Chapter 5

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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VS Earth Dog
Giko giko Giko giko
Sharpening of the branch I picked up into the spear is completed.
I smear plenty of “Nirvana Flower” poison over it.
Smear, smear, fufufu.
Poison spear complete.

For me, who has a modern person’s sense, it seems that I really made something terrible, but let’s not mind it.
I think I would lose if I mind it.
The present me is Vampire anyway.
I’m an egg anyway.
Armament is a necessary nodesu.
I won’t survive in the dungeon without intellect nodesu.

With this, I should be able to win even against that dog.
All I have to do now is to wait for the Earth Dog in the tree’s hole.
Should I really wait here patiently?
I think I will meet it even if I don’t look for them.

Let’s look at the Nirvana Flower again while waiting for the dog.
It’s a beautiful red flower, but I’m concerned about one of the Appraisal’s sentences.

Others: Nirvana Flower
Description: Extremely poisonous flower. From the petals to the root, everything is poisonous.
The bulb part is particularly poisonous. An exquisite delicacy if the poison is removed.

That’s so.
That’s right.
―――An exquisite delicacy if the poison is removed―――
What does an exquisite delicacy tastes like?

In addition, the rice cracker at my disposal, the vampire egg.
An ingredient that protects the stomach from poison.

Others: Vampire Egg’s Eggshell
Description: Protects a stomach for a period of time after eating, allowing the consumption of any poison.
A rare, expensive ingredient

This is perhaps… a chance.
It may be a chance.
My fever?
Perhaps if I eat the eggshell my stomach will be protected from the flower’s poison?
I’m tempted by the unrivaled delicacy.

Although the eggshell isn’t that bad… what should I do~
Maybe I should try eating the flower a little~
It will also put the eggshell performance to the test.
If the performance of the eggshell is actually poor, I will be in trouble.
That would also mean that Appraisal could make mistakes.
I think it’s necessary to check whether Appraisal’s information is correct before it’s too late.
That’s right.
Let’s do that.
What should I do?

Crack crack.
I pierce the shell with my fangs and suck on it while thinking.
Right, right.
I just noticed a while ago, but I have fangs.
Well, I seem to be able to drink through them like drinking juice through a straw and get nutrition.
Vampires may be possibly magical.
Because I’m stuffed in an eggshell I don’t feel like a vampire yet.

Let’s do it in one go.
Let’s do it while my stomach is protected with the eggshell.

I insert my fangs into the flower’s root.

D, deliciooooooooooooooooooooooous.
What’s this thing?
It’s so delicious my throat got wet.
The taste is similar to orange juice.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Poison Resistance Lv1” acquired.)

I acquired something.
Poison Resistance, was this thanks to the Nirvana Flower after all?

It’s delicious and got me resistance.
Double value is economical.
I got something nice in my hands.

Well then, let’s drink one more time.

And another one.


(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Poison Resistance Lv1” has become “Poison Resistance Lv2”.)







(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Poison Resistance Lv2” has become “Poison Resistance Lv3”.)

I’m full, so full.
I may have drunk too much because it was so delicious.
Because my stomach is full, it will have to do.
I will keep the rest.
Before I noticed, my resistance raised to level 3.

Somehow, after filling my stomach I became really drowsy.
Although it’s completely full of liquid.
I should lay down and rest for a while.


















I fell asleep.
Having full stomach is terrifying.
Way too comfortable.
However, to be able to sleep in such a situation…
Is my mind already used to the dungeon?
Adaption, huh.

Well then, let’s eat some wake-up eggshells.
And drink a little of Nirvana Flower juice.

Quite a delicious flavor.
Laying down is also quite good.
What a considerably luxurious breakfast.

An Earth Dog appeared at the right time.
Which reminds me, I still couldn’t see its level when I was appraising it before.
Well then, well then.

Race: Earth Dog
Level: 3

Level 3, is it?
Two levels above me, I see.
But, I have a poisonous weapon.
I don’t know if it works or not, but I should be able to defeat it if I throw it from a distance.
It should be worth a try.
Earth Dog won’t be able to enter this hole anyway.
There’s no risk.

Alright, let’s do it.
I have three poison spears prepared.
Although I would like to defeat it on the first try.

I aim from the hole at the Earth Dog who is approximately 5m away from me.
Here I come.
Earth Dog.
I will now show you the power of a Vampire.

I raise my poison spear and accelerate my crawling.
Imagine javelin throwing in Olympics.
I accelerate to my max speed and ready my arm.

Crawlcrawl Crawlcrawl Crawlcrawl Ei
The spear I threw soars…

Bun dosu

The poison spear has splendidly struck the Earth Dog.
I did it~


The spear hit it, that Inu-san is still alive, though.
It’s coming…
As expected its size is indeed of a rhinoceros.
I wonder if the poison is dull…

Rather, it’s looking this way.
It’s excessively glaring at me, though.

I wasn’t the one who threw it at you, I wonder if it would believe me if I say that?
Communication doesn’t seem possible in the first place.

Dangerous, dangerous.

Dadadadada Dadadadada
Earth Dog is running towards me.
It’s completely enraged.

Evacuation, emergency shelter!
I evacuate to the deepest part of the tree hole and prepare my spear.


Dosudosu Dosudosu
The Earth Dog assaults the tree hole and barks.

Yusayusa Yusayusa
The Earth Dog’s assault shakes the tree, but I’m not minding it.
It’s okay, it’s alright.
“Dungeon’s Tree” is probably firm.
Although the Earth Dog stuck its face into the tree hole, but I’m not minding it.
It’s spitting saliva, but I’m not minding it.
This should be a safe place.

If I think about it…
This may be a chance.
I can attack one-sidedly right now.
I mean, the opponent’s head is right in front of me.
Couldn’t I poke it with poison spear as much as I like?
It may be alright if pay attention to the distance.

Let’s give it a try.
I carefully, carefully, approach the barking Earth Dog.
I poke it with the poison spear.

“Ei, ei, ei.”
Dosun dosun dosun

O, ou…
It looks like it works somehow.
I might be able to defeat it like this.
Alright, let’s poke it a little more.

“Ei, ei, ei.”
Dosun dosun dosun
“Kyan, kyan.”

The Earth Dogs movements gradually became dull.
The poison may have taken the effect.


It finally stopped moving and fell on the ground.
Areare? I may have defeated it.
Have I done it?

(12 Experience gained.)
(Vampire Egg’s level has increased from 1 to 3.)
(Evolution requirements has been met.)

It’s heeeeeeeeere!

It finally came.
To think… that I would defeat that big dog…
The poison may be strong.
Nono, it may have been thanks to my crawlthrow.

Well, I don’t know which it is, but with this, my egg life comes to the end.
Because I apparently met the requirements of the evolution.
My dream spreads.
Now then, what can I evolve into?

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