Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Gem Was Mined
“Okusama, a report.”

“Thank you.”

I receive a thick bundle of papers from Berta.

A daily record of production in the mine Amalie possesses is mentioned in detail there.
It’s the mine found by Amalie’s convenient skill.

Amalie has been reading the details of the report since a long time ago, confirming whether embezzlement, fraud, etc. were not done.
While it was also for own profits, it was mainly in order to see whether the employees are not mistreated and whether they receive proper wages.
With Amalie’s skill, she could accurately see the problems, and correct the injustice.
In that sense, it may be said that Amalie was very just to people who didn’t see her face to face.

Aware of the hard manual labor in the mines, the workers have unusual breaks, spontaneously making the yield large with only a few accidents.
For that reason, it became a popular workplace for people to gather, and the nearby towns also seem to be developing.

As I continued reading the report, an interesting thing was written.

“A jewel that changes colors?”

It is turquoise under the sun in the daytime, and it turns red under the light of the candle in the night.
It seems that quite a significant one was mined, and the excitement at the mining site can be read from the report.

“Berta, what kind of gem could possibly change colors in the light?”

After reading the report, I raise my face and try asking Berta.

“A color-changing gem, is it? … Is it perhaps that gem?”

“You know of it?”

“Yes, Okusama has also seen it before.”

N? Did I see such gem before?
I think I would remember it if I have seen it, though…

“It’s the gem decorated at the center of the crown. I can see it only once a year during the Founding Festival from afar, but I heard that it’s a precious gem that changes colors.”

Since the crown is worn only on ceremonies or when receiving a guest from another country, there are only a few opportunities to see it.
But, that gem is a national treasure, right?
Also, because the thing mined is an uncut stone, the size after processing is not clear, but there’s a possibility it’s bigger than the one on the crown.

“According to legends, it’s a stone with hidden power. That power apparently manifests and assists in founding a nation.”

Ah~ I feel like we have discovered something very troublesome~ Should I make it look like I know nothing of it and bury it?
All right, let’s do it! That’s the correct answer!


“Okusama, was a color-changing gem mined in the mines!?”

While forming a “Darker than darkness plan” in my mind, Berta who noticed the flow asked.

“Eh!? N, n~”

“… Okusama, you are not thinking of something improper, are you?”

U, too perceptive. I won’t be surprised if Berta had a mind-reading skill.
Or is it that I’m just too simple? No way, right?

“Berta, but, think well, if, if? This ‘Gem of legends’ was actually discovered what kind of trouble will follow? It will not end just with a great uproar. If there really is a big power hidden within that gem, it won’t just be my personal problem anymore. I think it is too dangerous to let the public know.”

At my words, Berta frowns while thinking.

Well, it’s not decided yet that the gem that was found is the “Gem of legends.” It’s probably different! Yep, that must be it! It’s just my imagination runs wild because of the trouble that would follow! Right!?


Leaving the joke of burying in the darkness aside (I was about 90% serious, though), we should properly examine it first.
I can’t start without seeing it first.

While my skill is convenient, it’s also not, so I can’t appraise.
I won’t know whether this gem is the “Gem of legends” even if I see it. To begin with, even if I check it first, it will be important to compare it with the gem on the crown.

However, I should be able to distinguish between something good and something bad by watching the shining from my skill. If it doesn’t glow, it just nothing exciting and everything will turn out fine. Rather, I want that to happen! Seriously!! Please, don’t shine!

All right, then, let’s contact them to deliver it to our residence. Also, I must make sure to forbid them from speaking about it to not make too much noise. It’s often the case that rumors make things serious.

I turn the pages of the report and read until the last line.

… Yes, impossible~
It can’t be transported!! It’s too big!!

With its size of a small build adult man, it was only possible to lift with ten men who boasted with their strength.
Even if it would be possible by making them carry it by force, there are not many roads in this world. Even moving it by a carriage would require next to impossible skill.
Rather, is that really a gem? The size is impossible, though.
What to do? As expected, do we bury it once and for all? That would be way safer~

What’s going on in the mine’s surroundings again?
They seem to be developing with the mining effect, but… there appears to be a patrol, so the public order is not bad.
Since the income from the mine was also devoted to the maintenance of the neighborhood, the town would have developed to medium size.

Why did Amalie concentrate her energy on that mine so much?
Memories of that time… right, it’s┬ábecause it super-ultra-hyper shined.
What is going on!? The map shined that much.

… What is going on? Oy, wasn’t that because of the gem?
Ah~~~ the worst. Troubles are steadily marching towards us. Haa.

“Berta… could you please prepare for a journey.”

“Are you going to the mines!?”

When I feebly requested with a sigh mixed in, Berta asked with a slight surprise.
She probably thinks that there’s no need for me to go personally.

“Yes, one-way will take ten days, huh… this is the worst.”

Oops, my real feelings left my mouth unconsciously.
I mean, Wirbel!! I won’t be able to see my cute, adorable Wirbel for nearly a month, you know!?
This is far worse than the worst! Mou!

I pick up the next document for change while hanging my head.

Panda, huh…

It’s Becker’s written opinion on the marketing of promotional goods.
Regarding the matter of donation, Becker didn’t seem enthusiastic at first, but he agreed after hearing that he will make a certain profit from it too.

To my theory of “donation” being linked with publicity and reputation of the company, Becker seemed to be genuinely surprised, and he was happily grinning in the end.
Although I am talking about donations to children and those who want to learn mathematics, the mood felt sinister for some reason… Indeed, a “Heartless Merchant?” No, no, that’s not it, right?

“Wood carving of panda…”

While reading Becker’s opinions, there was a picture of panda carved from wood attached.

Subtle~ If they make it cute, it may not be bad as it is, but it inevitably reminds me of a bear holding a salmon in its mouth. Well, it’s made cheaply but… the common people will be able to get their hands on it easier?

But, as expected, the cuteness of panda will decrease without its mofumofuness.
That being the case, “stuffed animal,” is it?
There are none in this world so let’s as Becker later. Anneliese-sama seems pleased with hers. How about Wirbel? Even if he’s a mature three-year-old, he will surely be pleased with it! Panda is supposed to be invincible!

“Now then, it is almost time for Wirbel to return. Let’s go out for tea.”

Today’s sweets are Agepan[deep-fried bread] filled with fresh cream, topped with sugar.
Right, a staple item of a certain doughnut shop. I liked that very much, so I recreated it.

The Head Chef didn’t have an idea about rising dough, so he was exaggeratedly impressed again.
It’s the usual, so I already ignore it.
Even Kurt and Damien who learn by the observation made sounds of comprehension like “Is that so~” in response.
Head Chef, where did your dignity go… no, it does not mean that I don’t respect you or anything…

Now! There’s a certain matter that made me depressed, but let’s enjoy Agepan with Wirbel after a while!

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