Chapter 150

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ominous Sign
Albert and Gai questioned Felice who was joyous from her victory.

“By the way, when did you defeat the monsters?” (Albert)

“You didn’t use offensive magic, right?” (Gai)

“I used Search, Landmark, Life Absorption, and Warp together.” (Felice)

“”What did you say?”” (Albert & Gai)

“I said that I used Search to look for monsters away from you two, marked the targets with Landmark, and warped behind Grace-sama and others after decreasing their HP and MP to zero.” (Felice)

“”… That’s not fair!”” (Albert & Gai)

“You did not specify the subjugation methodmon.” (Felice)

“”That’s true, but!”” (Albert & Gai)

The two protested the method Felice used to defeat more monsters than them, but Felice dealt with them in a good humor.
Then, Claude who knocked on the door entered.

“I’m entering.” (Claude)

“Don’t open before I manage to reply.” (Evan)

“… Tch.” (Claude)

“Don’t smack your lips now! Did I say something wrong!?” (Evan)

“Al, Gai, I have something to talk to you about, so come to my office.” (Claude)

“”Roger that.”” (Albert & Gai)

“You ignored me!?” (Evan)

“Felice, return home ahead with Miguel and Nathan.” (Claude)

“Yess~” (Felice)

“… This malicious, treacherous bastard! Just because I had a sound argume… hii!?” (Evan)

“Did you say something?” (Claude)

“Ididnotsayanything.” (Evan)

“… Otousama.” (Felice)

Seeing Claude’s murderous gaze, Evan could only apologize.
Leaving Evan and Grace behind, Felice and others left the room.
Felice who parted with others made her way towards Miguel’s laboratory.

“Pot, pot, big pot~”

Seeing Felice leave while singing to herself, Albert and Gai recalled the conversation they had in the morning.

“Can’t you make it by peeling off the skin on your hand by soaking it in hot water?” (Albert)

“That’s dreadful!? What kind of dashi is that! What kind! Rather, you make it. Your (dragon) meat is the best there is, so make dashi out of yourself!” (Gai)

“Haah!?… Well, dashi made out of someone as ill-omened as you (demon lord) might turn quite unlucky, after all~” (Albert)

“Hah! Tough luck. This body is that fellow’s (hero’s). It actually might turn into sacred dashi.” (Gai)

“The hell is sacred dashi!” (Albert)

The two shuddered together with their faces cramped.

“S, surely not, right?” (Albert)

“It’s surely that, right?” (Gai)

“”Ha… haha… hahahaha.”” (Albert & Gai)

((Which is it!? Both!?)) Albert & Gai

“What is it? Hurry up.” (Claude)

“”Yes.”” (Albert & Gai))

The two frightened people rushed after Claude, whose back oozed with sorrow.
On the other hand, Felice who arrived at the laboratory opened the door and got petrified by the situation.
At the end of her line of sight was Adam who lied on the ground and Miguel who was straddling him (from Felice’s point of view), locked their eyes with hers.
After the two pairs of eyes locked with hers, Felice acted.


“Sorry for intruding.” (Felice)

“”Nn?”” (Adam & Miguel)

The two puzzled people could then hear Felice’s conversation from the other side.

“Oh my, Felice. Are you not going inside?” (Shelly)

“She, Shelly Oneesama! R, right now is a bit-” (Felice)

“Feli, why are you panicking so much, did something happen?” (Nathan)

“Nathan Oniisama! I, it’s nothing in particular!” (Felice)

“… Really?” (Nathan)

“Yes! Miguel Oniisama and Adam-sama are definitely not kissing inside or anything!” (Felice)

“”Eh?”” (Nathan & Shelly)

Miguel and Adam who overheard that conversation checked their own posture and immediately understood Felice’s meaning and started panicking.
Mainly because the voices on the other side were that of Miguel’s little brother Nathan and his new fiancée, Shelly.

(Even though Shelly finally agreed to become my fiancée regardless of our difference in status, as if she could stand me cheating! Moreover, the partner is Adam!?) Miguel

(Crap! I’m going to get killed by the Miguel supremacy ideologist Nathan! That fellow will definitely misunderstand! I’m definitely going to get harassed regardless if we did it or not! Moreover, for a very looong time!) Adam

The two instantly stood up and shouted while competing for the door.

“”It’s a misunderstanding!”” (Miguel & Adam)

A few minutes later, Miguel and Adam managed to resolve the misunderstanding after desperately explaining the circumstances (a fight over who took the magic tool). Nathan smiled wryly at Shelly.
The cause of all of this, Felice, was carefreely savoring the sweets Shelly prepared.

“It was Dylan who took the magic tool in the end, huh.” (Miguel)

“That’s why I was telling you that it wasn’t me.” (Adam)

“This is not my Elder brother’s fault. Your daily behavior is at fault.” (Nathan)

“Indeed.” (Miguel)

“Now then, shall we get going? Shelly, we will take you home.” (Miguel)

“Yes, thank you very much.” (Shelly)

“Oniisama, can we stop by Meison-san’s place on the way back?” (Felice)

“I don’t mind, but what for?” (Miguel)

“A big pot!” (Felice)

“”””A pot?””””

Just as the four tilted their heads because of Felice’s answer, Albert and Gai who were in Claude’s office felt chills.
Claude who saw them like that, inquired.

“What is it?” (Claude)

“I, it’s nothing.” (Albert)

“Rather than that, are you sure of what you said just now?” (Gai)

“Yeah, I got contacted by the ‘Shadow’ I dispatched. Those guys took the bait.” (Claude)

“I see… at last, huh.” (Albert)

“Indeed. We have to get moving too.” (Gai)

“Yeah, we have been a step behind up until now, but this time… we will be going to the Empire.” (Claude)

“Yeah.” (Albert)

“Ou.” (Gai)

Although they had to deal, in a sense, with the most formidable enemy before fighting the Empire, Albert and Gai had completely forgotten at this time.

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