Chapter 142

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Exposing Identity
When they returned from the hunting, several teams were already back. They reported the fruits of their hunting to the teachers first.

“You’ve got quite a lot. Sorry, but could you consider splitting your game if any teams return empty-handed?” (Teacher)

“Yes, we don’t mind.” (Grace)

“That will be of help. However, there’s no need to be sharing with those that show no manners, so you can refuse comrades like them.” (Teacher)


Once they finished reporting, they started preparing for lunch. They left the safety to Albert and Gai also started preparing the meal. Felice was helping Gai too.

“What are we making today?” (Felice)

“There are many people here, so something simple would be better… how about sandwiches and soup? It will be able to fill up.” (Gai)

“Let’s grill the bread and make hot sandwiches. For the chewy texture.” (Felice)

“Indeed. I will leave the soup to you, Feli. I will do the hot sandwiches.” (Gai)

“Got it.” (Felice)

Gai and Felice each began cooking their dish. Right at that time, Melinda’s group whose carriage broke arrived, and received an explanation from the teacher. It was most likely regarding the ingredients for lunch. Other teams didn’t hunt enough to share, so the teacher, Melinda and one strong-looking boy made their way towards Grace’s camp. The teacher started rubbing his glabella during the talk with Grace.

“There’s no need for conversation. We can procure supplies now.”

“Right. We can do it easily.” (Melinda)

Saying that, they returned to their group. The teacher was shocked and smiled bitterly at Grace. Felice and others were working hard without any regard for Melinda, but Melinda, the boy and their guards approached Gai and Felice.

“Oi, you guys! We are going to use this place now, so leave from here!”

“Leave the tent and ingredients behind. We will make a good use of them.” (Melinda)

“No way.” (Felice)

“Nope.” (Gai)

“Wha!? I am the eldest son of Marquis Sylas, Dario-sama, you know!” (Dario)

“Are you commoner adventurers trying to defy the orders from the houses of Duke and Marquis?” (Melinda)

When Melinda and Dario gave a signal with their eyes, the guards behind them reacher for their swords. However, Gai who couldn’t ignore that released his bloodthirst.

“You are going to be considered enemies if you draw your swords out. You better stop it if you don’t want to die.” (Gai)


“Hii!?” (Melinda)


“W, what are you doing! Quickly!?” (Dario)

“Quickly what? Ah, guards don’t move, okay? He’s going to lose his head if I suddenly become clumsy.” (Albert)

“Ku…” (Dario)

Before they realized, Albert was holding Dario’s neck from behind, so the guards took a step back.

“Y, you guys! This won’t end like this! I will tell my Otousama, he will bury you guys together with your families!” (Melinda)

“I, I will ask my Father too!” (Dario)

The surroundings froze when Melinda spoke up. Not metaphorically but literally. Brenda’s group and the teacher were looking up the sky… She said it, they thought. Grace was looking with a smile but her eyes smiling whatsoever. Then, the person who froze the surroundings slowly took a step forward as she approached Melinda and others with a dark aura wrapped around her.

“Who is going to bury whom?” (Felice)

“”Hii!?”” (Dario & Melinda)

“In the first place, you are flaunting around your social status yet, what is that attitude when talking to Grace-sama? If that’s what your manners towards the royalty look like, I wonder what your family thinks?” (Felice)

“What did you say! You commoner!” (Melinda)

“Shut up! Know your place, commoner!” (Dario)

“When did I say that I was a commoner?” (Felice)

“”Eh?”” (Dario & Melinda)

When Felice sighed tiredly, Albert and Gai exchanged an eye signal.

“Let me introduce myself again, my name is Felice Faust. I am the daughter of Duke Faust.” (Felice)

“”Faust Household’s!?””

“I’m Albert Faust. As the son of Claude Faust, it’s my duty to convey him your words, so don’t you worry about that.” (Albert)

“W, wait a moment please! I had no intentions like that!” (Dario)

“I, it was just a figure of speech!” (Melinda)

Hearing the name of the Faust family, not only Melinda and Dario, but even the guards’ faces turned pale.

“Why are your faces so pale all of sudden? Now, weren’t you going to hunt? Please do your best.” (Felice)

“”That can’t be…””

Felice who returned to cooking left behind the Melinda and Dario who were trembling with despair.

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