Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Anima Temple

Oh, crap.
This is dangerous.
Because I’m being chased.
They keep chasing me hard.
Earth Dog x3, Earth Dog Leader x1.

If that’s the case…
Take this.
I throw the poison spear.


It seems I hit one of them.
Its speed slows down and it withdraws.
Earth Dog x2, Earth Dog leader x1.
I must escape.
I could gain some time if I hide in other tree holes, but…
Unfortunately, I don’t see any tree holes…
Why at such time.
I have found them easily until now.

What’s that?
When I look forward, I see the door of some artificial structure for the first time.
I appraise it while running.

Others: Anima Temple
Description: A sacred place governing over life and death.

Although I don’t understand it well, it looks good.
Anyway, let’s take refuge in there.
There may be people inside.
I wonder if I can find my sanctuary there.

Dondon Dondon
I knock on the door, but it won’t open.
Why does it not open?
Is there any method?

(It’s necessary to consume skill points in order to enter the temple.)

Voice of God again.
But, an entrance fee?
Is this a theme park or something?
But, if it means entering a safe place.
“I understand. That’s alright. Use them.”

(The present amount of skill points is 100.)
(Consuming 100 skill points.)

The next moment, the door opened.。
In any case, let’s evacuate.

When I enter, the door closes and the Earth Dogs collide with the door.
I’m saved.
I look around restlessly.
But, what is this place?
Unlike everything else, this is artificial…

It’s considerably old building…
As the name implies, it surely has a holy atmosphere.
The air is clear, totally different from the cave.

Anyway, let’s look around.


Tekuteku Tekuteku
Dust dances with my every step.
Nobody may have come here in a while.
It’s quite large, I hardly think that humans would build something so enormous.
In reality, it looks like a huge version of Parthenon.
I feel totally dwarfed.

When I advance further, I came across a cliff-like place.
I see floating lights similar to fireflies at the very bottom.
Magically beautiful… I feel a very sacred aura.

I look at the lights and appraise them.

?      : ?
?   : ?

No information available.
This didn’t happen until now.
One more time.

?      : ?
?   : ?

Nothing is displayed after all.
No way… did Appraisal-san break?
I appraise the building’s floor immediately.

Others: Anima Temple
Description: A sacred place governing over the life and death.

I’m glad~
Mr. Appraisal didn’t break.
It seems that those floating lights are special.
Because it’s so magical, I can agree with the “?”.

But this place, an Anima Temple, huh…
If I’m not mistaken, it should have a meaning of life or soul or something like that in Latin.
Because it’s a word with many meanings, would a feminine principle as present in the male unconscious be right?
Because I don’t know the link between reality and this place, it may have a totally different meaning.

However, if it had that meaning…
Wouldn’t the floating lights at the bottom be people’s souls?
The Anima Temple’s description is “A sacred place governing over the life and death” after all.
If that’s the case, then this sacred place is slightly scary.
The unclear space of life and death is chilling my heart.

I think that a place of life and death would be an endgame content in a game.
If that were the case, it would be a place of last boss fight.
You would fight and beat the boss.
I’m just a baby after reincarnation, though?
Is it alright for me to be here?

“Hohoho, it has been a while since anyone came here, ja nou.”

I heard a voice from behind all of sudden.

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