Chapter 141

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Except for the students who caused the incident, everyone else safely arrived at the location. The teams were to put up tents, but the locations came on the first come, first served basis, so Grace’s team was able to secure a good spot. The students are separated by genders and are each building their tents on their own, including the guards and adventurers. Amongst them, Gai finished assembling a smallish tent he retrieved from his item ring, so Randolph and others were staring at his work.

“””This is somewhat unfair…”””

“Kusukusu… assembling a tent also takes practice. Now then, let’s quickly get it done.” (Grace)

“””… Yes.”””

With Grace urging the three who stopped their hands, the group finished building their tents safely. After installing an efficient barrier with a magic tool, they confirmed their equipment and went hunting. While advancing through the forest vigilantly, Randolph who was in the lead signed “Stop” and “Get down” with his hand, so when everyone got down according to his instructions, a big boar appeared from within a rustling thicket.

((((A Big Boar!)))) Grace’s group

(Looks delish.) Felice
(Feli, you are drooling… it’s cute, though.) Albert)
(A Big Boar, huh… I am sure we have some in stock.) Gai

Randolph turned towards Sylvia and Cony and signed them “Two”, “Go around”, “Standby”, so the two cautiously moved in position. They confirmed that they surrounded it and begun the hunt. First, Cony pierced the Big Boar’s hind leg with an arrow, then Grace closed the distance from the front and cut off the Big Boar’s head with a sword, killing it at once. Felice’s and Brenda’s groups were surprised by their performance, but the most surprised were the four themselves.

“Oh my?” (Grace)

“It’s done.” (Cony)

“”We had no turn…”” (Sylvia & Randolph)

“T, there’s the next time!” (Cony)


“That’s right. Let’s look for another one?” (Grace)

While Grace and Cony were trying to soothe the twins who weren’t able to do anything, Gai quietly inquired from Brenda.

“Did Grace get stronger again?” (Gai)

“… Yes. She had trained a day after day after day after day since enrolling in the academy… she has received guidance from Her Majesty.” (Brenda)

“Uhe~” (Gai)

After that, they searched for prey and hunted and repeated the process, and returned only after everyone was feeling satisfied. They properly secured herbs and fruits on the way back. They placed their prey and harvest into the storage bag they received from the academy, so they had only a little baggage. By the way, this storage bag has started selling by Malaika Company three years ago, and only those authorized by the company’s president were able to purchase them. Their creator was concealed, but there were rumors that some young lady and young master were behind the bags. It can be said that the bags didn’t increase in weight as long as their weight limit wasn’t reached, so they do not slow people down too much.

“Would have it been better to increase their storage size a bit more?” (Felice)

“We have free time, we might as well just do it.” (Albert)

“Stop it already. Robert is going to die of anger.” (Gai)

“”Eh?”” (Sylvia & Randolph)

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