Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In the evening, Chase brought the meal.

“Please, listen while you eat. We will carry out the search three hours from now on.”


“Only you and I, the two of us will carry out the search, the rest will stand on alert outside. In case we find them, I will contact others via Telepathy and we will escape.”

――Mugumugu…… gokun

“I understand the plan, but the time……”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I will give you this.”


Saying such, Chase placed an hourglass on the table.

“When the sand finishes falling, thirty minutes have passed.”

(Hee~ This world has hourglasses, huh. By the way, the time interval and weekly interval is the same as in my original world, so this will be helpful~)

“I will also give you this. This is an item bag, it has a much larger capacity than a normal bag, and you also won’t sense the weight. Inside, you will find one week of emergency rations and tools necessary for camping, also be sure to put other things you want to bring with you inside.”

I thank Chase while receiving the item bag from him.

“Thank you…… but, can I have it? Wouldn’t you need it while escaping……”

(I…… have the Item Box, after all)

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine because we will join up with other peers who were searching in other places, so we have more of those…… because you are cooperating with us, receive at least this much.”

“…… Thank you…… Chase.”

I gave my thanks again while having feelings of guilt from concealing the Item Box.

(I’m sorry…… but, I can’t trust you wholly yet, so……)

After seeing me, Chase stood up and opened the door,

“…… There’s no need to make a face like that. I properly understand…… you can be a little more sly…… in order to survive from now on.”


“……………… Yeah.”


Three hours later――

Chase came to pick me up on time.

“Here, wear this mantle and cover your face with the hood. Also, here are your shoes.”

I put on the mantle and the shoes, and leave the room――the basement with Chase.
I’m a little nervous because I’m leaving the basement for the first time since waking up.

“Although the servants got tired from making the preparations and went to sleep earlier than usual, let’s move around while carefully watching the surroundings.”

I did some thinking after hearing Chase’s words and made a suggestion.

“…… Chase, I will use magic. Like that, we won’t have to be careful of the surroundings.”

“Ha? …… Your magic is…… you can use other magic besides a barrier?”

“Yeah…… in truth, I wanted to use it only during a danger. But, I decided after hearing your ‘become sly’ words.”

“Decided, you say…… on what?”

“…… I will use all of my power to help Chase and others escape.”

Chase opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“In change, I would like you to promise me something.”

“…… What is it?”

“You will provide me with the way and information about the Dianes Republic, you won’t inquire no matter what you will see from now on, and you won’t talk about me as much as possible.”


After staring at each other for a while, Chase answered.

“I promise. I swear on the beastmen’s…… no, I swear on my pride.”


Hearing Chase’s answer, I cast the magic at once.

“Then, I will use it on myself first…… Stealth.”


“Wha!? Vanished? I can’t feel any signs either…… oi, are you here?”

“Fufu…… I’m here, it just looks like I’ve disappeared, I will use it on you as well, okay? Stealth.”


“Ohh? I can see you now…… have I vanished?”

“That’s right. Those affected with Stealth can see each other, but they are invisible to the surroundings, their signs and scent also disappear. But, they can still hear you, and you also have to be careful not to collide with anyone.”

“…… However, without a chant, huh.”

(Ah, would a chant be better after all? All you have to do is say the name while imagining, though)

“Oh well…… let’s go.”

Saying such, Chase turns his back and crouches.

“? …… What’s wrong?”

“Piggyback. You would have a hard time moving fast with your legs, right?”

“…… Alright…… take care of me.”

“Fu…… likewise. I will talk with telepathy now…… you will be able to hear, but――”

“Ah…… that’s fine. I can use it as well.”

“…………… I see.”


We move while I’m being piggybacked by Chase.
When we climb the stairs, Chase carefully opens the door and what I saw was………… a great variety of expensive-looking objects, a room full of furniture decorated with gold.

(Whoah~ What a bad taste. Are all nobles like this?)

(Who knows…… each to their own, right? Rather than that, let’s go.)

(Roger…… listen, may I look around with my skill before we go to the place you have zeroed in?)

(Skill? Can you do it?)

After dinner time, I have used the Ability Synthesis on Magical Power Detection and Presence Detection and produced a new skill called Search.
This skill will create a map around me and display living beings and those possessing magical power. Furthermore, it also can search based on the conditions I chose.
Normally, I will operate by imagining in my head, but it’s possible to show it to other people as well.
I will do it like that, so Chase could see it too, but since we are using Stealth no one else will be able to see it.

(Yeah. I will give it a try.)

(The conditions of Search are…… beastmen.)


Chase was surprised when I used the skill, and a map appeared displaying dots that appeared in front of me.

(Uoh!? What is this…… a map?)

(Yes, these dots represent the beastmen, so I think they are gathered in this room.)

(No way…… no, it certainly matches with the location we have zeroed in…… alright! Let’s take a look.)

We have left the room and rushed to the place indicated on the map.
That place is――

(What is this room?)

(Diego Bailey’s study room…… I thought it would be right, but.)

(It appears there’s something like a hidden room next to this room…… all I see are walls, though.)

(Can I leave it to you?)


(Skill: The Mind’s Eye…… I see it!)

When I used The Mind’s Eye, I saw a door that wasn’t visible before, so I tell Chase immediately.

(Chase, I see it. It looks like it’s concealed with magic. The door seems to be locked.)

(Shit! What to do…… If we dispel the magic, we will get found out, and there won’t be time to escape……)

I closed my eyes and thought about the situation.

(Certainly, if we dispel the magic, the people would find out and come. We wouldn’t be able to escape then. Dispelling the magic is no good…… I wish we could get inside somehow……)

As we were each thinking about the situation, four dots were approaching, so urged Chase.
A short while later, two servants and two soldiers stopped before the hidden room.

(What is it at such time?)

(That is…… probably the meal. N? It seems they are dispelling the magic.)

(!? It’s a chance! Chase, we have to enter together with those people.)

(Ha? What are we going to do after entering!? Even if we defeat them, we can’t all escape, you know?)

(Don’t worry about that! Explanation after! There’s no time, look!!)

Getting off Chase’s back, I dash towards the door.

(Oi!? Ahh~ Shit!)

A soldier picked up what seems to be a plate and raised it.
Then, the door became visible, and the servants and soldiers pushed a wagon inside.
The other soldier remained behind and restored the lock.

“Oi!! Gratefully eat the Feed!”

The soldier who came inside declared to the people in the room.
Without waiting for a reply, the servants quietly placed the food on the floor.

“Hmph! Can’t you even answer! You filthy Beasts!!”

To the soldier’s words, one child stood up and shouted at the soldier.

“We are not beasts! Why――”

――Bashi! …… batan

“Seriously…… for a beast to go against a human…… this needs discipline.”

When the soldier approached the child after saying such, a woman jumped forward this time.

“Stop it!! Don’t be rough on this child!!”

“Ugh…… Okaasa……”

“Hoo~ that fellow’s mother, huh…… then, you become the substitute! It’s the parent’s responsibility to teach the child the manners, isn’t it!!”

――Doka…… dosa

The soldiers hit the mother and kept on hitting further.

“Ora!! Where did your vigor go!”

――Doka, doka

“Gu…… gu……”

“Stop it! Okaasan!”

The child tried to stop him, but the people around were restraining him.

“Look closely! This is what happens when you go against me!”

A few minutes later――

The mother ceased to move.

“Fuu~ Well, this much is fine. Brat, your mother became like that because you opposed me! It’s your fault!! …… Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

The soldier headed towards the door while laughing, he then knocked on the door, and the three people left the room.

“Uu…… sniff…… Okaasan…… I’m sorry……”

A child’s crying and apologetic voice resounded around the room.

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