Chapter 145

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Confirming the situation.
Grace’s group searched for the monsters of their objective, advanced through the forest with vigilance, but they couldn’t find a single monster.

“This is strange. They have been confirmed to be around here, but… Gai, may I ask you something?” (Grace)

“What is it?” (Gai)

“The monster habitats of this time’s practice had been verified by the Adventurer’s Guild beforehand, yes?” (Grace)

“Yeah, it has been checked a two days ago.” (Gai)

“Two days ago… then, is it possible that the monsters moved from here in those two days?” (Grace)

“That’s not impossible… however, adventurer activity in the forest has been banned in recent days because of the field training exercise.” (Gai)

“Is that so… Anyhow, it seems that there’s nothing we can do even if we keep searching. It would be better to report to teachers first. Something might be going terribly wrong. Are you three okay with that?” (Grace)

“””Yes.””” (Randolph, Sylvia & Cony)

Hearing Gai’s words, Grace’s group decided to return for the time being.
The escort group was also discussing while watching the group of four confirm the returning route.

“Now then, what do you think?” (Albert)

“It’s too strange.” (Felice)

“What do you mean by that, Felice-sama?” (Brenda)

“Coming this far and not encountering monsters, Brenda-san.” (Felice)

“Isn’t it because they moved from here?” (Brenda)

“Well~ that’s not impossible, but them not being around here at all is strange.” (Albert)

“Not here at all!? Is that the truth, Albert-sama!” (Brenda)

“Yeah.” (Albert)

“The objective of Grace’s group is the Great Wolves, right? They act in packs and they aren’t species that change their location often.” (Albert)

“Even if the Great Wolves are out hunting, it’s strange that there are no other monsters around here, right?” (Felice)

“Yeah.” (Albert)


As they reaffirmed the situation in a heavy mood, Felice approached and picked up a thing that she caught a glimpse from the corner of her eyes.

“Where did I see this before… hmm~… where was it again?” (Felice)

“Feli, what are you holding?” (Albert)

“Hmm… Al, I have a remembrance of this, but I can’t recall where I saw it before.” (Felice)

“Lemme see?” (Albert)

Albert frowned at the thing Felice was holding in her hands.
What Felice was holding in her hands was a palm-sized sphere made out of a soft material.
Moreover, a magic stone was embedded in the center of the sphere.

“Whoah… this is, if I remember correctly… so that means, the cause of this situation is…” (Albert)

“Al? Do you know something?” (Felice)

“Rather than knowing, I don’t want to know… it’s just a guess. Give me an ear, Feli.” (Albert)

“Hm?” (Felice)

Recalling something about the sphere, Albert whispered something to Felice’s ear with a cramped face.
Felice who heard what he had to say opened her eyes wide in shock, Gai who listened to that talk next made the same face.

“Do you think it would be better to tell everyone?” (Felice)

“It’s just a possibility. It may be different.” (Albert)

“We were told to report if we have positive proof… hey, Al.” (Gai)

“No way. Take care of it, Leader.” (Albert)

“Guh… Feli…” (Gai)

“Do your best, Leader.” (Felice)

“Y, you guys… just at a time like this!” (Gai)

“”What might you be talking about?”” (Felice & Albert)

Gai, who glared at the sweating Felice and Albert dejectedly dropped his shoulders and contacted a certain person.

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