Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rescue 2
Everyone keeps looking at me in silence.

(Huh? Why is there such a reaction? Even though I only said that I would cure their legs.)

I asked Chase once again.

“U~mm…… what’s with everyone? Did I say something weird?”

“That’s why! You are…… listen, okay? Wounds and illnesses can be more or less cured with magic or drugs. But, it’s common sense that lost body parts can’t be cured with magic.”

“……… Eh?”

“Well, there would be exceptions, though.”

“…… Then! I’m that exception!”

Chase stared at me because of my words.

“Ku…… fufufu.”

When I turn towards the laughter, Leone was laughing there.
No, not only Leone, other people as well.

“Umm~ Leone…… sama?”

“Ahh, sorry…… fufu…… your astounding statement, moreover Chase looked at you as if convinced that you could do it…… I found it funny.”

(Funny? Well, it’s good that everyone is smiling, though.)

“So…… can you really cure it?”

“Yes…… if the people themselves desire that.”

I shift my attention to Carlos and others.
They were staring at me, but Carlos reacted first.

“…… If…… if you can really cure us, give it a go! Please!”

“”Us too!””

The three said and lowered their heads.

“I will also request you, they are important people to me.”


“I understand. Let’s start right away.”

I approach the three and cast magic on Carlos-san first.



When I cast the spell, the affected part was wrapped in light.
After a while when the light disappeared, a leg was there as before.
This “Restoration” magic can restore lost parts and destroyed things and costs 60 MP.
I made it when I was waiting for Chase.

“It’s a leg…… my leg is!”

Carlos was nearly crying while touching his leg all over.

“Is there any pain or uncomfortable feelings?”

When I ask, Carlos stands up, walks, and jumps to confirm.

“Unbelievable…… it really got restored!”

“I’m glad――”


My words were drowned in a sudden cheer.
I was embarrassed because everyone was saying ‘amazing’ or ‘a miracle,’ so I cast the spell on Ethan and Liam too.
When I turned towards Chase’s wife and son, his wife thanked me.

“Pleased too meet you. My name is Selena. This is my son Will. Will, the greetings?”

“Nice to meet you…… I’m Will……”

Saying such, Will hid behind Selena.

“Will…… I’m sorry. Umm…… that barrier from before was your doing, right? Thank you very much.”

“Hello…… I don’t have a name, so I can’t introduce myself. Please, don’t worry about the barrier. Rather, I should be apologizing. I had stopped Chase from going to help when Will-kun got hit. I’m sorry for causing scary memories.”

I lower my head to the two.

“Absolutely not!? Please, raise your head! If Chase appeared there, everyone wouldn’t be able to stay safe……”

“Thank you very much. …… I would like to heal the wounds of you two if possible.”

“Me too?”

“Yes. I think I’d like to treat everyone before escaping…… from the soldier’s attitude, I thought that everyone must be injured, so…… let’s start with Will-kun.”

“…… Please treat us well. Will, let’s heal the injuries, okay? Come……”


Being urged by Selena, Will timidly walks in front.

“Will-kun, show me your injuries for a bit, okay?”

“Okay…… will it hurt?”

“It won’t! Then, stay still for a bit, okay…… Recovery.”

When I cast Recovery, a warm light wraps around Will’s body.

“Somehow…… it feels pleasantly warm……”

When the light disappeared, all of his wounds were healed.
Following that, I heal Selena, and use Recovery on others as well. The medical treatment ended with everyone thanking me, and we begin talking about the escape.

“So, are you okay with my plan of escape?”

“Let’s see…… speaking of safety, I think it’s currently the best one. How does Leone-sama think about it?”

“I also agree. What about everyone?”

Leone confirmed that everyone nodded then he turned towards me.

“However…… that magic just now was amazing, are you okay on magical power?”

“There’s no problem. I will say when I can’t go anymore…… by the way, can Carlos-san and others fight even without weapons?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. We are Leone-sama’s guards, so we are trained to fight no matter what the situation is! …… Well, we have no persuasiveness in this mess of a situation, though……”

Carlos hung his head while saying such.
Surprised by such state, I asked Chase in a low voice.

“Ah! …… U~mm, since they are guards, that means they are stronger than other people, right?”

“Of course they are, particularly Carlos as he’s fast even with such body. There shouldn’t be many people who can win against him.”

After hearing Chase’s answer, I asked Leone-sama next.

“Umm…… Leone-sama.”

“What’s up?”

“Was Leone-sama abducted while with those three people?”

“Yeah, that’s right. …… I haven’t told you before, but I’m Leone Trust, the First Prince of the Trust Kingdom.”

“First Prince!?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry for not telling you before…… I think I was on my way to my room on that day, but…… Carlos, Ethan, Liam, what do you think?”


When I looked back, the three looked at me.

“I’m sorry Jouchan, thanks for the consideration…… the situation behind the abduction is just as Leone-sama said. Ethan, what do you think?”

“Yeah…… I was the one in the rear, but Leone-sama and Captain collapsed first. Isn’t that right, Liam?”

“Yes! Then, Ethan who ran towards Leone-sama collapsed next…… and then, I also lost my consciousness when I ran over.”

From the information they told me, I could think only of one possibility.

(Going to his room, that means inside the castle, right? Moreover, Carlos-san collapsed together with Leone-sama…… the other two couldn’t resist too?)

“When did Chase and others notice that Leone-sama was abducted?”

“Next day around noon…… Leone-sama and the three didn’t appear at breakfast, so the castle has been searched…… that’s why we were summoned for a night shift…… during that time, my family disappeared too.”

“How were the others abducted?”

Carlos answers my question.

“I had confirmed this first when I woke up, but the people here are the family members of the guys serving in the castle, it appears they were delivering a change of clothes to the castle on the day we were abducted…… it’s nothing really unusual, you know?”

“It’s not unusual? …… Chase, Selena-san and Will-kun also came on that day, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, it was like that for everyone on the night shift…… I noticed that the family disappeared……. when I returned from the night shift.”

(That means, if you know who is on the night shift, you can also predict who’s family will come…… this might not be good)

“Oi, what is it since a while ago?”

“…… Chase…… the people of the castle too…… Leone-sama, your companions, and your family were abducted, so it can’t be helped that you can’t think straight, isn’t it…… or is it because you have absolute trust…… I can see certain possibilities……”

“””””Certain possibilities?”””””

“Right…… One of them being, that this has been prepared for a long time, and this was done by someone stronger than Carlos-san and co. or someone that can deceive the surroundings with a skill or magic…… the other one is…… there’s a possibility of a betrayer who led the invasion and abduction.”


Everyone was speechless by my words.

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