Chapter 136

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unexpected Summons
A while after that kidnapping incident, Felice, Albert and Gai were doing adventurer activities without any problems, but one day was different from others.

“Good morning.” (Felice)

“Morning~” (Gai)

“‘Ning~” (Albert)

“Ou. I was waiting for you.”

When Felice’s group showed up, Dirk came out from behind the counter.

“Guild Master is calling for you. Come with me.” (Dirk)

“Guild Master is?” (Felice)

“Hedoro is?” (Albert)

“It’s Sandro, right? Do you have no inkling of memorizing that already? Or you do it on purpose?” (Gai)

“Who knows~” (Albert)

“Either way is fine, so follow me. It’s important.” (Dirk)

When they entered the room Dirk guided them too while they kept bickering, the Guild Master Sandro was sitting on a sofa, drinking tea.

“Oh, you came. Sorry for summoning you all of sudden.” (Sandro)

“No worries, did something happen?” (Gai)

“Well, sit down first.” (Sandro)

When the three sat down, Sandro and Dirk lowered their heads.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of our Guild for causing you inconvenience!” (Sandro)

“S, stop it please, Sandro-san, Dirk-san.” (Felice)

“Well, it was a mismanagement of the organization, wasn’t it?” (Albert)

“You could consider it lucky that it happened to us.” (Gai)

“I’m truly sorry. Originally, we were supposed to apologize immediately, but this incident needed a thorough investigation first before we could offer a compensation.” (Sandro)


“Yeah, naturally, we have compensated Gray’s group as well. 10 gold per person. They all handed over the money to the orphanage.” (Sandro)

“””What good children they are.”””

“Truly. And so, you are both the victims and resolvers of this incident. The compensation will be the same 10 gold per person, but as recognition of your strenght, Gai’s rank will be raised to A, while Albert and Felice will advance to rank C. In truth, I wanted to make you all A-rankers, but that would be unreasonable of me. Sorry.” (Sandro)

“Is that really okay?” (Felice)

“You have the ability, so there are no problems.” (Sandro)

“Hmm~ the discussion is over then?” (Gai)


“Would you kindly accept a subjugation request today as well~?” (Sandro)

“Again!” (Gai)

Sandro stopped the three who tried to leave with a request.

“What is it about?” (Albert)

“Did something happen again?” (Gai)

“What happened?” (Felice)

“Well…there’s actually a designated request for you guys.” (Sandro)

“””Designated request? Who from?”””

“Ahh~… from the second prince, Dylan-sama.” (Sandro)


Felice’s group accepted the request and warped to the Royal Palace.

“Evan-san, good morning to you.” (Felice)

“Morning~” (Albert)

“G’morning.” (Gai)

“Ohh~ good morning… huh, what are you guys doing here!?” (Evan)

They warped straight into Evan’s office. Evan who was taking the morning leisurely was startled by the three’s sudden appearance.

“We have a business with Dylan-san.” (Albert)

“With Dylan?” (Evan)

“Huh? Where’s Andria? You are always together in the morning.” (Gai)

“Ahh, Andria is…” (Evan)

“Did she finally find a lover?” (Albert)

“Of course not! What do you mean by finally anyway! Finally! Andria is currently holding a special training for Grace!” (Evan)

“For Grace-sama?” (Felice)

“Why again?” (Albert)

“It sounds quite urgent.” (Gai)

“The academy exercise is happening soon, after all. Dylan is in his room, so go look for him.” (Evan)

Being chased out by Evan, the three moved to Dylan’s room.

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