Chapter 10

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I Promise
“Okusama, Dannasama is coming over.”

Berta comes back after going to check the door and informs me of Dannasama’s visit.

“Is that so? Then, I will wait for him in the living room on the first floor. What should we do about… tea?”

He left immediately last time, did he not?
Is tea a waste of time?

“I will prepare it.”

It’s only natural! Berta declares while standing up.
Right! I’m sorry.

When I come down the staircase, the entry hall was noisy.

Ah, he already came.
He must set out immediately after sending the notice.
What’s his business this time?
I go over to greet Christhard-sama while thinking such.

“What were you thinking?”

When we sit down facing each other in the living room, Christhard-sama says in a commanding tone right from the start.


“From the time you woke up.”

N~ that’s right, my (Amalie’s) personality changed too much, didn’t it?
Since the high fever, I wasn’t hysterically shouting around the Sunlight Mansion, didn’t go out for parties, I just lived quietly with Wirbel.
Extremely unnatural. No, one may perhaps say ominous…

To be suspected just from living quietly is somehow sad, isn’t it?
All right, I must explain myself properly!

I spoke out my feelings while staring at the same dark green eyes Wirbel has.

“I have realized that there is nothing more important to me than Wirbel.”

I think this says it all.
I believe that if Amalie realized it too, she would have changed.
Wirbel’s love should have healed the feelings of loneliness in innermost depths of Amalie’s heart.
When looking at his happy face…
“Realizing” and “Not realizing” completely changes the view of the world.

“I see.”

Christhard-sama nods and mutters “At last, huh?” in a small voice.

Huh? Did Christhard-sama perhaps notice Amalaie’s gaze towards Wirbel?
He wasn’t completely apathetic?

“May I ask Christhard-sama about how Wirbel fares in the main building?”

“Yes, that child is a very bright and good child.”

Christhard-sama says with obvious pride.

Right, I know well!
What is this, is he trying to tell me that he knows more about Wirbel, than me?
When it comes to Wirbel I won’t lose to anyone! Oy, what am I doing trying to start a quarrel…

“Please, tell me more.”

I manage to relax my brows and force a smile on my lips.

“Fumu, he gets along with Arthur, and he’s kind towards Anneliese. Ah, it seems you have let Anneliese eat cake. She was bragging to Arthur about how delicious it was. You also let maids eat it, right? Rumors are running wild in the main building.”

Berta nods her head when I glance at her.
I see, but it’s not like those are some bad rumors, right?

“Also, hmmm, Wirbel’s smiling face increased, he seems to be happy.”

I raise my head because of Christhard-sama’s words, his eyes were quietly looking at me.

“Is that, so…”


After his words which nearly brought me to tears, Christhard-sama gives me short words of consent.

“You should hear from Wirbel himself about the state of his studies. Well then, I will excuse myself here.”

Having said what he wanted, Christhard-sama got up from the seat and left before I could answer him.

“I was not able to thank him.”

Did he visit today just to tell me?
That Wirbel is happy, and also to advise me to not cloud his smiling face again.

“Thank you very much. I promise.”

I recall Wirbel clinging to me, calling “Don’t go anywhere” when I woke up from the fever.
I won’t make him feel so uneasy ever again.
I will protect that child’s smile.


The usually serious Berta hesitates.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but the head of the Becker Company has been waiting in the parlor for you for quite a while now, what should I do?”

Ah, that’s right! I have completely forgotten because of Christhard-sama’s visit, but today is the day he was supposed to bring the prototype blueprints of the cookware and the oven!
Have I made him wait for too long?

“Let’s go immediately.”

After I moved to the parlor at a quick pace, Dennis Becker stands up from the sofa and bows with a happy expression.

“I have kept you waiting.”

“Nono, not at all. We are sorry for taking our time to prepare the blueprints for your order. But, because the products are finally completed, it was my privilege to wait.”

After Becker says so, he arranges several products on the table.

“With Okusama’s acknowledgment, we can start mass production of this measuring cup and measuring spoon immediately. Please, make a decision.”

“I, is that so?”

Becker leans forward, almost falling over.

Too much enthusiasm is quite scary.
However, thanks to that enthusiasm, the cookware I ordered has been perfectly finished according to my instructions.

Oh~ there’s even a cute mold for cookies!
Not just cookies, but vegetables can also be cutely shaped, those poor with vegetables may be able to start eating them.

“Okusama… if possible, I would like to request something of you…”

Becker says with difficulty.

“What is it?”

“Would you please tell me the use of this whisk and… what is the intention of its peculiar shape?”

Let’s see, how should I explain that?
N~ what to do… indeed, it may be faster to show him instead.

“Let’s move to the kitchen, I will show you how to use it.”

“Eh!? N, no, I can’t ask Okusama to do this much…”

Move to the kitchen, and having me demonstrate for him, Becker was quite dismayed by my proposal.

Yeah, wives of the dukes don’t usually work in the kitchen, do they?
Berta also reluctantly tried (she lost to the temptation of sweets) to stop me from cooking.

“Actually seeing it makes it easier to understand. You can not sell something you do not understand, right?”

“I see, indeed that’s so!”

Becker immediately becomes interested.
He reacted to “Can not sell”.
It’s same as dangling sweets in front of Berta.

Now then, let’s start the demonstration!

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