Chapter 143

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rumors and Sinister Designs
Melinda and Dario who were denied ingredients for lunch had no more pride to ask Grace, so they departed to hunt while glaring in annoyance. The members in their group had dark expressions. On the other hand, Grace’s group of four alternated between eating and lookout in pairs. Felice’s group, Brenda and others and Randolph’s guards also took turns eating. The meal was something prepared by Felice and Gai, so everyone ate with gratefulness and deliciousness. Meanwhile, Felice asked Brenda, who was near her, a simple question.

“Hey, Brenda-san.” (Felice)

“Yes, what is it? The meal was very delicious.” (Brenda)

“Thank you very much. But, it’s not about that.” (Felice)

“Please ask me anything.” (Brenda)

“Melinda-san had such an attitude even towards Grace-sama who is royalty, so why did she turn pale when she heard the Faust family name?” (Felice)


Hearing Felice’s words, people spat out their food, starting with Brenda.

“Wha!? Are you okay?” (Felice)

“I, cough, cough…. hrmm! … Excuse me. Err, you see. Faust family is… hmm~” (Brenda)

Unable to just watch Brenda who didn’t know what to say, Albert entered the conversation.

“Feli, you can’t trouble Brenda. The reason they got scared is because of the rumors surrounding the Faust family.” (Albert)

(((((He said it!?)))))

“Rumors? Do you know about them, Al?” (Felice)

“Yeah. For example, everyone who makes a move on the Faust family dies or gets cursed, they become crazy or get lynched, things like that. They are all groundless rumors, though.” (Albert)

“Heeh… even though Otousama and others wouldn’t ever do something like that. They were certainly angry when the family got targeted, but they didn’t kill. They were interrogated, though.” (Felice)


“Right, right. Later during the interrogation, they were given the new tea to drink.” (Gai)

Gai followed-up Albert’s words.

(((((Testing new drugs on living people?)))))

“They seemed to be happy about the new tea’s effectiveness the last time.” (Albert)

“Is that so~” (Felice)

(((((So it happened recently too.)))))

Contrary to Felice who was delighted that her questions were solved, Brenda and others were making faces that couldn’t say anything.
At that time, Melinda and others loitered around, looking for prey. Melinda and Dario, whose blood was rising to their heads, advanced rapidly without checking their surroundings. Since they had no map and didn’t even bother checking it before leaving, they naturally got lost.

“Grace is an irritating one too, but what’s up with those Faust family’s children!” (Melinda)

“Even though there would be no problems if they quickly handed the stuff over!” (Dario)

“Besides, when I asked around, they are just kids with doubtful origins.” (Melinda)

“Since the people of the Faust family let them become adventurers, they must be quite displeased with them, no?” (Dario)

“That’s possible. I won’t permit people like that to have an opinion on me!” (Melinda)

“I won’t feel at peace unless we let them suffer a bit. Hey, how about this?” (Dario)

“… Ohohoho! That’s a good idea!” (Melinda)

The two who started planning their sinister design didn’t notice the uneasy atmosphere in the surroundings.

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