Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Have Evolved From the Egg
I thought that I would evolve automatically after leveling up.
Apparently, that’s wrong.
Because nothing has happened.

Should I try speaking to the voice of God?
Would that allow me to evolve?

“I’d like to evolve.”

(Display Evolution paths?)

A reply came.
Where are you? The voice in my head?
Oh, well.
First of all, evolution, evolution.


(Displaying Evolution paths.)
(Please select the Evolution path.)

Current: Vampire Egg
Evolution path: Baby Vampire

Although it said select, there’s only one path.
Then, is there a need to select…
Well, it may be only the first one.
Surely I will have many choices during the next evolution.
Let’s think that I’m right.
Well then~
How about Baby Vampire?
Although I may be able to continue my Egg life, continuing to crawl like that may get difficult.
I would like to evolve from four legs to bipedal.

“Baby, please.”

(Commencing the Evolution.)

Baribari bari.
Mu, a crack appeared on the egg.
Then, the egg lightly breaks, and I’m born.

It may be just my imagination, but I feel like my body become slightly larger.
I have a feeling that my body is filled with energy.
Right, right.
Let’s confirm with Appraisal.

Race: Baby Vampire
Level: 1

My race changed.
I evolved.
My nails grew up a little bit.

Sha Sha
I cut the air with my claws, it feels somewhat pleasant.

Suta Totatota
It seems that I can walk now.
I’m glad~ With this, I can say bye-bye to crawling.
This makes me the happiest.

In addition, with the eggshell removed, I can see that I indeed look human-like.
Although not a perfect human-like body, the skin is sparkling dazzlingly as ever.
Freed from the egg cosplay, I feel fresh.
How refreshing.

While pleased by my own evolution, my gaze fell on the Earth Dog’s corpse.
On the contrary to my expectations, the corpse didn’t disappear like in the games.

What should I do?
I may be able to eat it~, this corpse.
I’m a Vampire after all.
I heard there are people who it dogs anyway.

I should appraise it for the time being.

Others: Earth Dog’s flesh
Description: Chewy meat. Eating raw may be dangerous.

It had become murdering meat.
It’s not classified as “Race” anymore, but as “Others”.
Mr. Appraisal is heartless.

It’s dangerous according to the description.
But, wait…
I wonder if the eggshell would help me protect my stomach?
Because it’s dangerous to my life, it would classify it like poison or something.
This may actually work.

To tell the truth, I want to eat something proper since I only had the eggshell and the flower juice so far.
To put it bluntly, I want to eat meat.
Very much.

There’s no need to hesitate.
Let’s eat it right away.

I absorb the eggshell with my fangs.
I eat the Earth Dog’s flesh.
Or more precisely, I absorb it with my fangs.

I squeeze the meat with my fangs like a juice and gradually fill my stomach.
The feeling of eating meat is quite strange.
It’s jiggly because it’s raw.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Food Poisoning Resistance Lv1” acquired.)

I got something.
It appears to be different from poison resistance, but still useful for survival.
Nice skill!
I should probably eat a lot of things~

Sucky suck.
After eating the dog’s meat to some extent, I separate my fangs from it.
I found out that I can eat it.
I cut the meat, wrap it in the grass and store it in a cool place.
I may be able to preserve it in this tree hole.

I quickly finished my task and fell asleep.














It’s somewhat noisy outside.

When I look out from the hole, I see three Earth Dogs gathered outside.
They look very angry.
They are sniffing around the location where the corpse is.

This is dangerous.
Did they sniff it out?
If they stay there like that, I won’t be able to leave.

I have three poison spears at hand.
I may be able to defeat them if I stay in here.
I have a stock of food.
But, if they call for more comrades it may be dangerous.

What should I do?

Dogon! Dogon!
W, what!

The tree is shaking.
Moreover, considerably violently.
What is happening!

Dogon, dogon, mishimishimishi.
Huh, isn’t this dangerous?
This is dangerous.
The tree seems to be breaking, but…
It’s shaking crazily, though.

When I look out of the tree hole.
What’s that thing?
There’s like a huge Earth Dog.
What, what?
The appearance of their boss?

Race: Earth Dog Leader
Level: 1

It’s leader, alright.
But, it’s huge.
It’s about 1,5 times larger than the others.

Dogon dogon
Mishimishimishi, giiiiiiii, batan

A sudden brightness from above.
Also, a cool breeze.

The tree broke…
It was broken…
Dungeon Trees can be broken.
What’s this?
I was certain that it’s an indestructible object or something… I was wrong.


S, shit.
I need to quickly escape.
I don’t have protection.

Okay, disperse!

I start running while holding the poison spear.
Bipedal running!

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