Chapter 11

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Let’s Demonstrate
There wasn’t anyone when we arrived at the kitchen.

Now then, now then, I♪ was about to start, but Berta stopped me, said “I will call for a cook assistant” and left.

Isn’t just a bit fine~ stingy~… ha, what a language! What am I doing, imitating Wirbel!
Although it had not escaped from my mouth, I have to be careful since it’s something that will come out if careless!

“Okusama, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

Eh?… Head chef?

The head chef is standing in front of me for some reason.
There are also Kurt and Damien who I’m familiar with behind Berta.

She went to call a cook assistant, right?
When I look at Berta, she looks back at me with an apologetic expression.

“Okusama, I heard that you are in need of a cooking assistant. My ability may be poor, but I will work diligently!”

… No, you are the head chef, right?
You are the assistant? That’s weird, isn’t it?

“The potato starch Damien shared with me the other day was fantastic! Using wheat flour for thickening… always leaves a flour-ish flavor taste and it becomes a white mud. However… that potato starch can increase the thickness without affecting the taste and color. I was moved beyond astonishment! No~ Moreover, I heard that the cake called Mille crepe was superb too! I’m envious! As someone interested in cooking by nature, I can’t miss the opportunity to witness a new dish engraving itself into history! Please, use me as an assistant by all means!”

Head chef talks in excitement.
He resembles someone… when I glance at Becker, a creepy smile after smelling a new product floats on his face.

“Is that so, then, I will be relying on you. Today, we will be demonstrating the whisk.”

It would be troublesome rejecting the head chef, so I will let him do as he likes.

The head chef looks at the whisk with great interest and asks with an earnest expression.

“I see… how should this be used?”

“Before explaining, do you know what is the most important thing when making sweets?”

When I ask while looking at the two who learn by observation, Kurt timidly answers.

“I, I think it’s to use a lot of sugar!”

Ah~ that’s right, isn’t it? Recalling my previous existence (Amalie), she also thought so.
There’s nothing wrong with Kurt’s answer and most of the people in this world think like that.
The price of sugar in this world is relatively high, there’s a lot of value put on sugar, it’s a luxury item.

“I see, then, do you think that if you add a lot of sugar, sweets will become more delicious, Kurt?”

“N, no, the cake Okusama made before wasn’t too sweet, rather a moderate amount of sugar was used which brought the other ingredients into prominence.”

Although under pressure, Kurt spoke his thought’s with seriousness.
The head chef who heard that suddenly raises his voice.

“I see, until now, we have believed that the sweetness in sweets is everything so we added sugar without thinking. However, that led to suppressing the taste of other ingredients… To think that I with decades of experience hasn’t realized that before… I’m a failure of a head chef.”

The head chef hangs his head and collapses on his knees.

Eh, no, you don’t have to exaggerate so much, I will be troubled…
The head chef holds his head and laments over his foolishness.
In the end, he started shouting “I will resign as the head chef!” setting the surroundings into a panic.
Eeh!? That’s not good, wait a moment!

“Head Chef, why are you lamenting like that? I think that this is an excellent thing.”


When I call to the head chef who is hanging his head and lamenting, he looks up at me with a puzzled expression.

“Is learning new things a bad thing? Won’t you become even more splendid chef after this?”

“Okusama… yes… that’s right!! I don’t have the time to be depressed! Rather, I feel great joy and excitement that I can learn more! How thankful I am!”

The head chef instantly rises with his eyes sparkling like a young boy.
Everyone looks at me with a smile of relief after calming down the head chef.

I have a feeling that the feelings of the people around considerably changed in a short time.
The environment where the people look at me with frightened looks is not suitable for a child.
A peaceful environment is important for Wirbel.

“Now then, returning on track, the most important thing in making sweets is the preparations. It’s important no matter what dish you make, but there’s a big difference if you make sweets without proper preparation.”

“I see.”

Everybody nods with serious expressions.

“Although I say preparations, it’s just the fundamental things. Preparing and measuring ingredients, choosing the right flour, heating up the oven, and returning ingredients to room temperature.”

“Returning to room temperature, is it?”

“Yes, each ingredient, has a different temperature, the difference could cause one of the ingredients to burn while cooking.”

Everyone leaks a voice of admiration.
Even the people unrelated to kitchen listen attentively.
Rather, Becker’s sparkling eyes are scary!

After explaining the importance of preparations, I ask someone to prepare the ingredients. The head chef immediately left to get the ingredients.

“Head chef! We will prepare it!”

“What are you saying, I’m a cook assistant, you know? This is my work!”

“No, really, please let us do it.”

Kurt and others almost brought to tears plead the head chef who unwillingly gave up in the end.

“Wheat flour and salt in this sieve… and shake, then split the egg yolk and egg white.”

Sieve… is, of course, something I asked Becker to make.
I think I can whip the egg even without splitting the egg yolk and egg white, but I believe there is a smaller chance of failure if I beat them separately.
If I know the ingredients and amounts, I can make some basic sweets.

“Now then, this is where we use the whisk. Right now, I intend to bake the cake dough, but I need air to let the dough to rise. This whisk is able to trap air in the egg easily.”

The head chef adds sugar to the egg and whisks it with quick hand movements.

“This is amazing! I have never thought that egg could turn into such state…”

The egg yolk and egg white have been completely whisked into fluff.

“Oh~ it somehow already looks delicious…”


Damien, you can’t eat it!
And Berta, are you crying? Beautiful? It’s egg, you know?
Well, this might be able to display the usefulness of the whisk.

Good, all that’s left is to quickly mix in the flour, pour a bit of oil into an iron plate and bake.

“It really has risen…”

Kurt mutters after seeing the completed dough.
The head chef is so impressed he’s lost for words.

“It smells nice~”

One of the maids says in a joyful voice.

If left like that, they will look at the dough endlessly, so I give them more instructions.

“Well then, now that the dough has cooled let’s use the fresh cream.”

As I have instructed, the dough has been painted with cream and rolled.
Looking at the completed Swiss roll, everyone lets out a voice of admiration again.

“What beautiful, noble appearances… is this supreme radiance the god’s feelings…”

Head chef, I don’t understand you?
The Swiss roll is not radiant?

The Swiss roll admiration gathering doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.
It will get eaten once Wirbel comes home, though~

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