Chapter 30

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Knowledge is Useful in Various Ways
“Okaasama! This is really delicious!”

Wirbel looks at me happily.

The plum syrup has been completed, and we can finally drink it.
It can be diluted with water to make a plum juice, use as flavoring in black tea or milk, or even use as a syrup for pancakes, it has various uses.

It’s not definite since it’s a memory of my previous life, but I have heard that plum is excellent for the body.
Effectively reduces fatigue, improves blood circulation, it also apparently prevents high blood pressure and illness.
It’s unknown whether Obaachan’s teaching that the condition of the stomach gets better when you eat Umeboshi, but all of the plum’s health benefits shouldn’t be lies.

I liked eating it with yogurt. Because plum apparently helped with calcium absorption and tasted delicious, I was killing two birds with one stone.
I don’t know whether this world’s fruit has the same effects as plum, but I hope that is the case since it has such similar appearances and taste.

Because I remembered these effects, I visited Obaasama the other day and brought it together with Baumkuchen.
She told me that she tires easily because of her age, I hoped it would help Obaasama’s health.

“It is true! We could even freeze it and make sorbet.”
“Sorbet, is it?”

Wirbel tilts his head in curiosity.

Ah, doesn’t exist, of course~
N~ But, since it’s just simple freezing, wouldn’t it be easy to make?

“Wirbel, can you lend me that glass?”

I hold my hand over the glass of juice Wirbel was drinking.

Become a delicious~ sorbet~ Moe, moe, kyun.
Oh? Oh~ Didn’t it solidify well?
Looks delicious if I say so myself!! Considering the past failures, isn’t this a great achievement!!
It turned better than I thought!! Was it thanks to the magic words?


While tasting joy by myself, Berta’s monotonous voice resounds from behind.
Looking around, the maids watch me with surprised gazes.

Eh, w, why?
It’s not like I opened a dimension, my body started to float, nor a half-dead bird instantly recovered!
I just made a normal sorbet! What are you dissatisfied with!?

“Okaasama, amazing! The fruit’s water froze!”

Wirbel excitedly raises his voice in joy.

I got looked up by Wirbel! Ye~s! Or not, this.
Is freezing possibly… not normal?

“Okusama, object freezing magic is high-class magic. People who can use it are scarce, it’s said that vigorous training and a lot of magical power is necessary before one can use it. It’s not something that people use to freeze beverages like Okusama.”

Chirari When I glance at Berta, she starts explaining with a face of resignation.

Yep, my knowledge regarding magic is considerably lacking.
Wirbel who knows the common sense and I who doesn’t… am I no good?
Amalie! No matter how afraid you were, you avoided magic way too much! At least learn the common sense!

“Okaasama! This is cold and delicious!”

Wirbel puts the frozen plum juice which became sorbet into his mouth.

Well, Wirbel is pleased. My action of freezing in comparison isn’t that great!
No problems! See, Berta too has a face that says “Well, this much is alright, I guess?”.
I have felt like I was gradually getting paralyzed by Berta, but I’m glad she didn’t get angry!

“Oh my, what is this?”

Suddenly, I saw a piece of paper placed on the table.
Many numbers were lined up on the paper.

“Ah, that is…”

When Wirbel notices the paper in my hands, he hangs his head down in discouragement.

“Wirbel, what is the matter?”

“Okaasama… I, can’t understand…”

What? is what I wanted to ask, but Wirbel who looked at me with upturned eyes was too cute, so I stroked his head first.
Silky hair, smooth cheeks, round and cute eyes… so cute~ Gyumu


Oops, excuse me. I was defeated by my emotions and unconsciously hugged him.

“Wirbel, what are you worried about? Could you tell your Okaasama?”

I pull myself together and ask Wirbel while lifting him up on my knees.

“It’s this…”


Wirbel points at the numbers part of the paper I hold.

“Yes, Rouven…”

Rouven? Did our steward do something?

“When I went to the main building, Rouven had many documents and seemed very busy. Therefore, I wanted to help him…”

Ah, everyone at the Royal Palace seemed busy, but it appears that our Flaksburb House also prepares various things for the Founding Festival.
Rouven, the steward of our Flaksburb House, is busy with aiding Christhard-sama with the preparations.

“I learned arithmetics the other day, so I thought about helping Rouven… but, I couldn’t understand it…”

Wirbel hangs his head sadly.

Haa, this child of mine, on top of being cute he’s also kindhearted!! A son too good for a selfish woman!
There is no doubt that it’s not thanks to me that Wirbel turned out like that, it’s all thanks to Bianca-sama, the servants, Arthur-sama, and others.
Really, thank you very much!

“Wirbel, can Okaasama help you with the calculations? We may be able to do it if the two of us cooperate.”

“Okaasama… Yes, I will do my best!”

I look at the document together with Wirbel who regained his smile.

Fumu, is this totalization chart of consumables? Because Flaksburb House is the landlord, there’s quite a lot.
Nonetheless, it seems to be relatively simple calculations.

Well, it’s not a mystery that Wirbel finds it difficult.
Rouven probably couldn’t decline the kindhearted Wirbel and handed him one of the important documents.
But, this is way too difficult for a three-year-old child.

“Wirbel, you have learned addition, right?”

“Yes! I can write numerals up to nine!”

Wirbel raises his hand while smiling cheerfully.

Seeing his smile full of pride, my lips unconsciously relax.
Ah, geez, too adorable! Moreover, a genius!


I heard a sigh from Berta in the back who seemed to read my thoughts.
Well, it might be just that my face became too relaxed, though!

“Right, then, I think this will be relatively simple to solve by calculating on paper.”

“Calculating on paper, is it?”

Right, you write the numbers you want to calculate vertically and count them one by one.
This document has many numbers, but it only has three or four columns, so calculating it on paper would be enough.

I have another paper brought and explain Wirbel the calculation method.

“Do you understand that when the number becomes “ten” it moves to the next column? Thus, if you calculate one by one, you will get an answer.”

“U~, yes… somehow…”

Although Wirbel groans, he starts calculating with a serious expression.

And although the difficulty level was quite high for a three-year-old boy who just started learning the calculation, he has somehow managed to finish the document while struggling.

“Okaasama, I did it! Thank you very much.”

“Yes, incredible, Wirbel. Rouven will also be happy.”


A smile floated on Wirbel’s face in the sense of accomplishment.

“I will deliver this to Rouven!”

“You should, but it is already late, would it not be better to do it tomorrow?”

Because the calculations took quite a lot of time, the time Wirbel normally goes to bed has already passed.

Wirbel started rubbing his eyes after the calculations were finished. His eyelids could close at any moment.

“Yes… fuwa~, ah, I’m sorry. I will sleep. Okaasama, goodnight.”

“Yes, goodnight. You have worked hard today, Wirbel.”

I had brought the half-asleep Wirbel to his bed, and Berta returned to my room.

“Okusama, where did that calculation method come from? I don’t think I have seen or even heard about it before.”

Berta asks me in surprise while helping me to change.

“Let’s see… would that calculation method be useful for children’s learning?”

“Of course it would! I think it’s groundbreaking not only for children but even for adults. Everyone would get surprised if this gets out in the world.”

Berta nods enthusiastically.

The teacher at cram school said that calculating method was devised so that soroban could be used on paper.

I didn’t think anything about it since I used it since I was a small child, but it may be in fact, a great calculation method.
If this spreads around this world, I think it will allow everyone in the specialized fields to become even closer with numbers.

As for the spreading, n~ What would be the best way?
I have to think about in various ways!

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