Chapter 146

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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As soon as Gai contacted the person related to the sphere they picked up, he connected immediately.
He erected a soundproofing barrier just in case.

(What did you do this time?)

“… I think your tone is too cruel. Not to mention, this time is not our fault.” (Gai)

(… And so?)

“Oi, what’s up with that long pause!” (Gai)

(I know, I got it. Quickly state your business.)

“It really wasn’t us! Listen to me, Miguel!” (Gai)

“Miguel Oniisama has no trust in Gai, huh.” (Felice)

“It’s a daily routine at this point.” (Albert)

“You guys! Don’t speak like it’s not your business! You are included in that non-existing trust, alright!” (Gai)

“”Kidding again~”” (Albert & Felice)

“Nononono! What are you making faces that show no involvement for!?” (Gai)

(Haah~… Gai, stop playing around and state your business.) Miguel

“Why are you angry at me alone!?” (Gai)

It appears that on the other side of the call was Felice and Albert’s stepbrother Miguel.
Gai who felt he was being bullied alone started explaining the situation with a dissatisfied voice.

(No monsters whatsoever? That’s different from the Guild’s report. Has the investigation been neglected…?) Miguel

“No, that’s not the case. I participated in the investigation as well.” (Gai)

(I see. Something strange is happening then… if you wanted to suspend the exercise, why did you not contact school management instead of me?) Miguel

“Ahh~… there’s something we want to confirm with you about the situation. There’s a magic tool under development in your guys’ laboratory, right?” (Gai)

(Which one?) Miguel

“The reconnaissance one. That spherical one. Did you perhaps lose it?” (Gai)

(… Wait a moment. Shuffle… shuffle… it’s not here… Adam~! Did you… again… bang!) Miguel

“… He hung up.” (Gai)

“Miguel Oniisama got angry, didn’t he?” (Felice)

“I don’t think we are at fault this time, though.” (Albert)

“Let’s wait for him to contact us back just in case.” (Gai)

“”Yeah.”” (Felice & Albert)

The three who canceled the barrier for now, returned to Brenda and others.
Grace’s group just finished discussing too, so they decided to depart.
Taking the distance into consideration, they decided to leave not for the starting point but the place of destination instead.
However, there “they” finally made a move.

“Oh~ my, isn’t that Grace-sama over there?”

“Hmph, isn’t she surrounded by fools?”

“To surround herself with fellows that can’t do anything, I can’t believe she’s part of the royal family of this country.”

Grace’s group was stunned by the sudden appearance by Melinda, Dario and their group.
In their minds, they were asking: “What the hell are these guys doing?”
Then, they all expressed their thoughts frankly.


“”””The groups’ activity is strictly monitored during the exercise, so.””””


Melinda and Dario were silenced by the lecture of Grace’s group, but that lasted only a moment.

“Ra, rather than that, have you hunted any monsters?” (Melinda)

“Y, you didn’t from the looks of it, though.” (Dario)

“… Even though you know since you were watching all this time.” (Felice)

“W, what might you be talking about?” (Melinda)

“Stop falsely accusing us!” (Dario)

“Well, as you wish… there are no monsters around here. We concluded that this situation is not normal and are about to report to the teachers.” (Grace)

“My, you are trying to deceive your own incompetence like this, I see.” (Melinda)

“How shallow. We were able to hunt monsters properly. Are you going to make a false report that there are no monsters around?” (Dario)

Naturally, it was obvious that they have not hunted anything since they have been following Grace’s group all this time.
Most of it must have been brought by their escort instead.
Grace who was tired of them decided to ignore them and depart.

“Everyone, let’s move.” (Grace)

“””Yes.””” (Randolph, Sylvia & Cony)

“Stop right there!” (Melinda)

“Don’t ignore us!” (Dario)

Grace walked away, disregarding the two shouting people, but she was stopped by someone else.

“Wait.” (Gai)

“Gai? Why are you stopping me?” (Grace)

“The forest’s state is strange.” (Gai)

“Eh?” (Grace)

Gai who stopped Grace, as well as Felice and Albert were on alert.
Then, Brenda and other guards who also noticed something wrong surrounded Grace’s group in order to protect them.
Among such a tense atmosphere, a voice full of leeway echoed.

“My, what are panicking so much for?” (Melinda)

“Hmph, how unsightly.” (Dario)

Grace who felt something wrong inquired from Melinda and Dario who were sneering.

“Just what did you do?” (Grace)

“Oh my, what a scary expression… I am just trying to help you, Grace-sama.” (Melinda)

“We will make sure to watch. It would be better to do your best to finish your task.” (Dario)

“Task, you said?… Surely not!?” (Grace)

That moment, Gai’s ruthless voice reached the ears of Grace who opened her eyes wide in shock.

“Everyone, prepare for battle! Monsters are coming!” (Gai)

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