Chapter 144

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The usual sight and worries.
The morning of the second day of the field training exercise started without any problems.
The groups were now preparing their breakfast.

“Shall we do a warm soup in the morning? Ahh~ That reminds me, do we still have dashi?” (Gai)

“Can’t you make it by peeling off the skin on your hand by soaking it in hot water?” (Albert)

“That’s dreadful!? What kind of dashi is that! What kind! Rather, you make it. Your (dragon) meat is the best there is, so make dashi out of yourself!” (Gai)

“Haah!?… Well, dashi made out of someone as ill-omened as you (demon lord) might turn quite unlucky, after all~” (Albert)

“Hah! Tough luck. This body is that fellow’s (hero’s). It actually might turn into sacred dashi.” (Gai)

“The hell is sacred dashi!” (Albert)

Ignoring Albert and Gai’s incomprehensible quarrel, Felice took out her own ingredients and started cooking the soup.
Brenda approached Felice nervously and asked her.

“Umm~” (Brenda)

“Is something wrong? Ah, I will make everyone’s share too.” (Felice)

“Thank you very much!… That’s not it! Is it fine to not stop them?” (Brenda)

“They are just messing around. It’s the usual.” (Felice)

“I, is that so? They seem to be exchanging blows, though.” (Brenda)

“It’s the usual.” (Felice)

“T, they have started using magic, though!?” (Brenda)

“There’s a barrier around them, so it’s fine~” (Felice)

“That very barrier started cracking, though!?” (Brenda)

“It’s fine, it’s fine… it’s done. Al~ Gai~ the meal’s ready~”


“Yess~” (Albert)

“Ohh~” (Gai)

The moment Felice called them, Albert and Gai swiftly moved to her side.
Brenda who saw that dropped her shoulders despondently, but the students who witnessed the two messing around couldn’t calm down for a while.
Time passed and it was time for an exercise.
Today, the students are going to exercise in a place designated by the school.
Of course, they are not just going there, the group must collect specific kinds of herbs and subjugate monsters.

“In other words, they have to figure out where the herbs and monsters are located before deciding on the route, right?” (Felice)

“There doesn’t seem many who noticed. Grace’s group seems to know, though.” (Albert)

“It’s only a natural course of action for adventurers like us.” (Gai)

“But, is this okay?” (Felice)

“What is?” (Albert)

“I mean, the route of the place of destination goes through that place.” (Felice)

“N?… Ahh~ we will be certainly passing by the place we fell through. But, Gai sealed all of the entrances, no?” (Albert)

“Yeah, there are a few left, but I made sure they open only by reacting to registered magical power, so it should be fine.” (Gai)

The forest of the field training exercise was the forest where Gai’s basement was located. Gai changed his place of residence to the Faust family’s house, but the basement still had many precious items, so he made sure no one could get inside.

“… Grace-sama is registered too, isn’t she? We are as well.” (Felice)

“It will open if it reacts.” (Albert)

“… We should speak with Grace.” (Gai)

“”That would be for best.”” (Albert & Felice)

When they conveyed the matter regarding the basement to Grace, she was taken aback, so she must have forgotten too. Grace decided to reconsider the route to avoid the entrance.
When their preparations finished, the students departed one group after another.
Grace’s group departed too, advancing favorably while picking herbs.
They could see other groups in the distance.
Everyone seemed to be taking this seriously.
Among them was a group that followed after Grace’s group without picking the herbs.
It was Melinda’s group.
Of course, Felice and others noticed and were on guard, but they didn’t show their objective clearly, so they decided to keep watching.
However, Felice and others will soon regret their decision.

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