Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mining Town
“We have finally arrived.”

Although we did not travel particularly in a hurry but, because we didn’t have to be concerned about monsters and other enemies, we have arrived unexpectedly early.
Even though we have been traveling along the safer road as fast as possible, the Knights said that it’s a miracle that we didn’t encounter even a single weak monster.

This place, Kiel is a land that wasn’t owned by anyone, so the land was left untouched.
Amalie began mining the mines amid the land that could be said to be undeveloped.
That time, it happened so suddenly that Amalie decided to develop the land without prior investigation, the people in the surroundings were surprised and disgusted, ridiculing and scoring the rich from the shadows.

Opposite to the people’s expectations, it could be said that they dug up gems from the very start of the mining.
Well, it could be said to be just the expected result of Amalie’s skill.

However, why did Amalie think of developing a mine?
At first, Amalie didn’t know how to deal with mining by herself at all.
If she wanted gems she could just buy them, there was no need to make money through hardships.

Then, why?
That’s because Amalie’s skill which shines when looking at valuables showed a different light.
It was not the usual eye-dazzling light, but it felt like the light ordered “Dig!!” for some reason.

Although confused, she began the mining and because there was no dissatisfaction and the results were favorable, Amalie must have forgotten about her doubts.
But, was the cause of that light the stone they dug up this time?
Is the same thing as the “pyroxene,” the national treasure that’s embedded in the crown?

I hope it’s not such a troublesome situation if possible, but I have a certain feeling that the probability of not being that is thin.
Haa, so depressing.

“Okaasama, it’s a very beautiful town, isn’t it!”

Wirbel happily watches the outside of the carriage.

Amalie wasn’t stingy with money with the mines and development of the town.
She originally had plentiful assets, but the profits of these mines are considerable.

Because she put emphasis on the guards, and the workers of the mines weren’t abused, and their wages were good, their families moved here.

With housing allowance, medical care, periodic breaks and no night shifts, it can’t be helped that people rushed over to work here.
Because there were many applicants, interviews and such begun to be required, eliminating the problematic people and improving the public order.

As the town expanded, many craftsmen who process gems came to the town.
Naturally, the craftsmen were under Amalie’s protection, so people have settled in this easy-to-live town.
Many craftsmen worked hard and turned the town of Kiel into a town that produces the finest of the finest gems.
Because the gem processing is of the highest grade, Kiel’s gems are known in other countries and became a brand that even the royalty wants to obtain.

Naturally, there are shops for miners, craftsmen, and their families. There’s nothing of similar scale in this remote place.
Because the population is still increasing, the roads leading to the town are steadily improved.

“Well, I have asked the King’s designer to design a town that is easy to guard, to create the townscape in a systematic way and to make the roads wide enough for carriages to pass.”

“Is that so! Okaasama is incredible!”

Wirbel towards me with eyes full of respect.

I’m happy, but… this is something that previous Amalie has accomplished~
It’s wondrous for Amalie to show such ability. No, you can’t really say that either…

Amalie was the only daughter. However, there was no possibility for Amalie who is a woman to succeed in her parents’ house and manage the fief.
However, Amalie has wanted her parents’ affection since young.
She became an obedient child to be liked by her mother, and she studied in order to be helpful and earn the love of her father.

If I could someday be helpful to Otousama… Thinking that, she stealthily studied territory management from books and past documents and also thought how to improve it with her own thoughts.
Perhaps Amalie has forgotten about her thoughts as a child, but she remembered what she learned.
She made use of it to manage this town.

Sarcastic destiny? No, probably the best destiny.
Because her childhood was somewhere in her heart, Amalie made this town with sincerity, she arranged the best conditions for the people who work here.
I thought it was unusual for me. But, I still made the orders.

“Oh my, it seems that we have arrived at the mansion.”

“Yes! So Okaasama has a mansion in this town!”

Right, I don’t remember ordering the construction, but my mansion is in the center of the town for some reason.
When the house building started, the people pleaded that they want to build my mansion first.
Starting with my mansion, they started building the town. Because of that, my mansion is located in the center of the town.

“Although I see it for the first time, it’s a beautiful mansion, isn’t it?”

“There are many flowers like in the Sunlight Mansion, aren’t there! Ah, but if we aren’t staying in the inn, I can’t stay together with Okaasama in the same room…”

Wirbel’s cheerful expression instantly reverses to a sad one.


On this travel, I have stayed with Wirbel in the same room, and we have slept on the same bed.
It’s ridiculous to stay in separate rooms while on travel, moreover, there was no way I could betray Wirbel’s eyes.
Although the Knights would guard in front of his door, he would be emotionally insecure.

“Well, is that so? That’s lonely. I was happy I could sleep together with Wirbel on this travel, but I wonder if it’s no good?”

“It’s not no good! I also want to be with Okaasama!”

Wirbel’s eyes instantly shone with joy.

Cute! As expected, our child is the cutest!
Ah, but won’t it become “Same room? Not possible. Please, don’t say such stupid things” before long?
No way, will my adorable Wirbel become such brazen fellow like Christhard-sama?
Not possible, right? Say it’s not possible! Please!

“Okusama, we have arrived at the entrance.”

When I grab the carpet with my both hands and tremble in despair, Berta indifferently exclaims.

You are so cold, Berta! Wouldn’t a bit more of sympathy be alright!
From happiness to despair, and cold Berta who definitely accurately understood my prayers.

Why are there only harsh and fanatical people around me!?
The only normal ones are Wirbel, Ojisama (King) and Bel Niisama (Crown Prince).
No, Ojisama and Bel Niisama occasionally run out of control, it might be that there are only children around for salvation.
Why!? What goes around comes around? That shouldn’t be the case~

“Okusama, people are waiting to welcome you.”

Berta, it’s fine already! Cut it out! Your gaze is hurting.

When I get down from the carriage, there are a lot of people bowing their heads.

“Well, raise your heads. Even though such a grandiose reception is not necessary. However, I’m really happy for everyone’s warm reception.”

When I spoke, a person in the middle of the people stepped forward.

“Okusama, it has been a long time. To be able to welcome Okusama in this town, every citizen of this town is delighted.”

The person who deeply bowed again after saying such is the person I let to be in charge of the mine and the town, Gill.

This man was introduced to me by Berta’s father, Rouven. After interviewing him, I dispatched him to Kiel where he executed my instructions.
Today, he’s like a counselor or a town mayor.

“Yes, I’m also very happy to be in this town. It’s a wonderful town.”

“Thank you very much. It’s all thanks to Okusama. Everyone in this town immensely appreciates, respects, and admires Okusama.”

Even though Gill is courteous, his face is full of joy.
The people around also have favorable impressions, it seems that Amalie is truthfully liked in this town.

It appears that Amalie is not received here as a selfish woman, but a compassionate and wonderful person.
Well, it’s certain that I can be considered a good employer, but as a person who is not used to praises, I’m puzzled how to respond.

“It’s because of Gill and the effort of people living in this town that it became such easy-to-live-in town, right? Please continue to join forces with the citizens to make it even better town after this. I will also lend you my meager ability.”

“Oh! How benevolent words!! This Gill will comply with Okusama’s best exertions and show you even more wonderful town!”

Overcome with emotions, Gil declares powerfully.

I’m grateful. I’m grateful, but… It appears that Gill is the same kind of person as Becker and Head Chef, isn’t he?
Whether I like harsh people or fanatical people better… I would rather harsh people?

No, I like normal after all… Let’s relax in the room with Wirbel. If I get healed, I will finally meet the troublesome gem tomorrow.
Is it misfortune or is it fortune? Now then, which one is it?

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