Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Traveling is Dangerous After All
What to do, an unexpected accident has happened.

The travel was very smooth, and nobody has stopped us because we have taken the “visible, but invisible” countermeasure. I have made sure to apply the magic effect not only on the carriage but also on the horse and the guard knights.
When I released the spell before approaching a town, there weren’t any difficulties, and there also weren’t any troubles when passing by fellow travelers and carriages outside the town.

However, it wouldn’t be a trip if everything went according to the schedule.
The incident that happened now just showed it.
Now then, what to do?

We crossed the highway and are moving through the forest now.
As everything went favorably so far, I have thought that nothing will happen in the forest during the day when the sunshine leaks through the treetops.
Truthfully, that way of thinking is wrong.

The thickly growing trees are obstructing the sun, making the surroundings gloomy. Dieter let out a short vigilant “Nau” and stood up.

“D, what’s the matter? Is everything all right?”

Because Dieter who was sprawling around our feet suddenly stood up, Wirbel anxiously asks.


Dieter was standing up without moving for a while, but as the carriage advanced smoothly without an accident, he lowered his vigilance and lied down as before.

“Okusama, has something happened?”

“Yes, but it seems to be all right now.”

Looking outside of the window, the dark road in front of us soon disappears in the darkness behind.
Dieter seemed to have noticed something dangerous, but it seems the danger was avoided thanks to the magic effect.
I sigh in relief and take out tea for everyone to relieve the tension.

“Okusama, if you are retrieving the tea, I will pour it. No, there’s no problem. Where did the tea come from…”

Just as Berta looked at me and the tea with suspicious eyes, preparing to start her scolding, a faint screaming voice could be heard from behind.
I unconsciously hugged Wirbel and looked out of the window, but the noise seems to be coming from far back so I can’t confirm anything.

“Has something happened?”

I ask the guard outside.

“The carriage traveling behind us has been most likely attacked…… there was a carriage riding little apart from us on the highway so.”

“Is that so…”

“Because our carriage didn’t get attack for some reason, maybe it will be dangerous to keep on advancing…”

The guard knight serving Flaksburb House looks behind with a frown.

Our safety is the top priority of guard knights.
However, he must feel complicated because he doesn’t want to forsake the people behind.
If they make a mistake in judgment, they won’t be able to protect the people they should protect, I can clearly understand his hesitation.

I mostly feel the same.
We should keep on advancing if I consider Wirbel’s safety, but can’t help but hesitate thinking about the fates of the people behind.
Their belonging will be most likely seized, and they will be either killed or sold, only hard days would follow after. Even if the one who is attacking them are not bandits, but monsters, their fate won’t be much better.

I have no intention of saving everyone and becoming the champion of justice, but I can’t leave people right in front of me to death.
While I keep on hesitating the lives behind may be getting extinguished, it won’t be possible to turn around if we keep on advancing.

“Okaasama, I’m all right! This carriage is extremely safe, right? Otousama told me never to leave the carriage in case of danger. He said it’s terrifyingly safe!”

Wirbel who sensed my hesitation gives me earnest words of encouragement.

Nevertheless, just how much does Christhard-sama know about this carriage… What kind of information network do you have? The Imperial Guardsman shouldn’t have access to secret service, though…

But, that’s right. Just as Christhard-sama said, this carriage is safe.
If I put him in the dimensional barrier, no one will be able to hurt him… Un, I made up my mind.

“Then, shall we save everyone?”

“Yes, Okaasama!”

Wirbel nods with a serious expression.

I’m deeply moved that’s he’s becoming more grown-up day by day, but now’s not the time for that, so I immediately give orders to save the carriage behind to the guard knights.

The attacking party hasn’t noticed our carriage. That’s an advantage we have to use.
Since we have not been discovered, let’s stealthily approach and stealthily defeat.
I don’t think there’s a need to break through the front and discard our advantage without utilizing it.


As knights, they want to enter the battle and defeat the bandits or monsters gallantly, but I will have you not by all means.
The Knights are covered in the “visible, but not visible” magic. Moreover, they are wearing shoulder symbols embroidered with my magic, so their defense is flawless.

“Stealthily, from behind… is it?”

“Yes, this traveling party is covered in magic that makes us unperceivable to others. You won’t be able to be recognized by others unless you draw too much attention.”

“Ha!? Magic like that!?”

Although they are eager to help, the knights complained about my proposal to take the enemy from behind. However, when I explained to them my magic, their mouths gaped in astonishment.

“I, I see, so that’s why. This travel advanced too smoothly. Besides, it was strange that we were always ignored when talking to travelers along the way.”

The captain of the guard knights recovers and somehow nods in consent.

Ah, it had a harmful effect after all.
Because the magic is not operating only when in town’s surroundings, we were not perceived by other people.
Although there was no danger of getting attacked, normal communication got cut off. Indeed, it can’t be helped they thought they were being ignored since I didn’t inform them about the magic’s effect. I should have explained properly, I’m sorry.
But, it’s difficult to know what to keep secret and what to talk about. It’s not good to talk too much, and it’s too difficult to be moderate.

“Okusama, we will suppress the enemy while they don’t know about us, so please wait here for us for a moment. Dominic! Carl! Protect Okusama and Wirbel-sama!”

The knights leave on horses, leaving two of the knights behind.

“Okaasama, will everyone be all right?”

“Yes, they are the elite Christhard-sama selected for this trip. They will surely return back safely.”

Wirbel wants to save the people behind, but he’s also concerned about the knight’s safety.

Since I am not at all familiar with battle, I also feel uneasy. However, I can’t show Wirbel such face.
To make sure not to break his smile and because I was worried, after all, I sent Dieter after them.

The five of us left at the carriage can hear faint noises of battle, but we can’t see, so we are unable to confirm the situation.
We have been waiting for a considerably long time, so my concern grows.

Are they all right? Would it be better if I went over to help?
I may be able to save them with my magic, but there’s also a possibility that I would become a liability. If I came over, they would think about protecting me first.
Waiting here should be best… but, ah, I’m worried.

After waiting in anxiety, it wasn’t just my imagination, but everyone’s late and my fears are growing stronger and stronger. Is everything all right?
While trying not to show my anxiety to Wirbel, the Knights have finally returned.

On the contrary to our worries, the Knights returned healthy with no injuries.
I’m glad! Seriously! A smile floats across Wirbel’s whole face.

“Okusama, sorry to keep you waiting. As expected, the bandits were attacking the carriage. The bandits were captured alive, so I notified the town and called for soldiers.”

“Alright, I’m glad everyone is safe. You were delayed a fair bit? Are the people who were attacked safe?”

“Yes, there was a total of twenty bandits, so it took time to gain complete control. The assaulted people have some injuries, but nothing life-threatening.”

The captain slowly explains to us who are still insecure.

“Twenty!? That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I’m really glad that nobody got injured.”

“Yes, thanks to Okusama’s magic, the enemy didn’t notice our approach at all, and for some reason, our armors shined when the enemy swords approached our bodies. It happened several times, so it’s not just my imagination… Okusama, I am aware that this is disrespectful, but have you used another magic in addition to the one you have explained before?”

The captain’s smile is scary for some reason while he questions.
Moreover, I have not answered him yet, but his words sound like he already decided it was my doing.

That’s right? It was my doing! What’s wrong with that!? Oy, that’s right. I did it without telling anyone, huh~
Gee, captain’s is making such a serious face, you Seriousness-san! Don’t mind the small things! You are just thirty, right!

I try to deceive him with a smile while poking fun at him in my mind.

“I, I wonder? What’s going on?”

“Okusama… you have done something again? You were in the middle of the explaining in the carriage, weren’t you?”

I hear Berta’s deep sigh from behind.

B, bad. Even though I could deceive them if they were alone, they pincer attacked me.
I’m being attacked by Tiger-san on the front gate, and Wolf-san on the back gate! Someone help me~ Tasukete~!

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