Chapter 31

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Cute is Justice
“Kigurumi[“Kigurumi” comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru(“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. Also used as pajamas]… you said?”


Becker reveals bewilderment at my astounding demand.

“I will repeat Okusama’s words, but ‘Make clothes modeled after animals, and wear them?’ is that right?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

I deliberately nod with great confidence.

“‘Why’, would it be alright to ask you?”

“Because it is cute!”

I declare clearly.

“… I see…”

Becker’s lips were twitching, but he somehow endured with a great effort. Ignoring such Becker’s heart, I continued talking.

“I want to spread a song!”


Throwing such words with an uncertain meaning in succession at him, Becker is greatly perplexed.
He continues being at a loss for words, holding back not to say an impolite remark to fall into my disgrace. Better yet, it’s near『Did she hit her head?』.

Because Becker who is at the pinnacle of bewilderment is indeed pitiful, I decided to get down to business.

“Yes, a song of numbers.”


“I want many children and people to feel closer to numbers and calculations.”

Becker still doesn’t understand as he tilts his head.

I thought that I wanted to spread “calculation on paper,” but I noticed a certain problem with that.
That most people don’t have the basic knowledge.
Many people in the town can not do simple additions.
There’s no way I could all of sudden teach those people that method.

Therefore, I thought of the “song.”

First, I want to start with the children’s song “What is figure 1?“.
It will be easier for children to remember and get familiar with.

And then, how about the song about addition and subtraction?
The song about calculations on paper should be last. I think that it’s not a bad method of imprinting knowledge in the human head.

Originally, the medium which spreads historical facts and recent happenings in this world the most are wandering minstrels.
I could make itinerant entertainers make a play out of this, but a song is the best to spread it easily and widely.

That’s where the “Kigurumi” comes in!
Standing out is a safe bet! It will also be popular with children.
I am overdoing it? Isn’t that okay! “Cute” has tremendous power anywhere in the world!
Viva, Kigurumi unit!!

“Therefore, a minstrel or a singer will be necessary, can you find one?”

Becker who finished hearing my full story has completely stiffened.

Are you okay? Have you received way too much shock?
Indeed, my proposal has escaped from common sense, but… is Becker objecting too?


Wh, what? You are scary, you know?
Becker’s sharp eyes stare at me.

“Wonderful! As expected of Okusama! It’s such idea that people with mediocre heads like I would never come up with! Moreover, I was deeply moved by your spirit to spread knowledge to many people. I have heard nobles saying that commoners don’t need to learn here and there, but Okusama’s compassion should be an example for every noble out there.”

Becker talks on and on.

He exaggerates as usual… but, does that mean he approves?

“I will immediately arrange a Kigurumi and a singer!”

I’m relieved as Becker powerfully nods.

I’m glad! I was thinking about what to do if Becker refuses.
I always leave it to you, sorry! I’m relying on you!

“By the way, Okusama, I would like to hear more about your calculation on paper method, would that be possible?”

Becker’s cunning eyes sparkle.

Ah, calculations are indispensable for a merchant, so the method would considerably help Becker.

“Of course.”

When I willingly nod, a smile spreads on Becker’s whole face.

Of course, I pay for the trouble I make, but since I’m always in his care, I think that this is a cheap price to return the favor. I am grateful for your help!

When I explained the method to Becker, “Oh!” he became speechless.
After resurrecting after a while Becker couldn’t help, but want to try calculating. He began writing calculations on paper with a child’s innocence.
Well, the grinning and laughing expression of Becker at the end was really malicious, though…

And then, after Becker left to do various arrangements, I have received a visit from an unexpected person.

Impeccably dressed with calm appearance, on the contrary to his gentle manner of speaking, his eyes are full of great willpower.

“Okusama, thank you very much for your valuable time.”

“I do not mind. So, what is the important matter? Rouven?”

Although I have already guessed why he came, I still ask the steward of our House.

“Yes, I will go straight to the point. It’s regarding the document I have asked Wirbel-sama to help me with yesterday.”

“Was there perhaps something wrong with it?”

I feign ignorance and ask.

“No, far from wrong, it was flawless.”

“I see, then there is no problem then.”

“Yes… however…”

Rouven shows hesitation to speak.

“There were no mistakes, but that was the biggest mistake on its own… Although it was relatively simple, it was not a document a three-year-old could who just started taking lessons could flawlessly calculate.”

Rouven’s serious eyes inquire.

“You have spoken with Wirbel, did you not?”

He came here because he heard.

“Yes, I have heard a truly marvelous story from Wirbel-sama. That Okusama taught him ‘calculating on paper’… Okusama, Okusama do you know how wonderful this ‘calculating on paper’ is? This could change the future of mathematics, its potential is limitless!”

Rouven’s powerful words resound around the living room.

… It appeared, another exaggerating person.
The wicked Becker, overpraising Head Chef. And now, the third one… too serious Rouven.
The trio is complete!

“With this calculation method, calculations that took a while to finish could now be completed quickly. Calculations are essential in a variety of fields, it would greatly contribute to the development of our country.”

The heated up Rouven continues his fiery speech.

Well, I can’t necessarily say that Rouven’s fiery speech is too exaggerated.
Calculations for a merchant like Becker are essential, they are also necessary for office people like Rouven. Calculations are required for various occupations, and they are even necessary for ordinary housewives.

For that reason a “song” it is!
Put the calculations in the people’s minds before they can even realize it!

A melody that one would hum without knowing.
“Song” is a fearful thing that will remain in your head. Moreover, if that’s something you hear since childhood, you won’t forget it for the rest of your life.
I can perfectly sing the song I had first heard when I was small!

“Yes, therefore I tried making various plans.”

“Plans, is it?”

I tell Rouven about the plan with Becker.

“Hou… I see…”

When I advance with the story, Rouven nods in admiration.

“A song is a wonderful idea! I am not able to imagine this ‘Kigurumi,’ but if there’s something this powerless me can help you with, please say it without reserve!”

“I see, then, I will have you excuse yourself to Christhard-sama at once.”

Because he would say something again if I continued, let’s break it up here! Good luck, Rouven!

“Ha, haa… understood…”

Rouven’s powerful words suddenly become hesitant.
Do your best, Rouven! Whether I will get scolded depends on your ability!

When the indisposed Rouven returns, Wirbel who was in the main building returns.


I tightly embrace Wirbel and immerse myself in our reunion.

We already saw each other in the morning? Such a thing doesn’t matter! Wirbel will heal my heart which became tired after meeting the two men.
That those two must be more tired than me, I’m not accepting such complaints!

Anyway, since I have worked hard today, let’s spend the rest of the day slowly with Wirbel.
Shall I sing the song with my cute Wirbel!?

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