Chapter 149

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mystery Resolved
Just when the group returned to the academy and thought they were being greeted in a hurry, they got stuffed inside a royal carriage, brought to the royal palace and taken to rooms prepared beforehand while attended by their respective knights.

“You are not injured, are you?” (Evan)

“No, Otousama. I’m sorry for causing you worries.” (Grace)

“No, I’m glad you are safe above all. Thank you, you three.” (Evan)

A smile floated on the faces of Felice’s group after hearing Evan’s words, and then, their gazes directed towards a certain place.

“By the way… that is…” (Albert)

“N? Ah… in the midst of lecturing. He overdid it this time.” (Evan)

“””As I thought.””” (Felice, Albert & Gai)

At the end of Felice’s and others’ gazes was Dylan whose hands were tied up, sitting in seiza and Andria who stood in front of him in an imposing stance.

“Errr~… what did Dylan Oniisama do?” (Grace)

“Welcome back, Grace! Guha!?” (Dylan)

“It seems that this stupid son of mine still did not have enough.” (Andria)

Dylan tried to get up and head towards Grace, but he got a blow in the abdomen from Andria and fainted.

“I’m glad you are safe and sound above all, Grace. I have a business to take care of first, so I will listen to what you have to say later.” (Andria)

“Y, yes!” (Grace)

Andria patted Grace on the shoulder and left with Dylan over her shoulder.
Grace, who couldn’t understand the situation whatsoever let out an exhausted sigh after hearing the explanation from others.

“Haah… in other words, the reason we couldn’t find any monsters is because Oniisama got rid of them beforehand?” (Grace)

“””Exactly.””” (Felice, Albert, & Gai)

“But, there were monsters around on the first day, though…” (Grace)

“Yeah, he did not have ‘Sight’ at that time. He didn’t know the situation.” (Evan)

“‘Sight’ is it? Otousama, just what is that…” (Grace)

“This thingy here.” (Albert)

Albert showed Grace the magic tool they found and Gai explained to her.

“This fellow here is a magic tool Miguel and others developed, it’s a tool that sends the image of the surroundings back to the user and records it.” (Gai)

“We still weren’t sure even after we found it, though.” (Albert)

“I believe he must have went ahead of us and installed them in anticipation by warping.” (Felice)

“He was watching when Miguel came to show us the finished product. He borrowed it in secret and the rest is as you guys said. And so, Andria happened to catch him when he warped back covered in blood from head to toes…” (Evan)

“”””… Haah.””””

In the midst of silence, Grace brought up a different matter in order to change the mood.

“That reminds me, regarding the matter of the bet.” (Grace)

“Bet? What bet?” (Evan)

“When those fools sent the monsters on us, we made a bet that the one who killed more can make the other do anything once.” (Albert)

“You guys…” (Evan)

“Hmph, it was my win anyway.” (Gai)


“Haah? I obviously killed more.” (Albert)

“”… Hahh?”” (Albert & Gai)

Seeing Albert and Gai glare at each other without retreating, Felice and Grace looked at each other with a grin on their faces.
Evan who saw their faces felt cold sweat running down his back.

(O, our Angel is!? Felice, that face of yours is truly a picture-perfect of the Malicious Prime Minister Claude!) Evan

Not noticing Evan’s inner scream, Grace spoke up.

“Now, now, I made sure to record the number of monsters each of you defeated with this device for a time like this.” (Grace)

“Is that so?” (Albert)

“Nice one, Grace! Did I kill more, after all?” (Gai)

“It was me, right!” (Albert)

“Well then, let me tell you the results. Albert killed 35, Gai also killed 35.” (Grace)

“”So it’s a tie, huh~”” (Albert & Gai)

“… Felice killed 37.” (Grace)

“”… Eh?”” (Albert & Gai)

“Therefore, this victory belongs to Felice.” (Grace)

“”Eh!?”” (Albert & Gai)

“Yaay~” (Felice)

On the contrary to Albert and Gai who were dumbfounded by the results, Felice raised a cheer of happiness.
The two that were brought back by this voice started panicking.

“”Wa, wait a moment!”” (Albert & Gai)

“What is it~?” (Felice)

“No… this time’s bet was only between us, you see…” (Albert)

“Yep, yep, it was a bet between us two…” (Gai)

“We are a team, aren’t we?” (Felice)

“”… Yes.”” (Albert & Gai)

“Therefore, I thought the bet was between all three of us.” (Felice)

“”No, this and that are diffe…”” (Albert & Gai)

“Are you… ostracizing me from the group?” (Felice)

Seeing Felice getting teary-eyed, Albert and Gai panicked.

“”That!? That’s not true at all!!”” (Albert & Gai)

“It’s my victory then.” (Felice)

“”… Yeah.”” (Albert & Gai)

The two could only drop their shoulders before the smiling Felice this time.
Evan who saw the two little girls high-five each other could only think with a distant look.

(W, women are… scary~)

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