Chapter 140

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Departing in High Spirits
On the day of the field training exercise, the participants gathered at the rendezvous point at the Capital’s outer wall. Each team were carrying their luggage onto their carriages and checking the map. The guards and adventurers were prohibited from interfering, so they could only watch. They were only able to give advice if asked, so these exchanges could be seen here and there.

“Well then, if your group is prepared to depart, please make sure you report before you do so.”

“My team is ready to depart.” (Melinda)

“Group one… the captain is Melida Merschel, I see. Well then, please depart. In case of emerge———”

“Let’s go!” (Melinda)

Melinda who quarreled with Grace during the meeting interrupted her teacher’s words as she vigorously climbed onto the carriage and commanded to depart.
Seeing her actions, the teacher and the guards and adventurers made disgusted expressions, but fortunately or not, the person in question did not notice. Several teams departed in similar manner, but most departed only after confirming their luggage and necessities seriously. Grace’s group also got onto the carriage and departed. The starting driver was apparently Cony. Brenda’s knights and Felice’s group were dispersed around the carriage, watching the surroundings. A while after entering the forest, the carriages congested the road. Taking a notice, Cony stopped the carriage and the three turned up.

“What’s the matter, Cony?” (Grace)

“The carriages are congesting the road, I am going to take a look.” (Cony)

“Okay, please do so.” (Grace)

In order to confirm the situation, Cony and several guards went over to take a look.

“This was a straight path, no?” (Felice)

“The road here is rough.” (Albert)

“It slows everyone down.” (Gai)

Felice’s group guessed what must have happened. Grace and others realized from their conversation too and sighed deeply. According to Cony who returned, as expected, a wheel of Melinda’s carriage got stuck in a ditch and even collided with the carriage that drove behind them. The involved parties were apparently throwing blame at each other. As everyone had to go the same way, they couldn’t move until the problem got resolved. They even failed to slip through the gap. The teachers who noticed the unusual situation agreed to allow assistance from the guards and adventurers, but there was nowhere to back away, so they were troubled.

“Say, Felice. Can’t you make the carriage float?” (Grace)

“I can.” (Felice)

“Then, can you make the carriage float and carry us over?” (Grace)

“Sure. Cony-san, please get inside too, okay?” (Felice)

“Y, yeah.” (Cony)


“Then, I will handle the luggage.” (Albert)

“Please do.” (Grace)


“Brenda, I will take you guys, so relax for a little bit.” (Gai)



The conversation progressed rapidly, but the three and their guards were staring blankly without following what’s going on.
And then———

“Oi, look there!”

“The carriage is flying!?”

“People too!”

Grace’s carriage advanced forward while disregarding the noise from below. Sylvia and Randolph were looking outside happily while Cony seemed a tad uneasy. The carriage and the guards landed past Melinda’s carriage, Cony took the driver’s seat, and the carriage continued as if nothing happened. Leaving the dumbfounded participants behind. A little later, Felice, Albert and Gai came back.

“Out of Grace-sama’s consideration, we will help everyone else as well. Please, raise your hand if you need assistance.” (Felice)

“However, those who caused this time’s accident better do something about it themselves.” (Albert)

“Raise your hands at once. The sun is going to set.” (Gai)

The students were taken aback by Albert and Gai’s manner of speaking, but understanding the meaning behind the three’s words, they raised their hands.

“””””Please help us!”””””

There was no magic teacher who experienced the sight of several flying people and carriages that didn’t lose confidence in their ability that day.

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