Chapter 133

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Reasoning Behind the Cross Dressing
Gray and others who were dumbfounded by Felice’s group sudden laughter left once again after confirming that everything was all right. Dorothy then cleared her throat and spoke up.

“Ahem… I’m truly sorry for showing you something so unsightly.” (Dorothy)

“No, we should be saying sorry. So…” (Miguel)

“Yes. I believe you have already noticed, but I… am a man. In body… and mind.” (Dorothy)

“Eh? Mind too? Then, why are you working as a Sister?” (Felice)

“Missy! What a good question you’ve asked!” (Dorothy)

“Waah!?” (Felice)

Dorothy bent forward and grasped the hands of Felice who asked a question. The startled Felice wasn’t able to withdraw her hands from the powerful grasp. Of course, “he” wouldn’t just watch and immediately blocked Dorothy. A foot sunk into Dorothy’s face.

“Too close! Don’t touch her!” (Albert)

“Guhe!?” (Dorothy)

“Al!? You overdid it!” (Felice)

“Ignore it, Feli.” (Miguel)

“Here, wipe your hands with this.” (Nathan)

“You guys too!?” (Felice)

While the siblings were having such exchange, Dorothy who was rolling on the floor from Albert’s kick slowly crept up on a chair.

“A, am I a germ or something?” (Dorothy)

“””… He’s alive.”””

“Wha!? I certainly might have been rude to a growing young lady, but you didn’t have to go that far!” (Dorothy)

“A, are you okay? Your nose is bleeding… I will heal you right away!” (Felice)

“It’s fine. I can heal this much myself.” (Dorothy)


Dorothy healed herself and completely restarted the discussion.

“It happened when I was fifteen…” (Dorothy)

~ Dorothy’s reminiscence ~

I was a little boy with a small body, no muscles and face prettier than girls. Because I was able to use the light attribute, I was pampered by my surroundings. One time, an incident occurred. I had a little sister called Dolly, but I was way cuter and more popular than her. In fact, I was confessed to by the person my little sister liked, but my little sister saw it and criticized me a lot for it. That’s why I apologized.

“I’m sorry for being cuter than you despite being a boy. I’m going to tell that person. That you won’t suddenly become cuter than me, but that he should like girls like you, Dolly.” (Dorothy)

Since then, Dolly secluded herself in her room and didn’t speak to me. Quite some time later, Dolly finally left her room.

“Accept this interview and get the job! I will forgive you then.” (Dolly)

“Church? Okay. Got it. By the way, you spoke of forgiving me, but did I do something wrong?” (Dorothy)

Dolly shut herself away in her room again. At any rate, I decided to go for the interview. And, I successfully passed, but I was pressed to wear Sister uniform for some reason. Well, it suited me quite well, so it really didn’t bother me~ I wore the uniform and started working. And then, another incident happened! One day, I was called to an aging Priest’s room where he told me to undress. Thinking that he mistook me for a girl, I informed him that I was a boy, but…

“I know. Isn’t that why I hired you? The others don’t know so I made you wear Sister uniform, doesn’t it look good on you? I have to say gratitude to the child who introduced you to me. Now, let’s get comfortable together, okay?”

I kicked the Priest’s nether region and ran away. After that, the Priest was sacked, but the misunderstanding that I was a girl continued, so I stayed and kept working as a Sister.

~ Reminiscence over ~

“… And that’s what happened. Huh? Did something happen, everyone?” (Dorothy)

Felice and others who heard Dorothy’s story spoke among themselves via the magic tool’s communication. Felice’s ears were plugged, so she didn’t hear the last part.

(He’s suffering the consequences of his own actions, huh.) Miguel

(He’s the type that rubs people the wrong way unawares, isn’t he?) Nathan

(The one who introduced him was his little sister, no?) Albert

(Poor little sister.) Felice

Dorothy who couldn’t understand why the four were staring at her, titled her head to the side.

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