Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Right now, I can’t stop my cold sweat.
Why? Let’s turn the time back a little bit.

We have slipped through the door the soldiers opened.
There, sixteen beastmen were huddled close together.
Just when I received a shock, the soldier roughened his voice.

“Oi!! Gratefully eat the Feed!”


While no one was answering, there was someone who reacted――right next to me.
The visible aura has been dyed red.

(This looks somewhat dangerous…… Space-time Barrier.)

I had an unpleasant hunch, so I set up the “Space-time Barrier”.
Meanwhile, the soldier continues talking.

“Hmph! Can’t you even answer! You filthy Beasts!!”


(You, be quiet! Don’t get provoked!)

A child stood up and rushed in front because of the soldier’s words.

“We are not beasts! Why――”

――Bashi! …… batan

The soldier hit the child.
At that time, Chase jumped out, but he crashed into my barrier.



“Ouch, a barrier!? Oi! Dispel it!”

“Calm down! If you go out now, the plan will become useless…… you won’t be able to save anyone!”

“I understand that! But, Will is……”

I heard a woman’s voice while we were quarreling.

“Stop it!! Don’t be rough on this child!!”

When we look towards the voice, the soldier hit the woman.

“Selena! Shit, oi――”

“Listen to me already!! Can that person use telepathy?”

“Ha? What are you say――”

“Listen to me! Can she use it?”

“Every beastmen can!”

“In that case, convey ‘I will cast a thin barrier on your body, pretend to be in pain’ to that person.”



I saw the soldier approaching the woman, so I urged Chase.


(Selena, can you hear me?)

(!? Chase, where are you?)

(Nearby. A barrier will be now cast on you, so please pretend to be in pain, so you don’t get find out!)

(Barrier!? …… Okay, I will try it.)

“I told her! Quickly――”

――Doka! …… Dosa

When the conversation finished, the soldier kicked and beat the woman.

“That bastard! Oi, the barrier!?”

“It’s okay…… I made it in time……”

The soldier kept on hitting that woman.
The surrounding beastmen were glaring at the soldier while holding down the child who tried to jump out, and desperately endured――Just like Chase.

(This is way too cruel…… how is he able to do such a thing?)

Whether he got satisfied, the soldier stopped kicking and turned towards the child and called out.

“――Because you have opposed me! It’s your fault!!”

Hearing such words, the child opened his eyes wide and shed tears.
And then, Chase’s aura flared even redder, and I couldn’t contain my cold sweat.

“Oi…… that’s enough already right, dispel it.”

“…… Dispel.”

I dispel Space-time Barrier and Stealth and Chase runs towards his friends.

“Will! Selena!”

“!? …… Otousan? …… Otousan!”

The child clings to Chase and Chase tightly hugs him close.

“Otousan…… I’m sorry…… Okaasan is sniff……”

“Will…… it’s not your fault, definitely not…… besides, Okaasan is safe.”


“Selena, you can get up now.”

When Chase calls to the woman, she gets up as if nothing happened.


“I’m sorry, Will…… Okaasan is all right.”

“Uu…… Okaasa~n.”

The child separates from Chase and embraces the mother, the mother returns the embrace.

A voice calls out to Chase while he’s watching over the two.

“Is that really you, Chase?”

When Chase turns around, he saw about ten years old boy.
Chase went down on one knee towards the boy.

“Ha! Please pardon me for being late. I have come on His Majesty’s――your father’s orders. Others from the rescue unit are waiting outside on alert.”

“I see…… thank you. However, how do we escape? There are people who can’t walk on their own.”

“That is――”

A voice interrupted Chase and the boy.

“Leave us behind…… we will only become a burden.”

When Chase looks towards the voice, he saw three men sitting down, all of them are losing a leg.
The one who talked just now was about a thirty years old, masculine man in the middle.

“Carlos…… that leg…… Ethan and Liam too.”

“We had lost consciousness when were abducted, they were already missing when we woke up.”


“Because we are soldiers…… spare us from being a burden! Isn’t that right? Ethan, Liam.”



Chase could not say anything, he could only tightly clench his fists.
As for me, I missed the timing to call out because of the serious atmosphere.

(Uuu~m…… they should be able to see me too…… those lost legs, I think I could cure them with magic, and if we use that to escape…… Uh~ I wonder if someone will notice me…… so Chase was married……. his wife is a beauty with a gentle aura and his child is cute as well~…… a little while ago, he called that boy’s otousan ‘His Majesty’ didn’t he~ Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that…… I can’t remember~)

While thinking such, I waited for someone to notice me.

“Huh? …… Who you might be?”

“!? Thank you for noticing me! Because someone forgot about me, I thought what should I do……”


The one who noticed me was Chase’s child.


Chase who noticed ran towards me.

“Sorry! I will introduce everyone to you, so come.”

“Yes, yes.”

I was brought before the boy, so I removed my hood.

“Chase…… this child is? She seems like a human miss, but?”

To the boy’s words, everyone’s except Chase’s and mine’s smiles cramped.

“Leone-sama, this child is a cooperator of this time’s rescue.”


Everyone is surprised.

(Well, they would, wouldn’t they~)

“Wait a moment, why is a human…… no, before that, why is a child…… is that the truth?”

I answered the question before Chase could.

“How do you do, I’m Diego Bailey’s daughter.”


Chase tried to stop me, but I continued without caring.

“I don’t have a name. I’m cooperating with Chase because of a contract.”

The reactions to my reply were gasping for breath, silence, glaring, intent to kill, and various other emotions.
Then, Chase walks in front of me as if to protect me.

“Wait, please! This fellow is――”

“Chase! I will talk to her.”


Chase withdraws, and the boy spoke to me.

“How do you do, my name is Leone. I understand that you are the daughter of the Bailey House. But, why don’t you have a name? What about the contract?”

“I don’t have a name because I’m a daughter who’s existence has been erased. Regarding the contract, in exchange for cooperating with Chase’s rescue mission, he will cooperate in helping me escape.”

“…… Chase, are her words true?”

Leone asked Chase to confirm my words.
Chase looked at me, so I spoke to him with telepathy.

(Although I had intended about not speaking about me, looking at this…… if you don’t talk now, there will be a bad relationship between you and everyone.)

(You really are softhearted! …… Thanks.)

“Ha! There’s no mistake. This fellow has been born as a twin which is considered taboo in this country, and until now……. she has been confined in a basement. She has the skill which would be able to discover this hidden room, so I proposed to make an Oath with her.”

“!?…… I see, you trust her to the extent of making an Oath.”

Leone closed his eyes, and after thinking for a while, he bowed his head.


“I’m thankful for your cooperation. Everyone understands that you are innocent, but they were reminded how they were treated until now, thus took such attitudes. I’m really sorry.”

The beastmen lower their heads in shame at Leone’s words.

“I accept the apology, please don’t mind it. It can’t be helped, nor have it ended yet.”

“…… How old are you?”

“? U~mm, four years old if I’m not mistaken.”


Everyone was surprised, so I tilted my head.


“Haa~ That’s why I told you that your thinking is weird for a four-year-old.”

“Ah! …… E~rr…… umm.”

When I get flustered, a burst of laughter rose.

“Ha, ha, ha what a great Jouchan! You have not even flinched before us. Sorry about that, I tried something out because I thought things went wrong somewhere, but it’s not like I’m resenting Jouchan or anything!”


“Ahh, I’m Carlos. This slit-eyed one is Ethan, the feminine one is Liam.”

“”Best regards.””

“Please treat me well.”

While I’m greeting the three, Leone and Chase talk to each other.

“So, what are we going to do from now on? If possible, I would like for everyone to escape, but……”

“I’m sorry…… the door is locked, so I honestly don’t…… but, it seems that the child has a plan.”



Saying such, the two――and everyone else who listened turned towards me.
I spoke so everyone could hear me.

1.I will transfer outside with Chase and go to the meeting place.
2.Once we are there, I will transfer back to this room.
3.Then, I will transfer with everyone to the meeting place.

There was no reaction when I finished talking, so I asked Chase.

“What’s wrong? Is something no good?”

“It’s not no good! What is this transfer! Why have you not used it before!”

I talk back to Chase’s angry words.

“It can’t be helped! I can only transfer to a place I visited before!”

When we quarrel with each other, Carlos,

“No…… we will hold you back, so we will remain.”

I shouted at Carlos in irritation.

“That’s why I will cure your legs! Be quiet and follow me!!”


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