Chapter 147

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Brenda and others took out their weapons at Gai’s words.
Gai then started giving instructions.

“Brenda, you protect them over there! Feli, erect a barrier around them to protect them. Al, come with me to the front!” (Gai)


“Got it!” (Feli)

“Roger that.” (Albert)

At the same time Felice erected a barrier, the monsters made an appearance.
A great variety of monsters attacked, but Albert and Gai were calm as a millpond.

“Isn’t there too many?” (Gai)

“Huh? Are you not confident?” (Albert)

“Now you said it. Wanna make a bet then?” (Gai)

“Sure. What are we betting? (Albert)

“Let’s see… the loser has to do one thing the winner says.” (Gai)

“That’s quite normal. Well, let’s do it.” (Albert)

Albert brandished his sword and Gai equipped his gloves… without noticing that a certain someone licked their lips after overhearing the two’s conversation.
On the other side, Sylvia, Randolph, and Cony were trembling a little because of the very unexpected situation.
Grace spoke to them in order to soothe them.

“Calm down, you three. It will be fine.” (Grace)


“You can be at ease if those guys are responding. Rather than that, here, take this.” (Grace)


“This is, you see————. Then, I leave it to you.” (Grace)


The three stopped trembling after hearing Grace’s sudden request.
A smile floated on Grace’s face as she glared at the monsters with a strict expression.

Albert’s side
It’s troublesome, but I should keep the materials for later. What should I make him do after I win~ let him be a specimen for the research institute? Or perhaps… hmm, I can’t decide~ Huh? Is it just my imagination or the monsters are decreasing too fast… I can’t lose!

After having such thoughts, Albert started aiming for the necks of the monsters, ending their lives in one hit.


Gai’s side
I have to collect the materials later. The big problem is deciding what to make him do after I win. As expected, his relationship with Feli comes first. Should I make him to finally tell her about the pairing? Or… I can’t decide. N? The monsters are decreasing fast, aren’t they… as if I would lose!

While having such thoughts, Gai started pounding the brains of the monsters out, killing them instantly.


Those who saw them fight were at a loss for words.


“To think they were this powerful…”

“This must be a lie, right…”

They couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw the monsters perish one after another.
A short time later, when all the monsters died, Albert and Gai made their way towards Felice.

“It’s my victory.” (Albert)

“I am the winner, right?” (Gai)

“”…. Hah!?”” (Albert & Gai)

Felice smiled whole-heartedly at the two who returned to her while glaring at each other.

“Good work. Any injuries?” (Felice)

“I’m fine.” (Albert)

“Something like that was nothing.” (Gai)

Grace called out to them too after collecting the materials with her group.

“Good work, everyone.” (Grace)

“It was nothing.” (Albert)

“Yep, yep.” (Gai)

“Fufu… now then, shall we hear out the story in detail now?” (Grace)

Grace’s sharp gaze got directed towards Melinda and Dario who were trembling in their own barrier.

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