Chapter 152

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I did my best, right?
I am Adam. A pleasant wind is blowing in the blue skies today. Usually, at this time, I would be working on the duties of the Crown Prince that were assigned to me, but I’m currently lifting a huge wine barrel overhead in the Faust Household’s rear garden. Dylan was lifting the same barrel a little further away from me.
I… just what am I doing, I wonder~

“Adam-sama, a step forward.”

“Dylan-sama, two steps to the right.”

While deep in thoughts, the servant of the Faust family fired instructions rapidly. When I moved reflexively, “something” overflowed from the barrel and hit my arm. As for what that “something” is… they were Kokuryuu’s (Albert’s) tears.
Albert, who turned back to his original appearances (shrunk to about five meters) was currently sitting in a hurriedly made outdoor bath (Rotemburo). He looked to be comfortable, but he remembers what situation he is in once in a while and drops a tear.
Sorry, Albert! I did my best! I wasn’t able to stop them!
As for why we are doing something like this… that dates back to three days ago, where everything started with a few words from Felice.

“I want Meison-san to make a big pot for me.” (Felice)

Miguel, Nathan, Shelly and I who heard these innocent words… asked for the reason.

“I’d like to make Al and Gai dashi.” (Felice)


Seriously, what is this child saying… I shouldn’t be the only one to ask this question.
Certainly, Felice’s gluttony has been strong since a long time ago… she likes to pursue delicious things to eat, but I thought it was just a backlash from when she was a child and couldn’t eat properly. However, to think she would stretch her hands to try to use those two as ingredients… it was definitely so unthinkable my thought process suspended for a while.
Miguel, whose sanity promptly returned, patiently spoke to Felice.

“The meat of Ryuu is the finest, huh…” (Miguel)

“Yeah! As expected, eating his meat would be too much, so I thought of making dashi at the very least.” (Felice)

Nono, it’s not just dashi… Felice, it’s Albert, you know? It’s Albert who thinks of you as his family and a mate (you don’t know about it yet, though)? To treat him as an ingredient would be too much, no?
Miguel and Nathan were making ‘at loss for words’ faces too. But, we can’t leave things like this. I would pity Albert as a fellow man. The problem is how to deter the fully motivated Felice. Huh? That reminds me, didn’t she talk about Gai too? Oh well.
We tried giving Felice several reasons to make her give up, but it didn’t go smoothly.
Far from that, Miguel and Nathan started inclining towards Felice’s side. And finally…

“Al is a Ryuu, so his dashi might have another effect on top of being delicious, you know?” (Felice)

“”Certainly…” (Miguel & Nathan)

“Additionally, aren’t you curious whether Gai’s dashi would be Sacred Dashi or Sinister Dashi?” (Felice)

“”That’s…”” (Miguel & Nathan)

Yep, they fell for it! As expected of Felice, she knows their weakness. Shelly is Shelly, so it can’t be helped there~ She’s watching them with a warm gaze. It looks like she’s gradually getting Faust-erized. Well, she won’t be able to escape the Faust family… namely Miguel, after getting to know the truth about Kokuryuu Albert and former Demon Lord Gai, though.
In the end, we weren’t able to stop Felice, but Shelly had a suggestion.
As expected, we can’t just put them in a pot because they lost a bet. There, the outdoor bath came in play. In fact, this outdoor bath has a mechanism of several layers of filtration installed under it to allow the water infused with Albert and Gai to be recovered. Miguel and Nathan were standing on alert below.
Of course, Albert and Gai weren’t aware of this mechanism, but:

“Why are you not entering inside? I had it made with the gratitude I have towards you two.” (Felice)

“Ehh… I don’t feel like bathing…” (Albert)

“We are not tired or anything… so there’s no need to…” (Gai)

“That’s not true! Even if your bodies are fine, your minds must be tired. That’s why, you have to take it easy in your true forms once in a while!” (Felice)

“”Felice… oi, we won’t be deceived, okay!”” (Albert & Gai)


“I, I wasn’t trying to deceive you or anything.” (Felice)

“”Then, what is this drool of yours about?”” (Albert & Gai)

“Eh!? T, this is… this is sweat!” (Felice)

It’s painful… it’s painful, Felice! It’s a drool no matter how you look at it!
In the end, Felice did win the bet, so when both were pushed in their respective outdoor baths,

“Then, I’m going to get Grace-sama’s reward.” (Felice)

She quickly warped away and disappeared.
Is it okay for her to be acting alone?

“It’s going to be fine since it’s just Will.” (Gai)

Who is this Will guy Gai is talking about? While thinking about that, a servant from the Faust family approached me and handed me a barrel.

“What’s this?” (Adam)

“Instructions from Dannasama. Don’t mix a single drop to get accurate information…”

“Mix what?” (Adam)

“You will understand once you take a step to the right.”


Then, I understood the servant’s meaning.

“I am a dignified Dragon God… dashi… but, if it’s for Felice… however…” (Albert)

Albert was in conflict.
He’s too pitiful! Crap, he’s crying! That reminds me, Gai is suspiciously quiet, isn’t he?
When I looked Gai’s way, he was quietly soaking his bones in the bath.
Was Gai not shocked by this much?

“Fu… my bones can’t shed tears.” (Gai)

… Gai! Oh, no tears!
I made a decision while tearing up.
Next time, I’m going to protest firmly…

“Adam-sama, one step backward.”

Read the mood a little!
… I got it! I got it, so stop looking at me with a gaze that says: “Please be helpful at least at a time like this” please!
I made a decision while tearing up.
I can’t misidentify an opponent I can’t go against!

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