Chapter 135

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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End of the Incident
When Felice and others returned to the Faust mansion, what greeted them was their mother Samantha with a smile on her whole face. Samantha ran over and hugged Felice while extending one of her hands to pat Albert on the cheek.

“You guys worked hard too, didn’t you? You must be tired, right? Take a bath and go to sleep early today.” (Samantha)

“Yes.” (Felice)

“Okay.” (Albert)

The two went to the bathroom as told by Samantha. The Faust mansion did not have a bathtub to begin with, but it was Felice’s rare request, so Claude had one made. At first, only a few people used it, but now, even the servants and Evan and Austin who had them made in their homes use it too. The reason being that Felice, Albert, and Gai were fiddling with it, so it now removes fatigue, mends wounds, heals acne and dry skin and has many other effects. Thanks to that, the bathtubs were expanded to guests rooms and servant quarters.
Samantha who saw Felice and Albert off, swapped her gaze to Miguel and others.

“You’ve worked hard too, Miguel, Nathan. Also, how do you do, I am Samantha.” (Samantha)

“My name is Wilhelm! You need not to kneeboh-!?” (Wilhelm)

Gai rushed over and kicked the face of Wilhelm who was trying to act important in front of Samantha.

“My, oh my.” (Samantha)

“Wilhelm! Do it over!” (Gai)

“Ah, Lord! Why did you kick me! It hurt!” (Wilhelm)

“You are this place’s pet from now on! Which pet acts like that towards their owner!” (Gai)

“Pe!? Pepepe, pet!… Uwaa~h!” (Wilhelm)

“Stop crying and do it over!” (Gai)


“Mother, we will excuse ourselves too.” (Miguel)

“Is it the usual place?” (Nathan)

“Yes, but there weren’t many, so you guys might not have a share anymore.” (Samantha)

“In that case, we will make our way to the Royal Palace.” (Miguel)

“Excuse us.” (Nathan)

Wilhelm cried about becoming a pet, but Gai had him mercilessly bow his head in front of Samantha. Miguel and Nathan who saw that withdrew quickly to finish their remaining work.
On the other hand, Felice and Albert who entered the bath together were having a dispute.

“Let’s enter the bath separately already~” (Felice)

“No way. Why are you saying that? I’m okay with bathing together.” (Albert)

“I am ten already, you know? It’s embarrassing.” (Felice)

“Ehh~… then, just today! Let’s do it for the last time today… can’t we?” (Albert)

“Gee~ you are hopeless~” (Felice)

They decided to bath together in the end. The servants who watched them over warmly thought to themselves.

(((How many times did Albert-sama use the phrase “for the last time” already?)))
With this and that happening, several days later, the incident’s masterminds and the bandits were judged. Some victims of the slave trade were found and put into protection, but the search still continues. A Sister had been dispatched to the orphanage and Dorothy returned back to being Dott. Gray and other children were feeling awkward at first, but their hearts settled some day as they nowadays call Dott Father, which made him delighted. However, it seems that men still visit him occassionaly as stated in his thank you letter.

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