Chapter 137

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Prince Going Mad
Felice’s group arrived at Dylan’s room without being stopped and they entered inside after greeting the guards standing before the room. While thinking whether the palace’s security is good like that, they found Dylan whom they were looking for, sitting on the sofa in perplexion.

“Dylan-sama, are you okay?” (Felice)

“What’s up?” (Albert)

“Feli, Al, stop. He looks strange.” (Gai)

Gai stopped the two who tried to approach Dylan by the scruff of their necks as he heard Dylan mumbling something to himself.

“My Grace… exercise… danger… something like that… better crush it soon… Albert!” (Dylan)

“W, what!?” (Albert)

“Felice!” (Dylan)

“Hiyai!?” (Felice)

“Ohh!? You, are you okay? The clouds under your eyes look terrible…” (Gai)

Dylan who was muttering to himself suddenly raised his head, but seeing his bizarre mood and the clouds under his eyes, the three all took a step back all the way to the door. However, Dylan didn’t mind and approached them step by step.

“Grace… Grace is!” (Dylan)

“C, calm down! We will hear you out, okay!” (Gai)

“S, scary…” (Felice)

“Feli, stand behind me.” (Albert)

“Grace is! My Grace is-!” (Dylan)

“”Dylan!?”” “Dylan-sama!?”

The three called out for the guards in panic when Dylan suddenly collapsed, but one of them calmly carried Dylan into his bedroom while the other one left somewhere. Seeing their experienced actions, the three realized that this wasn’t their first time. A little later, Adam arrived.

“Hey, sorry about that. He has been like that all the time recently.” (Adam)


“The Academy’s field training exercise will be happening soon. He’s like that because he’s worried.” (Adam)

“What do you do in this exercise?” (Felice)

“You spend two-three days in the outskirts of a forest. You collect herbs and defeat monsters, which you then dismantle and eat, things like that.” (Adam)

“Heeh~ is it only the students then?” (Felice)

“The teachers and several guards from each noble family are also tagging along. There are those who can’t afford to bring guards, so the academy hires adventurers as well.” (Adam)

“Did he perhaps put a designated request for us because of that?” (Gai)


“He did something like that? Geez, when it comes to Grace… even though Grace is nearly the same as Mother in the first place…” (Adam)

“Elder brother!” (Dylan)


Dylan who should have been asleep suddenly raised his body and grabbed Adam by the shoulders.

“I know that Grace is strong! But, I’m still worried! To me, Grace is just a cute little sister!” (Dylan)

“I know, so calm down! Grace is a cute little sister to me too! I know that you are worried, but if you don’t turn normal soon, you will make that very cute little sister anxious! Are you fine with that!” (Adam)

“Anxious!? That can’t be done… ahh, but Grace is cute when she’s worrying too… no, I can’t… “ (Dylan)

((((He’s hopeless… let’s leave him alone.))))

Felice and others quite left the room of Dylan who entered his own world again. The dead eyes of the guards that time expressed their own feelings, so Adam lightly clapped their shoulders and left.

“I thought Dylan was proper unlike you, but he’s Evan’s child, after all~” (Albert)

“That’s rude on many levels!” (Adam)

“No matter how overprotective of his little sister he is, isn’t that too much?” (Gai)

“Even though watching over her a little would be enough.” (Felice)

(Are you guys seriously saying that!? Are you not aware of it yourselves!?)

Adam who opened his eyes wide in shock after hearing the words of Albert and Gai who cling to Felice when anything remotely dangerous happens looked at Felice with sympathy as he patted her head

“Adam-sama?” (Felice)

“Well… do your best.” (Adam)

“Yes?” (Felice)

“Hey… what are you doing to Feli!” (Albert)

“Haah~ you are so narrow-minded, Albert.” (Adam)

“Clean, Clean, Clean!” (Albert)

“You really are a rude fellow!” (Adam)

“Don’t be so narrow-minded, Adam.” (Gai)

“Gai!… Nugaaaa!” (Adam)

The noisy bickering group was watched with tepid gazes by those who happened to pass by while they moved.

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