“… Yes, I’m all right. There’s no need to worry.”

Contrary to the words of denial, I feel like Berta’s eyes are blaming me for some reason.

Is it my fault? No, I didn’t do anything, right?
I’m just obediently sitting at my desk and writing. I did a slight experiment, but that’s all.

Yep, I’m unrelated! Let’s give Berta-san some delicious sweets.
The growing feeling of guilt within me is just my imagination. Let’s think so! There are things in the world you should not be aware of! I won’t read the mood! Viva the power of insensitivity!

Now then, well, it’s important to prepare to ensure safety, but because Wirbel will be there it’s better for nothing to happen.
Let’s consider the best way by trying various trials and errors! For the sake of having a fun trip with Wirbel!

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