Chapter 138

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Academy’s Junior High
Felice and others were currently on their way to the Royal Radius Academy’s Junior High department. Today is a preparatory meeting for guards and adventurers accompanying the students for the field training exercise.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been at the academy, hasn’t it?” (Albert)

“It’s Junior High this time, so I’m looking forward to it a little.” (Felice)

“It’s good because you don’t have to hide your identity. Your schedule in Senior High was horrible because of ‘Al’ and ‘Sayo’.” (Gai)

“”Ahh~ that was truly horrible…”” (Albert & Felice)

Walking while talking to each other, they finally arrived at the academy’s gate. When they showed the gatekeepers their guild verification, they were guided to the Headmaster’s office, where they met a middle-aged woman.

“Nice to meet you, I am the Headmistress of the Junior High department, Michelle Tanner.”

“How do you do, I am the leader of Dark Fortune, Gai.”

“I’m Albert.”

“I am Felice.”

“May I take a look at your request?” (Michelle)

Receiving the paper Gai retrieved from his bag, Michelle opened her eyes wide after seeing the contents.

“Princess Grace’s field training exercise’s guards? The client is Prince Dylan, I see. However, I thought Her Highness already had the Royal Knights accompanying her.” (Michelle)

“This is a different matter. Dylan… This is His Highness’ personal request.” (Gai)

“My… that person is the same as always.” (Michelle)

“You know Prince Dylan, Headmistress Michelle?” (Felice)

“Fufufu… I know Prince Adam and your older brothers too. His Majesty and your father and mother as well.” (Michelle)

“… You knew about us.” (Albert)

“You guys are quite famous, after all. Now then, it’s almost time, so I will have you taken to the room. Luciana.” (Michelle)

“Yes.” (Luciana)

“Wah!?” (Felice)

Felice was startled by the woman that appeared out of nowhere, but Albert and Gai were acting as if nothing happened. Luciana who was watching the two with a sidelong glance guided the group with a slight smile on her face. When they entered the room, all eyes moved towards them.

“There’s quite many people here, no?” (Felice)

“There seems to be a free spot over there.” (Gai)

“Let’s move there quickly then.” (Albert)

“Please wait a moment.”


The group was called out to when they tried to move to a free spot, and when they turned, they saw one of Grace’s personal knights.

“Brenda-san!” (Felice)

“Yes. Albert-sama, Felice-sama, Gai-dono, would you like to join us? We have a place arranged.” (Brenda)

“I’m fine with that.” (Albert)

“Our target of protection is the same, why not?” (Gai)

“Then, this way please.” (Brenda)

The place the group was guided to was a place with several of Grace’s personal guards. They were all acquaintances, so after lightly greeting them, they waited for the prearranged time.

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