Chapter 151

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My job is…
Hello, long time no see!
I am Will, the son of the Trust Kingdom’s secret operative, Chase!
Is there anyone that remembers me?
I am one of the Beastmen that were saved by Felice in the Ambler Empire.
Six years have passed since then, and I turned twelve years old.
I’m currently the study partner of Leone-sama, who was officially recognized as the Crown Prince.
Although I say study partner, I only study for a few hours a day, so I am quickly back to doing the chores.
Well, the chores are actually quite the chores.
Let me introduce you to some of my work.

[6:00 am]
I leave the house with several magic tools that are indispensable for my work.

[6:30 am]
I report for work in the Royal Palace, conceal my body with “Stealth” magic tool and intrude in Leone-sama’s bedroom. I observe and take photos of Leone-sama’s sleeping face with “Camera” magic tool for about ten minutes and then speedily leave from his bedroom.

[8:00 am]
Still working at the Royal Palace, I keep hidden from sight to film Leone-sama during his breakfast for another ten minutes before leaving. I then show my face in the workplace.

[9:00 am]
I say hello to Leone-sama before studying in a separate room.

[11:00 am]
After studying, I hide my body and invade Leone-sama’s office, photographing him for 10 minutes during his study session before leaving. I have an early lunch.

I film Leone-sama during lunch for ten minutes and leave the room.

It’s like this in the mornings.
Do you understand now?
My job is to record Leone-sama… to take pictures of him in secret.
As for why I am doing something like this… ah, wait a moment! That child came!

“Will-kun, long time no see~!”

“Long time no see, Felice! Are you by yourself today? How rare.” (Will)

“Al and Gai are… fufu… drool.” (Felice)

Scary!? Felice was drooling with the eyes of a predator!
Just what happened!?

“A, and so, what is it today? It’s not the promised day yet, right?” (Will)

“Yeah. I made a bit of a personal request, so I came to hand over the payment. Did a new ‘Album’ come out, by any chance?” (Felice)

“It did. There are battle scenes this time too.” (Will)

“Really? Grace-sama will be delighted!” (Felice)

“Yes, ‘Leone-sama Album’ for appreciation and preservation it is then.” (Will)

“Then, here are two albums from me as well.” (Felice)

Yep, Leone-sama’s peeping photos are exchanged with Felice like this… for the photos of Princess Grace from the Dianes Republic.
Thus, Felice handed me “Grace-sama’s Album”, one for appreciation and one for preservation.
I was told that Leone-sama fell in love at first sight with her in the Dianes Republic, but they are apparently the only ones who don’t realize that their love is mutual.
Since they can’t meet, we started exchanging these albums for their comfort.
The two believe that only they get the albums, though.
Of course, the parents (Their Majesties) have approved of this.
It’s apparently more amusing this way… so everyone is cooperating while watching over them warmly.
But, the Dianes Republic, huh…
Actually, when the story came out for the first time, it went something like this…

“Say, we have no problems on our side, but are you guys good? I heard that the Princess is quite doted upon?” (Will)

“It’s fine. Evan-san was reluctant, but I got permission from Lewis-san.” (Felice)

“Lewis-sama? Huh? Isn’t Princess’ father…” (Will)


“It’s Evan-san.” (Felice)

“And the King of the Dianes Republic is…” (Will)

“It’s Evan-san.” (Felice)

“… Is this fine?” (Will)

“It sure is.” (Felice)

I couldn’t say more about the King’s treatment to Felice who was nodding in confidence.

“But, taking pictures with the magic tools you gave me is quite tense, isn’t it? Moreover, it feels like I was doing something bad too.” (Will)

“Yep… I don’t do it, though.” (Felice)

“Eh? Is that so?” (Will)

“Yeah. We have the most suitable person for taking secret photos, after all. When I handed him the camera with the words: ‘You can take many, many pictures of your little sister with this~’ he only wanted copies as compensation.” (Felice)

“The most suitable person?” (Will)

“Grace-sama’s stalke… brother.” (Felice)

“The Princess’ brother, a Prince then?” (Will)

“Yeah.” (Felice)

“How about our Prince’s Album then?” (Will)

“There’s no way I can tell him. If I told him, Leone-sama would be…” (Felice)

I decided to not hear the rest.
Also, are both of our royal families all right?… I couldn’t ask that question.
Huh? But, Leone-sama who desires the secret Albums too… nono, I can’t think about this!
However, if the two lovebirds make progress in their relationship, Leone-sama will get… nope! I mustn’t think about this!
Things like these should be left to the adults.
Isn’t that right, Tousan!

“Listen up, Will. I am going to teach you an important thing when dealing with those guys.” (Chase)

“A, an important thing.” (Will)

“Right… it’s to give up no matter how important it is to you!” (Chase)

I thought that Tousan was really uncool at that time, but I now realize that his words were correct.
Well, the exchange of albums has been going for a year now with this and that happening in the background.

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