Chapter 32

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Panda is a Sacred Beast
I take a deep breath slowly.
I lightly close my eyes to increase my concentration.

Failure is not an option.
For Wirbel, for myself, and for the sake of people all around the world!

After calming my heart and staring at the map in my hands, I quietly point at a certain place.

“It is here.”

“Okusama, is there something at that place? Is it a mine again?”

Berta asks reservedly.

This is the study at the Sunlight Mansion.
Since there are many things such as my property that I have to manage accordingly, I do the office work here.

Because Berta also acts like my secretary, I ask her to accompany me during the business hours in the study.

“No, it is different. There is ‘vanilla’ in that place.”

“Vanilla, is it?”

Countless lights are shining on the map before me, but the place where I pointed at is shining brilliantly.
Most likely, the highest grade vanilla grows here in considerable numbers.

“Yes, that is right.”

“?? Is it a valuable gem, food or something?”

Curiosity for the unknown dwells in Berta’s voice.

I often forget because she’s so dependable, but that doesn’t change the fact that Berta is still in her twenties just like Amalie. She’s still young, with a suitable amount of curiosity for her age.
Young? Young!! She’s from the same generation as me so it’s only natural that she’s young! Isn’t that right!?

“No, you can not really call it food, this is a ‘spice’.”


Knowing me who was previously indulging only in social life, Berta shows a confused expression, most likely finding it strange that I show interest in spices.

“Right, it is a spice used for sweets.”

“You put spice in sweets?”

“Yes, this vanilla has a sweet fragrance. It can make the usual sweets feel many times more delicious.”

Vanilla is a plant and it also blooms flowers. The unique fragrance is born by processing the seeds of vanilla.
The seeds are hidden in a pod, with small black grains inside.

Vanilla itself is tasteless.
But, as often said, meals are not only sensed by the tongue, but also by visuals and scent.
Vanilla is necessary for the “sweet fragrance” in sweets.

Due to this “sweet fragrance,” sweets will feel more delicious.
And, it also prevents a certain fishy smell from foodstuffs.

I have heard vanilla being called a “the fragrance of happiness.”
Vanilla is also used for aromatherapy candles, so it has relaxing effects, it’s also used for perfume and other various things.

The processing method is a problem, but since I won’t know unless I try, finding the vanilla plants comes first.

“Then, Berta…”

Huh? Berta, where did you go?

Berta who stood next to me suddenly disappeared. She disappeared from the study without a trace.


Biku[A surprised reaction, usually in a semi-frightened state.] I literally jump at the sudden voice.

Berta is staying at the doorway, looking at me silently.

H, how!? You weren’t here, right!? There were no signs of you!?
Mou, I feel terrified by Berta-san’s elusiveness! Scary!

“Regarding the vanilla from a little while ago, please rest assured, I have already arranged for reliable person.”

… Ha?
When!? That’s way too fast!!
You were gone only a few minutes, right!?
That’s impossible, right? Impossible!? So scary!!

Berta might have a tremendous power that is way above my skill and magical power… let’s not go against her… yes.

“Please, rest assured. I have told them to handle it with caution!”

Berta’s eyes sparkle and glitter.

Ah, the person who went to pick it up, so pitiful…
What eyes will appear if he fails… buruburu[Shudder]

“Be, Berta, I, I have written the characteristics of vanilla, please hand it over to the search party, it will be useful.”

“Certainly! At once!”

Berta leaves from the study.

… Berta-san’s enthusiasm burns when it comes to sweets, huh.
How will she look at me if the processing fails…

All right, let’s do my best! For Wirbel and Berta, for the happiness of every person around the world, and also, for my safety! Failure is not permitted!

“Then, I will return now.”

When I open the door of the study, I can hear noise from the lower floor which should be quiet.


I hear small screams coming from the noisy maids.


“Berta, it seems to be somewhat noisy, did something happen?”

There is no imminent fear in the noisy voices of the maids, and when I approached, Berta wasn’t especially panicked.

“Yes, Becker Company’s Chief has visited…”

Berta’s voice is unusually troubled.

It seems there is no danger and Berta is not going over to check, so I move downstairs to the entrance hall to see what is going on.

When I approach, the maids open a path in a startle.

“Becker, what is the noise about?”

“Okusama! Please take a look at this!”

Becker triumphantly spreads open his hands and urges me to take a look at the object at his feet.

A round black and white body is staying near his feet.

… Pa, Panda?

A round face with fuzzy white fur, and black hair around the eyes and ears.
A large black nose in the middle, and two round and cute eyes which were looking at me.

“How is it? I have used the puzzle Okusama has made for Wirbel-sama as a reference!”

“I, I see…”

I’m at a loss for words because of the impact of the panda that shouldn’t be in this world.

“I have not seen an animal like that before. However, it had such a dignified look. I have guessed that this is a phantom sacred beast that only Okusama with her extensive knowledge knows, therefore, for the compassionate Okusama who is and trying to spread mathematics to the people, I did my best collection information and came up with this!”

I can’t unexpectedly feel other intents, Becker looks at me with sincere eyes.

This, perhaps, he wants praise?
B, but… Becker’s eyes are sparkling full of expectations.

“T, thank you. It is adorable.”

When I helplessly praise him, Becker starts happily grinning.

Nevertheless, what’s with the sacred beast!?
Well, you think it’s my fault for drawing an animal that doesn’t exist in this world? I mean, the ink is black so I thought “Black and white animal, a panda?” and drawn it! I’m sorry!

But, however! I want to emphasize this!
Becker! Please stop with the ridiculous guesses and stop spreading strange rumors!! Seriously!!

I cry in vain in my mind. Haa.

“That’s right! The impressions of the many people who saw it was ‘adorable’. Isn’t this the most suitable for children!”

The maids raise voices of an agreement to Becker’s words.

The screams from the maids from a while ago apparently weren’t screams, but “squeals” instead.
I was afraid that might be scared of Kigurumi[“Kigurumi” comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru(“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. Also used as pajamas], but it’s a fantastic miscalculation that it was received favorably like this.

Can this achievement be considered Becker’s since he chose panda for the Kigurumi?
I don’t want to recognize it, but that may be so.

How? The quality is so high it makes me think.
When I touch it, a first-rate mink-like fur, and not too heavyweight. Not only the face, but even the body has a lovely charm.
As expected fo Becker Company, perfect work!

Now then, now let’s aim towards the world’s best costume mascot character!
Oh!!… ?

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