Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Stroll Ends
“I, I can’t stop…”

“That seems to be the case, this, I can’t stop either.”

“It’s crispy!”

“D, delicious! I have never eaten something so good! Carl, what about you?”

“No way I could! Ah, I, I’m really glad I went on this journey! Cake is good, this is also good, everything is too delicious!”

Captain, the Obaasan from the market, Wirbel, and the Knights express their unanimous impression on the snacks before their eyes that they can’t stop reaching their hands for.

I’m glad that everyone seems to like it.
Right now, we are impudently intruding at the Obaasan’s house.
We have joined up with the Knights Dominic and Carl who were stealthily following after us and held a sampling meeting.

Captain and the Knights are wearing civilian clothes, but Obaasan seems to be a bit nervous.
Although they are wearing civilian clothes, they have a strict aura around them so it can’t be really helped.

Even though nervous, as soon as she tried the snack, she couldn’t stop reaching the plate for more.

Everyone harmoniously praised “Delicious. Delicious” with a smile.
Nevertheless, Carl… The joy of travel is a snack, isn’t it? Moreover, he’s muttering that he’s glad that he has become a Flaksburb House’s retainer. The joy of being able to serve a House of Duke seems to be missing? Well, that’s fine, but.

The Ebisen we are eating right now was made by Obaasan.
Because someone would get angry (Berta) at me later if I cooked, I have explained the process to her.
Although I say that, the process is very simple, you just mix the minced shrimp with wheat flour, salt, water and knead. Then, you finish by cutting in reasonable sizes and frying.

“Nevertheless, I’m really surprised that such small fish could become so delicious! You are amazing.”

Obaasan praises.

I thought that we would be a bother by intruding without asking, but I’m glad that she seems happy.
Because when Dominic and Carl appeared out of nowhere, Obaasan’s suspicion raises to the maximum. I’m glad she didn’t call for the town’s patrols or something. Seriously.

“Thank you very much. By the way, this is also delicious when put in soup.”

“Is that so? Then, I will give it a try!”

While talking with Obaasan, tsuntsun I felt pulling on my skirt.
When I looked down, my adorable Wirbel was looking at me with his round and cute eyes.

“Okaasama, ah! The snacks are gone.”

When I look at the plate on the table, just as Wirbel said, it’s emptied clean.
The Knights are regretfully licking their salty fingers.

“Oh my, you are right. We should leave soon. Obaasan, we have intruded and caused you inconvenience.”

“No, I’m grateful that I got to eat something so delicious. Come by my shop again.”

“Yes, excuse us.”

“Obaasan! See you later!”

When I lightly bowed, Wirbel vigorously waves his hand at Obaasan.
We were seen off by Obaasan’s smiling face, and we have returned back at the plaza.

“Huh? Did Dominic and Carl go into hiding again?”

“Yes, they will be watching over us.”

They blend with the crowd, discover suspicious people that approach us in advance, and remove them.

“We have to thank them with snacks later again!”

“Right, let’s teach Head Chef the process. But, overeating is not good, so we better be careful.”

Eating too much salt is not good for the body, after all.
It doesn’t contain too much salt, but overeating is not good for kidneys and blood pressure.
I will get scolded by Christhard-sama if the Knight dies of premature death.

Besides, I got the image that the Knights eat only meat.
If we add junk food to that, I feel like they will definitely develop some kind of geriatric disease.
Well, they may be all right because they are working out, but it would be better if they also eat some vegetables.

“Niisan, do you like vegetables?”

“Ha? N, no, I don’t like them too much.”

Right! I thought so!
All right, then, as thanks, I will make delicious vegetables that the Knights would eat!
Eh? They didn’t ask for it? It’s an unwelcome favor? That can’t be the case! They will be pleased! … Probably?

“Niisan! Leave it to me, okay!”

“Eh? No, what…”

I powerfully nod while facing Captain.


Even though Captain didn’t understand, as if he had a bad feeling, an expression of perplexion and mistrust floated on his face.
Captain! Please leave it with a feeling of getting on a large ship! Not a mud boat! Don’t get me wrong!

I will have a lot to discuss with Head Chef when we get back to the capital.
What vegetables would macho men like? I don’t dare to think that they would like salads and vegetable juice.
N~ This is worrying. Let’s slowly think it over during the travel! Well, if it’s impossible, I just have to forcibly make them eat it! There’s no problem! Fuu!

“M, Millie? Your smile is somewhat scary, but…”

Captain looks at me and his face cramps.

Oops, pardon me. For some reason, a sinister expression floated on my face even though I was thinking of doing a good deed. Mysterious.

Ha! Did Wirbel see me!?
When I looked at Wirbel, he was watching the market in a daze, not looking at me. Ah, I’m glad! Okaasama will cry if you say that I’m scary or something, okay! I have to put myself together!

“Niisan, what did you say is scary?”

“N, no, I’m sorry.”

When I turned towards him with a holy woman smile, Captain became even more frightened for some reason.
Why? WHY? I’m filled with kindness, right?

“B, by the way, wouldn’t it be better to return soon? Because the cooking wasn’t planned, it considerably delayed the original plan. Berta-dono would also be anxious.”

“Oh my, that’s right. Wi, we should go back.”

“Yes… Will we come again?”

Wirbel reluctantly looks at the plaza.

“Yes, look forward the next time.”

“Yes! Today was really fun!”

That’s right! The stroll with Wirbel was very enjoyable, and we have made many good purchases.
Dried shrimps too, but when I think about cooking with Wakame, I can only look forward to it.

I have to tell about Wakame Salad to Obaasama.
Wakame is low-calorie with plenty of nutrients. Moreover, because it’s abundant in dietary fiber, it can be said that it’s a good ingredient for beauty and good health!

The palace’s head chef would surely gladly cook it if I teach him.
The salad became popular among the nobles thanks to Obaasama, so I think that the Wakame Salad would also receive popularity.

Ah, but if it becomes so popular all of sudden, won’t the fishermen be in confusion?
It might be better to inform Becker first so the fishermen won’t suffer and can adjust beforehand.
Becker’s large company should be able to do it. I can already imagine Becker’s get rich quick scheme grin.
Well, it may be alright to sell expensively to nobles, but the fishermen need to be reminded not to cover excessive profit. The market’s Obaasan would be troubled, so we have to prevent them from monopolizing.

While considering such things, we have arrived at the inn we are staying at.

“Okusama! Wirbel-sama!”

When we enter the inn, anxious Berta welcomes us.

“We are back, Berta. Were there any changes?”

“No, there were no problems over here. I’m glad that Okusama and Wirbel-sama are safe.”

“Thank you. We also didn’t encounter any problems.”

When I said that, Captain and the Knights chirari glanced at me.

What? Have I told some kind of a lie? I didn’t, right?
I think it was a nice stroll with no problems at all. Right?
Wirbel also seems to be satisfied.

“… Carl? There’s something stuck on your clothes.”

After Berta had looked over us suspiciously, she discovered a fragment of something stuck on Carl’s clothes.

“Eh? Ah! This is…”

Carl stiffens after recognizing the thing stuck on his clothes.

“I understand well. That I have to listen to everyone about what they have to say! Let’s talk slowly in the room. Slowly.”

The mental states of the three Knights and me are definitely “I definitely don’t want to talk slowly!”, but we couldn’t run away, so we dejectedly faced the room’s door.
It can’t be helped that I was stopped, but would they who ate everything have a tomorrow?

At any rate, Berta is too sharp-sighted!
To notice a small fragment of a snack on clothes! You will get called sister-in-law!
Hii! A negative aura is escaping from Berta’s back!?
The Knights who are used to bloody battles are trembling.

You can’t, Berta! You will miss the chance of marriage, you know? Rouven will cry.
Hii! I, I won’t say anything unnecessary again! Yes!

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