Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Oath Magic
I have believed that Chase will take me out of here if I cooperate with him.

“It’s not a bad deal for you either, right? At any rate, you have only three days to live.”

“What do you mean!? Why!”

Chase looked at me with tired eyes.

“As I thought, you weren’t listening yesterday. We were talking about testing a new magic tool in the “forest” when Feudal Lord returns, right?”

“…… I heard only going to the “forest” …… but, why does that mean “three days to live” ?”

“A new magic tool has been recently developed. That magic tool apparently draws monsters towards the wielder. And so, the experiment will take place in the “Magic Forest” where monsters live in large numbers. If you were brought there…… you understand, right?”

I blanked out.

“………………………… I will be the one holding the magic tool, won’t I?”


(I’m not even a daughter to father, huh…… just a tool used for experiments…… while that may be true, can I believe Chase’s words? For them, I’m……)

“Chase-san, may I ask you something?”

“Just Chase is fine. What is it?”

“Why are you helping me? To you guys, I’m just a “daughter of the man who abducted our companions,” right?”

I hang my head down, afraid to look at Chase’s face.

“Haa~ Look here, haven’t you answered that question yourself just a little while ago?”

“…… Eh?”

I raised my head at his words. What I saw there was a very gentle smiling face.

“It’s that thing about not being able to help it. You have not decided to be that man’s daughter, and you, yourself didn’t do anything to us. Furthermore, you are still just a little child…… leaving your speech and conduct aside…… what is there to resent you for?”


Tears flowed down my cheeks.

“Although I say that, you won’t immediately believe me. If it suits you, I don’t mind using an Oath Magic.”

“Gusu…… Oath Magic…… alright. I will use it this time……… dispel.”


I answered while wiping my tears and dispelled the Barrier. Just in case, I cast a light『Barrier』on my body.

Oath Magic is signing a contract that can’t be broken with magic swear to a god, the contents which are written on the paper will become the written oath. It’s a magic that will punish those who break the written oath.
Chase taught me how to make it, and I decided to do it right away.

“”Oath Magic.””

“Item, I will cooperate to rescue Chase’s companions.”

“Item, I and my companions won’t harm “Bailey House’s eldest daughter.” Also, when the rescuing of my companions is done, I will help “Bailey House’s eldest daughter” to escape.”

“”Item, in case the contract is broken, he/she who breaks it, will lose that which is “the most important to him/her.” I make an oath with this.””


When we read the written oath aloud, the written oath started shining and finally disappeared.

“Say…… is just escaping fine? I will take you to a place you want to go, just finding my companions would be fine, you know?”

“You will return to your country after rescuing them, right? We may get followed after escaping, it would be better to have a higher fighting potential. I…… I will somehow manage, besides I’m also good at magic, so I think I could help with the rescue.”

“……… I see.”

When I answered with a smile, Chase started brooding over something.
I decided to speak up because I couldn’t stand the silence.

“Say, when do you want to look for them?”

“Ah, sorry. I would like to search for them this evening. It’s busy around in the daytime because of the Feudal Lord’s return. I was also able to come here by myself thanks to that.”

“Alright. Will you come to pick me up?”

“Oh yeah…… I will meet up with my companions and come for you at dinner time, can we talk at that time?”


“Then, it’s time for me to go.”

Chase said so and left the room.


“……… First of all, let’s eat.”

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