Chapter 41

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Strolling Around the Town

“What is it, Niisan? Please call me Millie as usual, okay?”

“Uh, that, Mi, Millie. Where shall we, no, where are we going?”

On the contrary to his imposing stature, he replies in a fluster.

“I want to take a look at the plaza we have passed in the carriage a little while ago!”

“Right, there were many shops lined up, it seems rather fun.”

“I respectfully obe, no, I, I understand. Let’s do that.”

A man, a woman, and a child. A combination of three more or less awkward commoners is walking around the town.

This is the town of Gera.
Naturally, it’s smaller than the capital, but it’s a moderately crowded and lively town.

If you ask what we are doing right now, well, it’s as you can see, we are strolling around the town.
It’s Wirbel and me accompanied by the captain.

Because it didn’t seem like we could enjoy the stroll with an exaggerated escort, it turned out like this.
The captain is playing the role of an older brother who is accompanying his younger sister and her child.
Like this, he will be able to protect us up close, and more easily to intercept unexpected situations, but everyone was not of the same opinion.

Naturally, Berta opposed it, but I somehow managed to persuade her.
We have changed from our obviously noble clothing and dressed like wealthy commoners.
Because the other guards are hidden around us, I don’t think we will encounter any danger.

Berta wanted to come too, but because fewer guards would be better, she stayed behind.
Berta doubted the safety, but well, the captain is here because she was so worried. No matter how you look, he’s stiff, and when I lightly touch his hand, he reacts with by jolting in a startle.

“Niisan, please calm down. You look too suspicious acting like that. The meaning of your disguise will disappear.”

When I admonish him with a small voice, the captain nods, making up his mind.

“Y, yeah, I understand. I would like you two not to separate too much from me.”

“Yes, Niisan. Wi also understands, right?”

“Yes! Okaasan! Ojisan!”

Different from the still stiff captain, Wirbel already adapted and properly replied.
Watching happy Wirbel makes me smile unconsciously.
Because I have promised him to go together to the town before the trip, we are both in high spirits.

There were some troubles encountering the bandits the other day, but the travel was smooth after that.
The people we have saved were very grateful. The one who saved them and put themselves in danger were actually the knights, so I was troubled receiving so much gratitude.
Well, they were rescued from the worst-case situation, so to them, it probably won’t be enough no matter how much they show their gratitude.

There were women and children among them, so I was really relieved that were no serious injuries.
However, even if there were no apparent injuries, it can’t be said about their hearts as they were all frightened.
One child was so frightened he couldn’t speak.

In order to soothe their hearts, we have changed the location a bit, and I have treated them to a cake.
Since sweet things have the power to make people lively, everyone’s faces brightened the moment they put the cake into their mouths.
The child who couldn’t speak of fear also muttered “Delicious”.

Everyone was impressed with the cake, but there was one youth who especially ate the cake eagerly.
He said it closely resembled the cakes of capital’s merchant Becker, but I deceived him while advertising the utensils a bit.
“I will definitely visit the capital!” is what he later said, but oh well. We will probably meet again somewhere.

“Okaasa, n. I, want to try that!”

Wirbel pulls on my hand and points at one of the shops.

Various ingredients and foods were lined up around the plaza, and shops selling cooked varieties were also in large numbers.
It was similar to an open-air market as many unusual ingredients and seasonings were placed on tables which were tightly cramped together.

Wirbel stuffs his cheeks with what he has bought, and his eyes are already watching what to buy next.
It’s his first time eating while walking, and it’s also enjoyable for me watching Wirbel who finds everything to be new and fun.

“Don’t release your hand no matter what.”

“Yeah! Ojisan!”

Wirbel obediently answers the captain with a strict face, but he also returns a slightly mischevious smile.

After his initial discomposure had calmed down, Captain was carefully watching the surroundings.
Of course, he keeps his eyes on Wirbel at all times, so I know that this person is reliable.

Because I didn’t inform him that I cast magic on the carriage and on everyone, he let out a big sigh then complained a lot.
Moreover, there is someone sensitive to magic among the knights, yet even that person couldn’t notice the magic.
After finishing complaining, Berta forcibly pulled the captain who was now trying to teach me common sense away and complained to him.
Things like, “This much can’t be even called common sense” and “She better grow hair on her heart” and “Does she understand my anxiety!?” were said. Somehow, the last one was a cry of her heart.

I couldn’t tell if Berta was trying to hide her voice, but I could clearly hear her so I said “I can hear you” for a test.

Then, “I know!” she plainly responded.
Ah, that was right, that was right…. sniff. Berta, you bully~


The captain who was stuck in between two women had a troubled expression, but he tried to pacify us without escaping.
I can tell he’s a good person just from that.
Brave, that is the only word that can describe him who didn’t escape from the quarrel of two sentimental women.
How manly, Captain! Yo! So handsome!

“Cap… Excuse me, Niisan doesn’t like sweets?”

“Sweets? No, I don’t eat them often.”

“Is that so?”

I see, I wanted to offer him a cake as an apology, but it looks like Captain doesn’t like them much.
That reminds me, he declined when I offered him a cake at the inn.

Now then, what to do? If sweets are no good… bitter? No, it doesn’t really have to be food, but I believe he would decline everything besides the food.
N~ Is there anything good? I’m troubled.

Ah, I wonder if he would like sweets made with alcohol?
N~ But, it would still be sweet.
Then, shall I make just the alcohol? I could make a plum wine instead of plum syrup, he may appreciate that. Un, that might work!

“What is that?”

Wirbel points at a black, thin thing.

That is… Konbu. No, that’s Wakame. A dried wakame is placed on the table.
We have found something good! Wakame’s utilization is wide, various dishes can be made from it.
Salad, pickled dish or soup base, it can be stewed or stir-fried! It can be used for anything! It can be said to be an all-purpose ingredient! As expected of Wirbel! A great achievement!

“That is dried seaweed. It’s used for cooking. Let’s buy some by all means! Obaasan, how much is this?”

“Ah, this. Are you buying?”


The elderly woman got startled by my enthusiasm.

“The price huh, we sell dried fish and shellfish, but this fellow got stuck on the fish during fishing, so we incidentally dried it too. It’s free of charge. I thought of giving it as a freebie to a customer who bought our goods, you see. It’s just what I heard, but this apparently has no taste.”

The kindhearted elderly woman couldn’t bring herself to deceive us and kindly explained.

Yeah, wakame is certainly nearly tasteless by itself.
Wakame is mostly enjoyed because of its unique texture, so it can’t be said to be that tasty on its own.
It appears that it’s not a popular ingredient in this world.

“Then, I will look at the other things! You have quite a lot. Are they all from the sea?”

“Yes, we can’t retain the freshness until arriving at the town so we can only dry it. Well, it could be done with magic to some extent, but such luxury is not possible for commoners like us.”

“Is that so… Ah, this is!? I will buy this!”

While looking at the elderly woman’s goods, a wonderful ingredient entered my sight.

T, this is a treasure rivaling the wakame!! I can make that with this!
I thought of making plum wine for Captain as an apology, but that might be even better.
Because it’s salty, it goes well with alcohol! Naturally, children also love it, so Wirbel will also be happy!

“N? This is… You have eyes for strange things, don’t you? This is also a sort of small fry, you know? I’m troubled because it has no use.”

No use, she said!? There is! There is a use! A great use!
If I have this, I can make “Yamerarenai Tomaranai” !
Right, if I have this dried shrimp! I can make â—¯Paebisen with a mix of flour and salt! Yatta~!

“Obaasan! All of this and that please!”

“I, is that okay? Well, I won’t stop you if you want it, but… please don’t complain later?”

The elderly woman reminds me.

“Yes! I won’t complain! Ah, if you’d like, want me to introduce you to a delicious recipe?”

“Eh? Y, yeah, then, please.”

The elderly woman more or less nods to my pushy proposal.

Fufu, delicious things should be spread to everyone after all!

I’m really glad we went on a trip! As expected, the journey (for ingredients) is the real pleasure!
Let’s secure a place where I can make it at once! I want Wirbel and Captain to try it right away! I hope they like it!

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