Chapter 134

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Deep Resentment
Within the questionable atmosphere, Nathan asked what was on his mind.

“I understand why you became Sister. However, I don’t understand how a person like you (a genius at getting people irritated), became the mother of Gray and others and the reason behind it.” (Nathan)

“Don’t be so heartless to me. I may be a man dressing as a woman, but it’s true that I yearned to be a father. Ah, my real name is Dott.” (Dott)

((((… That wasn’t what he(I) meant and who cares about your name.))))

“The children are precious existences I want to protect.” (Dott)

((((He might be quite decent, actually.))))

“Since I was assaulted by that Priest, people with a hobby like that had been coming at me since then. The strange thing is that everyone kept sending me letters of invitation, but I had no clue about those people so I rejected them all without reservation.” (Dott)

((((Your resentment is deep, oy… little sister.))))

“I’ve become strong thanks to that. But, over time, my heart grew weary. At that time, I started working at this orphanage, and the innocent children started relying on me, which healed my weary heart. There was one obstacle between us, though. That’s why I won’t forgive him for this matter!” (Dott)

((((He splendidly turned back the conversation on the subject…))))

While shuddering because of the little sister’s deep resentment, Felice’s group talked about the orphanage’s future next.

“The Priest will be judged as a criminal. We will search for the whereabouts of the victims, but there are many of them, so it will take time.” (Miguel)

“The monetary support will resume as intended. Also, a substitute from the church will be dispatched.” (Nathan)

“A Lord Priest?” (Dott)

“That would normally be the case, but according to what you said, you will be assaulted again (by your little sister) if a Priest (man) is dispatched, so I will propose sending over another Sister.” (Miguel)

“Thank you so much!” (Dott)

“… I can’t guarantee for this though, alright?” (Miguel)

“Yes!” (Dott)

Their discussion finished, so after saying farewell to Gray and others, they moved to join up with Gai’s group, but at there was only Wilhelm and Zoe at the meeting place. No sights of Gai.

“Huh? Hey Furball, where’s Gai?” (Albert)

“Who’s a furball! Lord had not returned yet.” (Wilhelm)

“Did something happen in the Capital?” (Miguel)


“He might have seen something he shouldn’t and got confined.” (Nathan)

“That seems possible.” (Miguel)

Nathan and Miguel were expecting an incident to happen. They were planning on returning, but they asked Wilhelm and Zoe what they are going to do first.

“I’m going with you. I have finally joined up with my Lord, after all.” (Wilhelm)

“Really! Yay~” (Felice)

“…… Tch.” (Albert)

“Smacking lips!?” (Wilhelm)

“As for me, I’d like to return to the village for a moment.” (Zoe)

“I see…” (Felice)

“The village you received favor from, huh. But… “ (Miguel)

“Yes. I’m afraid no one survived. However, I would like to bury them properly at the very least.” (Zoe)

“That so…” (Miguel)

“Be careful please, okay?” (Felice)

“Thank you very much. Once I finish the burial, won’t you please take me in, Misstress… Felice-sama?” (Zoe)

“Eh?” (Felice)

“Ain’t that fine? Right, Niisama.” (Albert)

“Yeah. Feli’s guards will become stronger.” (Miguel)

“I will put up a good word for you to Father.” (Nathan)

“Thank you very much.” (Zoe)

Parting with Zoe, Felice and others transferred back to the Faust mansion.

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