Chapter 9

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Getting Along
“Okaasama, I have returned!”

The adorable Wirbel runs over here with all his might.

“Welcome back, Wirbel, be careful not to fall down.”

“Wi-niisama, welcom bak!”

Anneliese-sama sitting on my lap energetically greets Wirbel.

“Eh, Anne!? Why are you here!?”

“I’m eating kake!”

“I, I see, then, let’s eat together.”

Anneliese-sama replies Wirbel with a big nod.

Fufu, Wirbel is in Oniichan mode.
He’s acting like a grown-up, how adorable!
I want to embrace him tightly, but I will endure it to protect his Oniichan dignity.

“Anneliese-sama has been playing in the garden, so I have invited her for a cup of tea.”

“Is that so… Okaasama, you are all right with that?”

Wirbel asks somewhat uneasily.
He must be anxious about my response to Bianca-sama’s children which I had treated with only antipathy so far.
I’m sorry to make you worry.

“Yes, although I would be happy being alone with Wirbel, inviting a cute guest for tea is also enjoyable.”

“Yes! I’m also happy!”

Wirbel smiles joyfully.

“Then, Wirbel, you should also sit down, let’s have a cake.”

Berta came back with permission from Bianca-sama.
Five of Bianca-sama’s maids that came together with Berta are here probably to guard Anneliese-sama and watch me.
She’s very vigilant, but permission is permission.



The two start eating the Mille crepe.
Because everyone was uneasy about me feeding Anneliese-sama so I moved her from my lap and let a maid feed her.

“Y, yummy!! Okaasama, this is incredibly delicious!!”

Wirbel says while absorbedly stuffing his mouth.

“Kake is yummy!”

Anneliese-sama seems to be delighted too.

“Excellent, I’m glad you two like it.”

While looking at the two happy faces and conversing with Wirbel and Anneliese-sama, the teatime came to an end.

Anneliese-sama talked so much she became sleepy, so she returned in maid’s arms while dozing off.

Because the wind became quite chilly, we returned to the room.

“Okaasama… can I sit on your… lap too?…”

Wirbel suddenly asks shyly.


“Anne was sitting in Okaasama’s lap.”

Wirbel leans on me with a slightly pouting tone.

Wau, what is this, how much harder are you trying to grab my heart!?
You act cooly towards the younger (Anneliese-sama) and behave like a spoiled child in front of the older (me)!?
You will definitely become popular in the future!
Well, Wirbel will be popular even without doing anything, though!


“Yes, my lap is and always will be Wirbel’s.”

When I place him on my lap and look at his face, he was smiling shyly.

“That’s right, Wirbel, how about we go to the town together next?”

“Eh, yes! I want to go!”

Wirbel answers vigorously.

“Where would you like to go, Wirbel?”

“As long as I’m together with Okaasama, I’m fine with anywhere!”

“My, Okaasama too!”

The two of us cuddle together.
I feel like lukewarm eyes are watching us from all around, but such a thing is unrelated!
Ah~ geez~, cute! Too cute!

Ah~ not just sweets, should I try making something else?
Is there something~ N~ Right!

“Berta, can you bring me a rectangular wooden board and glue please?”

“Ha? Ah, no, I will bring it immediately.”

Berta who replied with an unusually stupid answer leaves the room in a panic.

All right, well then, let’s draw on paper!
Is an animal okay? Then, let’s draw everyone’s favorite panda!

“Okaasama, this is… a monster? But, it’s very cute!”

Alright, then, let’s stick that picture on the board!

When I finished the drawing, Berta has already returned.
Fast!! She can warp after all!?

“Okusama, should I stick that picture on the board?”

Moreover, she has an impressive understanding ability.
Berta-san, she can’t be taken lightly…

“Yes, after that, could you divide the board into 50 same-sized pieces?”


Berta who answered without showing the earlier confusion left the room and returned with a blink of an eye.

“I’m sorry to have you kept waiting.”

Nono, I haven’t waited at all?
Please teach me your moves! By all means!

“Okaasama, what is that?”

Wirbel asks, full of curiosity.

“This you see, this is a puzzle. You match the pieces like this to complete the picture.”

I put the pieces of the wooden board together.

“Ah, I see, the monster’s ears are here, and, this thin piece is here? Huh? Wrong? Hmm~”

Wirbel groans while holding a puzzle piece in his hand.
Was a black and white puzzle too difficult for starters?
But, Wirbel’s eyes are serious.

Fufu, he’s already engrossed in it.
I’m glad he likes it.
Puzzles are fun, aren’t they! It also serves as cognitive training, it’s good, right?

N? The maids around Wirbel are fidgety for some reason.
“Ah, that is” they are saying.

It may be popular even among adults!

Huh? The puzzle is shining?
This will… sell?
Oy, it’s not like I want to sell it!

Please stop shining of every single time!

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