Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Thanks to a certain magic, I was able to sleep soundly in the morning.
The certain magic is Air Futon. I created the Air Futon because I didn’t want to sleep on the floor.
I also used Space-time Barrier because of Seth, just in case.

(Hmm, I slept well. Shall I check my skills until the food comes?)

Just when I tried to test my skills within the Space-time Barrier just in case,


Footsteps were approaching.

(Huh? I can hear only one set of footsteps…… Skill: Presence Detection……… as I thought, there’s only one presence…… is this perhaps……)


The moment the door opened, and I saw the man’s face, I escaped to the corner. The one who entered is Seth.


“…… Yoo, you awake? I brought you food. I will leave it here.”

Seth put the food on the table and started to approach me, but his legs suddenly stopped moving.

“Uoh!? …… What?”

Seth reached his hand to check.

“This is…… a barrier?………… Hee~……”

Seth looks at me while broadly grinning.

(Gyaa, I forgot to dispel the Space-time Barrier~! But, if I dispel it, that fellow will come……)

While feeling troubled,


Seth sits down cross-legged and spoke to me without erasing his smile.

“You can stay like that, I’d like to talk with you.”

Because I couldn’t find a reply for Seth’s unexpected words, he just waited.
I could not ignore that attitude and serious eyes and decided to talk.
I dispelled the Space-time Barrier and replaced it with a Barrier.

“What do you want to talk about?”

When I reply,


Just when I thought that Seth disappeared in smoke, I heard an unfamiliar voice from within the smoke.

“You have my gratitude! Let me introduce myself again.”

When the smoke cleared up, what I saw there was the beastman from yesterday.

“My name is Chase! I’m a Fox person. Well, it looks like you have already figured it out yesterday, though. You have an Appraisal skill, right? A high leveled one at that.”

I was startled by Seth’s――Chase’s words.

“!? How……”

“The level of my Concealment is high. To be able to see through it, you will need『Fathom』skill or anything higher than that.”

I’m troubled how to answer.

(What should I do…… it seems better not talking about my skills…… but, how do I deceive him?)

“You don’t have to answer which skill it is. But, I would like assistance from that skill.”

(Skill? …… His attitude is somewhat different)

“Why is a skill of the Child of Taboo important to you?”

“!? I feel sorry for what I have done until now…… but, that was also for your own sake.”

I couldn’t understand what Chase meant.

“For my sake? What part of that was for my sake!”

“If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t know what that woman would do to you…… if I took that attitude towards you, she would feel a little bit better.”


“That woman? The head maid? What about her?”

“That woman worships your father, Diego Bailey and detests the『Taboo』twins and the mother who gave birth to you. To put it bluntly, she has been only looking after the little brother after he got born.”

“!? So, are those two all right?”

“You…… yeah, she can’t do anything publicly because only a few people know about you twins.”

I listen to Chase’s talk and remember yesterday.

(The auras the two were wrapped in yesterday. The Mind’s Eye allows seeing the emotions aura and the color of the aura changes depending on the emotions.)

Chase spoke to me while I was pondering.



“Why are you worried about the two? You have never met them, you have never received their affection. Is it because you are related by blood?”

The memories of my past life floated in my mind because of Chase’s words.

“Blood is unrelated. I just can’t do anything by myself, I don’t plan on blaming them…… I’m currently here in the basement, what if it was my “little sister” instead? What if we were not “twins?” What if “twins” weren’t a taboo? …… Mother too…… out of the many possibilities, it just happened “like this” …… nothing would change if I resented them, I’m sad and frustrated, but that won’t become the reason for the two to worry about me.”

(During the elementary school, I, Sayo was bullied because I was an orphan. Those are words Foster Father told me that time, but…… I currently think so too.)

When I think and convey it to Chase, he started at me with his eyes and mouth wide open.

(N? What’s wrong…… did I say something weird?)

“…… You, how old are you? I’m certain you should be four years old, right…… just how did you come up with such an answer?”

(Ha!? Right! Normal four years old wouldn’t think of such thing, would they?)

“W, which reminds me, assistance, you said…… what happened?”



The two of us were staring at each other for a while, but Chase folded first.

“Haa~…… In fact, I serve a Lord from the Trust Kingdom, but three months ago, that Lord’s children and several other people were abducted. We split into groups after following the traces and arrived at this Bailey House, but even after transforming and sneaking around, we weren’t able to find them. Therefore, I would like to search for them with your skill.”

“Abduction…… but, “we” means that there are more people with you, right? Is it fine to rely on a Taboo?”

I wanted to help after knowing the circumstances, but I didn’t know how they feel about Child of Taboo, so I asked.
But, I was dumbfounded by Chase’s next words.

“Ahh! If it’s about that, then it’s fine! Anyhow, thinking of twins as『Taboo』is a story of a few hundred years ago, the ones who came up with that were humans anyway, and it’s currently like that only in the Ambler Empire! Ha, ha, ha.”

(……………………………………………… Haa!?)

“Wha! ……… Calm down, calm down, calm down me~…… opi, impossible! Skill: Calm and Composed.”

I couldn’t calm down, so I used a skill.

“O, oi…… are you alright?”

“Yes. I just became fine.”

“I see…… truthfully, the plan was to call for the assistance from the kingdom, but I panicked when I heard that the Feudal Lord is returning in three days. Because it’s highly possible that the abducted people will be sold as slaves at the Feudal Lord’s return.”

“Slaves!? Something so terrible……”

“Slaves themselves are not that unusual…… especially the people in this country…… no, aside from us, everyone is the same as slaves. They are illegally sold when caught outside, you see.”

I was surprised that the house I was born to is involved in something like that.

“As expected I can’t ask for aid like that, that’s when your words came while I was troubled.”

“But, how do we look for them?”

“First of all, I would like you to appraise the place of our objective. If you find them, the rest is our job. Then, about your reward, we will get you out of here. If there’s a country you’d like to live in, I wouldn’t mind taking you there as well.”

“…………… Eh?”

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