Chapter 139

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After that, a confirmation of the field training exercise schedule was carried out, and next was meeting the participating students. Here, the leaders from among the adventurers the academy has chosen will be decided. When the group moved to the meeting place, the students were already waiting there. Immediately, the group split into fellow travelers and those who had not settled yet. When Felice’s group approached Grace, she noticed them coming and waved her hand.

“Grace-sama.” (Felice)

“Felice, Albert, Gai, sorry for Dylan Oniisama’s unreasonableness.” (Grace)

“We are getting a proper remuneration, so don’t mind it.” (Albert)

“Right, right. Did that fellow get a little better now?” (Gai)

“… Ohohoho.” (Grace)

(((So it was no good, huh…)))

When Felice’s group recalled Dylan’s state, Grace made a speechless expression. She was then called to from behind.

“Umm… Grace-sama.”

“Ah, pardon me. Let me introduce you.” (Grace)

The person who called her was this time’s fellow field training exercise member, the daughter of Count Donoban, Sylvia. The other members of their team were the son of Count Donoban, Randolph and the son of Viscount Sutton, Cony. Sylvia and Randolph are twins. They were a group of four with each being followed by their family’s guards.
Once the introductions finished, Randolph asked Grace.

“Excuse me, but you already have personal knights with you, what do you need adventurers for, Grace-sama?” (Randolph)

“The Commissioner was Dylan Oniisama. I told him that I will be fine with Brenda and others, but wouldn’t budge no matter what.” (Grace)

“””Ahh… Dylan-sama would do something like that.””” (Randolph, Sylvia, Cony)

(They are agreeing!?)
(He has no intention of hiding it, huh.)
(Is Royalty good with him acting like that?)

The faces of Felice, Albert, and Gai cramped when they saw the three nodding to Grace’s words, but Cony asked another question.


“Still, them receiving a designated request even though you already have knights, they must be quite trusted by you.” (Cony)

“Yes, they have both the ability and good characters. I have been helped out by Felice and others numerous times already.” (Grace)

Cony and others were half in doubt from Grace’s words. That’s because two of the three were younger children than them. However, seeing Grace’s guards Brenda and others nodding behind her, they corrected their thoughts to not judge by the appearances. In that moment, a high-pitched voice resounded.

“Ohh~ my, as expected of Grace-sama. Knights and adventurers… you are a lady that needs quite a protection, don’t you? But, it cannot be helped. After being spoiled by the princes, you can’t find properly on your own, after all.”

“… Melinda Merschel.” (Grace)

Who appeared was a red-haired girl with thick makeup and ringlets and followers-like boys and girls behind her. Everyone had a different reaction when she appeared.

(((It appeared~!)))
(It’s ringlets! It’s my first time seeing those.) Felice
(Isn’t she coated too much? Moreover, she smells.) Albert
(They exist, don’t they~ people like her.) Gai

Unlike Felice’s group who were amazed, Brenda and the other knights were ready to fight. That’s because Grace’s fists were clenching hard.

(((We beg you, please don’t rampage!))) Knights

Not sure whether the thoughts of Brenda and others transmitted as Grace opened her fists and smiled.

“It’s as you say, Duke Merschel’s daughter. I might be truly loved by my older brothers. However, I will also do my best as a member of the royal family.” (Grace)

“Love… hmph! Do your best so you don’t pull others down with you!” (Melinda)

Facing Grace who said she’s loved without any shyness on her face, Melinda spat out some words and left with her troupe. Grace then made small guts pose.

(((You shouldn’t pick a fight if you can’t win.)))
(Ohh~ Grace-sama is incredible.) Felice
(Making guts pose there, they really are siblings, huh.) Albert
(Picking fights during practice. How bothersome.) Gai
(((Hoh… I’m glad she didn’t go on a rampage.))) Knights

The meeting ended like this and the day of the field training exercises approached.

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