Chapter 33

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“What is figure 1?”
“Kyaa~! So cute~”

“Oh, wonderful…”

Emi cheers with her cheeks dyed pink, and Jonas who watches on the side mutters while stunned.

A child-oriented show is unfolding on the department store’s rooftop in front of the two.

Two dancing and singing pandas… it’s cute, but it makes me feel very strange.
Kigurumi that shouldn’t exist in this world. Moreover, I couldn’t help, but keep asking myself why pandas?

However, to the contrary of the bewildered me, the reaction of the people around is excellent.

I don’t see any signs of rejection from Emi and Jonas who I came with after the short course in the Cooperation Union.
On the contrary, Emi started humming the melody of the song the pandas were singing.

Becker’s work was quick.
He prepared the Kigurumi, found singers, and just like that, we have reached today.
And, he not only singing, he also approved my idea of dancing, so the singers were also trained in dancing.

I have no choice, but to praise, as expected of Becker.
The pandas were dancing with a perfect synchronization that pushed the cuteness even further.
Every time they wagged their tails, the children and women would cheer.

“‘What is figure 1?’ oy… is this song about counting?”

“It seems like that. Have you ever learned counting, Jonas?”

I ask Jonas who showed interest in the song.

In front of us, the pandas carefully took out illustrations that imitated the shapes of numbers.
I was the one who asked for it, but I have to thank Becker for making the illustration easy to understand.

“No, I haven’t learned it. I thought that I could get tricked if I don’t know it, but it was too difficult for me. But, after listening to this song, I already memorized it.”

Jonas says impression as hoped for.

Good! Imprinting successful!
At this rate, we will get the numbers to everyone’s head!
And finally, with the introduction of calculation on paper method, Jonas and other children who are poor with calculations won’t get scammed by bad people.

I really have to bow my head down for Becker who was able to keep up with my unreasonable request this good.
Therefore, I will keep the “Heartless Merchant” and the evil-looking grin that comes with it a secret. Sorry.

But, I’m extremely relieved. With this song, everyone will surely be able to learn numbers.
And then, the awareness of people like Jonas who never learned calculations would increase.

Remembering the shape of numbers is crucial for learning calculations. The reason is that the person imagines the numbers unconsciously when calculating in the head.
They can’t imagine if they don’t know the shape of the numbers.
The shape of the numbers is indispensable fundamental knowledge.

Thus, they will be able to do addition and subtraction in the head, and eventually, through the calculating on paper, it would be possible to imagine a little more complicated calculations without writing on paper.
It may take time until that would be possible, but seeing Jonas’s current condition, I thought that the first big step went smoothly.

“Ah~ that was so adorable! Ena-san, thank you very much for bringing me along!”

A smile floats on Emi’s whole face.

After the pandas had finished singing, they broke into a handshake even for some reason.
The children swarm the pandas, they are extremely popular.

The struggle of singers in the panda costumes is reminiscent.
Wearing Kigurumi they are not accustomed to yet, and being jolted around by children… Thank you very much for your hard work, is the only thing I can say.
I have to tell Becker to reward them for their efforts properly.

“No, I heard about the announcement from the Becker Company, so I wanted to come myself, I’m glad you had fun.”

“Yeah! That ‘panda’ is very cute! Sacred beasts are cute, huh!”

… No, a panda is no sacred beast, okay?
Because of the spoken introduction of the pandas, everyone thinks now that “panda = scared beast.”
Becker’s instigation is obvious, but is that alright? Well, it’s okay, I guess? The ones angered by it… probably the people of the church?
Hmm, the church wouldn’t know the authenticity too, let’s decide for it to be alright! It’s troublesome, after all!

Nevertheless, the pandas are popular, huh… as expected of the national idols!
Panda goods would sell well~
Since it’s the shrewd Becker we are talking about, he probably already started to move.

But, I think it would be great if the sales from the promotional goods could fund the education of children.
I’m sorry for Becker, but let’s try requesting that.
Besides, this shouldn’t be a bad talk for Becker either.

A great contribution by a large company.
It will naturally have aspects of goodwill and tax measures, but it also has a significant role to raise the corporate image.
If you chase only after the profits of the company, you may start being viewed as an evil corporation and get disliked by people.
It is possible to show that the company is good by reducing profits.


Because in this world, the Becker Company is of a considerable scale, if they make way too much profit, they will start getting judged by the general public.
However, by using the money for the sake of children, it would be possible to raise the company’s image.

Consequently, it will lead to further expansion of Becker Company’s buyers.
Because people want to shop from those with a good impression and reputation.
It may sound quite two-faced, but it’s a good way not to lose for both sides.

“Then, shall we go?”

I address Emi and Jonas after giving a sidelong glance at a carriage that stopped near us.

Berta is riding the carriage.
She came to pick me up, but because I wanted to see the pandas, she had to wait.

“Yes, we want to take a look at the store with a ‘snowflake’ symbol. Would you like to come too, Ena-san? There are apparently many unusual things.”

… “Snowflake” symbol?
Possibly, no need to guess… it’s that, right…
A snow crystal resembling a flower is the logo of my merchandise.
Since both Emi and others know of it, Becker must have started steadily selling the goods.

“I am very sorry, but I have something to do, so I will return home now.”

I’d like to see the store too, but it’s already slightly later than usual. I must not make Wirbel worry. I have to return quickly!

“Eh~ how regrettable! It would be nice if Ena-san could go too! But, it can’t be helped if you have something important to do~ let’s go together next time, okay! Today’s pandas, and also seeing the ice magic was very fun!”

While Emi reluctant to part, she remembered today’s events and showed a happy expression.

Ah, ice magic.
Because the Cooperation Union Chief inquired about my practice, I have reported that I am able to use ice magic.

I did it while saying that it’s nothing great, but everyone was quite surprised.
It seems the ice magic is unusual just as Berta said.

Moreover, when Emi and others requested to see more of the ice magic, I made a sorbet, and everyone was staring in wonder.
The Cooperation Union Chief was deeply sighing in amazement.

As expected, ice magic and sorbet do not seem to be common.
When Emi and others requested to see it, they probably had some attack or defense magic in mind.
They probably didn’t even imagine I would use it for a beverage.

However, the sorbet was popular with everyone.
It didn’t have any taste since it was just frozen water, but everyone ate deliciously.
They must have found the coldness and the texture unusual.

When I handed cookies together with the sorbet to everyone, the Cooperation Union Chief lined up as usual, and ate while saying “This is!” happily.
It isn’t magic useful for combat, but the Cooperation Union Chief seemed to approve of it.

I thought of “What if I sharishari all the blood inside body?” when leaving, so I asked the Cooperation Union Chief, but he drew away with a cramped smile.
Why? How curious. Even though I have found a way to use it in combat!

Now then, let’s return!
I stealthily approached the carriage after parting with Emi and others.

“Okusama, you have worked hard. How was your day today?”

“You didn’t do something you could feel guilty of again, did you?” Berta looks at me with such an expression.

How rude! I didn’t do anything! … Probably.

I mean, making sorbet is nothing serious, right? Right?

When I softly look away, Berta’s eyes narrowed.


“Let’s quickly return. Wirbel is waiting.”


The eyes of Berta who obediently acknowledges gleam.

She will make me admit it all later, huh…
Can’t be helped, haa.

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