Chapter 12

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Let’s Ask Berta
“Okaasama! The vegetables in the soup are in the shape of a bird-san!”

Wirbel says joyfully.

Thin vegetable slices float in Wirbel’s soup.
That’s right, I have asked the head chef cut the veggies with a shape cutter.

The soup for adults is as usual, but the children’s soup is with vegetables cut into shapes of birds, flowers, and leaves.
Because the head chef was grandiosely surprised and interested again, he may have the same soup as the children today.

“It’s cute and delicious!”

Wirbel diligently puts the honey-colored clear soup into his mouth.

The taste of today’s soup is deeper than usual.
I have recommended the head chef to cook the broth with vegetables and meat.
On occasion, I have asked him to remove the lye.

“You are right, it is really delicious. You can taste the deliciousness of vegetables.”

“Yes! The vegetables are delicious!”

Yay! Weak point successfully conquered!

Because I want him to eat everything, so he can become strong and grow healthily!

Also, he was also happily eating the Swiss roll before, the intake of nutrition from food isn’t only related to health, but also to happiness.

That time, I the head chef bake several Swiss rolls.
Well, it was the result of me saying too much.
Adding fruit, adding flavor to the fresh cream, I know I’m in the wrong by saying that.
Because of that, the head chef was baking without stopping.
Today, he will have people from the main building tasting Swiss rolls again.

Then, Becker… is he a hyena!? his nose is that effective.
Potato starch being a matter of course, he even somehow sniffed out the puzzle.
Merchants are frightening.
Well, the source of information is probably one of the maids, they seemed like they wanted it too.
He will bring a puzzle prototype next time.
There’s still the problem of the oven’s design, could you bring the oven next time?
But, it seems it may take longer than the puzzle, so it may take a while.

“I’m full!”

Wirbel says while rubbing his tummy in satisfaction with a smile.
So adorable!

I wanted to love him as usual, but Wirbel in the middle of “Today’s report” was dozing off, so the maids suggested to take him back to his room.

I went together with Wirbel to his room and gave him a goodnight kiss.
He was too cute sleeping like a spoiled child in my arms on the way to his room, but I endured hugging him too much so I wouldn’t wake him up. I endured it!

Now then, I must settle the problem in question today.
I glance at Berta.
Glance, glance, glance,

“Okusama, may I help you somehow?”

Berta doubtfully asks me who is behaving suspiciously.

“Eh? Yes, well, let’s see…”

Silence flows between the two people.
All maids except for Berta have withdrawn, so it’s just Berta and me in the room.

“Say, Berta.”

“Yes, Okusama.”

All right, just say it!

“I, do I look fifteen?!”

“…… Okusama…”

I know! I understand! Right! I already knew!
Berta hesitates and tries to say something with difficulty.
The answer is already known.
Therefore, you don’t have to say it!

“Okusama, Okusama’s facial features, and skin look very youthful, and you are not inferior in any way to fifteen years old noble ladies.”

It seems that the voice in my heart didn’t reach her as Berta began to talk.

“But, fifteen is a difficult age between an adult and children. Okusama’s figure and atmosphere around you are already mature, I think that bringing the peculiar atmosphere of a fifteen-year-old would be difficult.”

I see, even though the mind is of a sixteen-year-old, it isn’t that simple, huh…
There were naturally the years lived as Amalie, it was impudent of me thinking like that.
I have both Amalie’s appearances and her age, after all.

“Okusama is very young! Really! But, the purity is a little lack… Cough, no, Okusama’s white, transparent, glossy skin and Okusama’s glittering hair are a matter of envy for everyone!”

Berta-san… you don’t have to give forced compliments, you know?
Moreover, you messed up your follow-up a bit… my purity is lacking, I don’t have such a thing! Tanaka Yuri didn’t have that thing either!

Berta earnestly opened her mouth when she saw my unintentional stare.

“Okusama… the former Okusama had some kind of purity. One could even say it was childishness, but I saw that childishness bringing Okusama misfortune. Therefore, the loose… excuse me, the free Okusama looks happier, is what I think.”

Berta looks straight at me and says calmly.

I see, Amalie looked like that to Berta.
Certainly, I think that Amalie was someone who would injure herself by holding a knife.
Not sly, just good at raising her for surroundings.
Just like a child.
If she were a bit more able at calculating, her reputation wouldn’t become so bad.

“Berta, thank you.”

“No, I’m sorry for saying something so uncalled for.”

Fuu, it would be nice if Berta opened her heart to me more.
Amalie doesn’t have any friends, after all.

“Well then, shall we take a break soon?”

When I stood up from the sofa, Berta asks as if she remembered something.

“Okusama, which reminds me, why fifteen years old?”

Ah! I forgot! I was going to probe about schools of magic!
I had sunk to the bottom, but…
N~ what to do?

“Berta, I… I want to learn magic, if possible in secret so I don’t alert my surroundings.”

Indeed, I have no choice, but to consult with Berta.
I think that even if I deceive others, I won’t be able to escape from Berta.
Therefore, collaborating is the best option!

“Magic in secret, is it… huh, eh? Fifteen years old, so that means, was Okusama possibly planning to enter a school?!”

That can’t be?! Berta looks at me dumbfoundedly.

“Well, yeah… is it no good, after all?”

“This is not even the problem here! I don’t understand how you could even consider it! You are the wife of a Duke, a mother of one child, you know!”

Berta looks furious.

Y, you are scary, Berta-san.
Y, your eyes are too fierce?

“B, but, you have said it yourself, Berta. That the free I looks happier.”

“There is a limit to being loose!”

Berta, you have said loose at last.
You trying to compliment me feels very nostalgic now.

“Berta, however, it is not easy for me to learn the magic now. If I call for a magic tutor, rumors will inevitably spread around. Saying it myself hurts, but my reputation is so bad, people might regard me as dangerous when I start learning magic. It is all right if it is only me, but I do not want to roll up people of the Flaksburb house into this.”

“Okusama… however, if exposed that you are in a school, it will become even more terrible.”

“Well, do you know of any other place besides school that teaches magic?”

“Perhaps the Cooperation Union…… the Cooperation Union holds classes for the beginners. However, the Cooperation Union is not a place where Okusama can go. It’s a dangerous place where various people gather. I can’t recommend it.”

The Cooperation Union, this may work!
It seems freer than school, and the age also doesn’t matter.
I want to take a look!

“Should I disguise myself? Should I use a mask?”

Yeah! Let’s do that!

“Okusama… isn’t it all right to learn from Dannasama?”

“It is not. Dannasama is busy with Imperial Guards, and it is not different from hiring a tutor. It will leak out immediately that I am learning magic.”


Berta frowns in worry.

“I want to learn magic. I do not know when Wirbel or the people surrounding me will encounter danger. If I learn magic, the means to protect Wirbel will increase.”


Berta sighs in defeat.

All right! It’s decided!

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