Chapter 129

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lifting the Ban
The people involved in the kidnappings had gathered in Branka’s Feudal Lord’s mansion.
Zaran, who was ordered to the royal palace kept refusing with a cool face, but just about when the Commander of the Knights dispatched from the Capital finished reading the testimony of the bandits and the involved people such as Felice, Zaran was sweating with his eyes restlessly swimming around, but he seemed to come up with something as a filthy smile appeared on his face.

“I will say it again, but I have no reason to go.” (Zaran)

“You are saying that again? What an unreasonably stubborn person you are. We have witnesses, you know?”

“Hmph! Aren’t your witnesses bandits and commoners? You bastard, are you trying to say that the words of those dirty things are more honest than mine?” (Zaran)

“… You seem to have forgotten, but there are nobles among the witnesses, moreover, they are from a Ducal family, alright?”

“Nobles? Hah! Those people are just adopted children, right? Aren’t they just fellows with unknown origins? They aren’t comparable to a true noble like me!” (Zaran)

Zaran seemed to be clinging to his identity while explaining, but he was so desperate he forgot about the older brothers and their father who left his work behind in order to search for their family members.
Dark aura emitted from that very father and the two brothers.

“””Let’s take him out.”””

“… Calm down. I beg you, take him out after Elder brother deals with him.” (Austin)

“A, anyhow, let’s take him away! Seize him!”

“Stop joking around! I won’t let you!” (Zaran)

The Knight Commander didn’t hear their ominous conversation, but he did feel unrest, so when he tried to instruct his subordinates to seize Zaran, Zaran who couldn’t read the mood took out a small tubular thing and brought it near his mouth

“What are you-!?”

“Kukuku… since it has become like this, I will exterminate all of you!” (Zaran)

If he considered the situation calmly, he would understand what kind of trouble he would get into if the knights dispatched from the Capital, and most above all, Claude didn’t return back, but the current Zaran thought this was the best course of actions.

“Hey, hey, what is that? A flute? It didn’t make any noise, right?” (Felice)

“Eh? It did make a sound. But, it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.” (Albert)

“I didn’t hear it either.” (Gai)

“””… N?””” (Felice, Albert & Gai)

Felice who was watching Zaran’s actions was perplexed as she and Gai didn’t hear any sound coming out, but Albert was apparently able to hear it.
After the three exchanged glances, they somehow ended up looking at Blake.

“That is a Beast Flute. It makes a special sound that only the beasts, beast-type monsters, and Beastmen can hear.” (Blake)

“””Hee~””” (Felice, Albert & Gai)

“I don’t know what is going to appear next because of that, but be on guard.” (Blake)

“”Yess~”” (Felice & Albert)

“Eeee~i” (Gai)

“Somehow… there’s no tension in the air. Well, it the usual though.” (Blake)

Unlike the nonchalant three, the moment the Knights who moved in order to protect the witnesses, three chimeras broke in through the wall.


“Wha, impossible! Chimeras!?”

“Ha ha ha! I will have you bastards die here!” (Zaran)

“… He laughed, are you stupid?” (Knight Commander)

“What!? Stupid, you said!” (Zaran)

“Cough… pardon me.” (Knight Commander)

The Knight Commander looked at Zaran who was laughing with a sense of superiority as if he was a fool, but other knights and the witnesses were also looking at Zaran in silence.

“Wha, what’s up with those expressions! They are Chimeras, you know! Three A-class monsters! You will die!” (Zaran)

“… We would be certainly in danger if it were only us. Only if we were here alone, though. You might have forgotten, but there’s S-rank Austin-sama and his party here, the people from the Faust family are also present.” (Knight Commander)

“……………… Ah.” (Zaran)

Zaran’s mouth flapped open and closed while sweat dripped down his forehead.
Within the silence, Austin spoke while scratching his cheek.

“Ah~… I don’t mind playing with them~… what about you Blake, Meison?” (Austin)

“Ain’t it fine? The time is right.” (Blake)

“Indeed. However~…” (Meison)

“”However?”” (Austin & Blake)


“It will get noisy if that person finds out, no?” (Meison)

“”Ah… Okaasan.”” (Austin & Blake)

“He is too overprotective, after all~ Well, let’s leave that for later.” (Claude)

When the conversation that started all of sudden(?) ended, Austin shifted his gaze to Claude to confirm, so when Claude nodded, Austin directed his gaze towards Felice.

“Felice!” (Austin)

“Yes, Teacher!” (Felice)

Sensing the change in Austin, Felice switched her own feelings and replied.

“You will be the Chimeras opponent.” (Austin)

“Yes? … Is that fine?” (Felice)

“Yeah. I am lifting the ban on the raising of your level. We will protect the people in the vicinity this time, so you focus on subjugating those fellows.” (Austin)

“Yes!” (Felice)

“Albert, Gai, you guys protect the people with us.” (Austin)

“Yes. Don’t injure yourself, Feli.” (I will take out the trash if there’s even a single scratch on her.) Albert

“Roger that. Don’t overdo it, Feli.” (If necessary, I will hold him back… Al, that is.) Gai

In fact, Felice had confronted second-grade monsters for her training before, but because the numerical foundation of her status was too low, her Teachers decided after a discussion that it would be better if she did not level up for a while.
Even though she fought before, she had never delivered the finishing blow, so… this will be the first time for her ending a life.
Usually, an E-ranked adventurer, moreover a child, keeping a Chimera company would be impossible.
In reality, starting with the knights, Zaran, and even the Guild Master, everyone was at a loss for words.
Only Yahar and Gray’s group were looking somewhere into a distance.
Even though Felice was nervous, she carefully considered the strategy.

(It has many usable materials, so defeating it with as few injuries as possible would be preferable. Didn’t Gai suffocate one before? I lack skill to do the same, though~ right! Let’s try the thing Otousama taught me!) Felice

Felice produced a bow from a glove-type magic tool and took a stance.
With the surroundings getting noisy, Felice started attacking.
The Chimeras who were intimidating even without their master’s commands recognized Felice as an enemy and accepted her challenge.
Felice who moved faster than the Chimeras shot with her bow, but as they continued fighting without anyone able to make the decisive blow, Felice suddenly stopped.

“It’s too reckless! Austin-sama, let us support her!” (Knight Commander)

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” (Austin)

“Wha!? However… Claude-sama!” (Knight Commander)

“No need for assistance. The match has already been decided.” (Claude)

“Hah!?” (Knight Commander)

“Activate…Ice Flower Coffin.” (Felice)

The Knight Commander who couldn’t get through Austin and Claude suddenly heard Felice’s calm voice.
What entered the Knight Commander’s sight was an unbelievable scene.
As soon as the three Chimeras got enveloped in a luminescent light, their lives ended while covered in ice.
That ice had the shape of a blooming flower.
While others looked at the situation dumbfounded, she and others were at their own pace as usual.

“I am glad I was able to do it correctly.” (Felice)

“Feli, good job~” (Albert)

“Good job. Say, are they perhaps frozen from inside?” (Gai)

“Yeah.” (Felice)

“No wonder. I found it strange since Chimeras would be normally able to resist ice of this level. As expected of you. We have to keep working hard so we don’t lose to you.” (Miguel)

“Indeed, Elder brother. Still, how did you freeze it from inside?” (Nathan)

“It was an ice needle that pierced into the blood vein from the sole of their feet.” (Felice)

“”””I see.””””

(((((No, what are you nodding for!? Rather, that child’s ideas are too scary!)))))

“You moved well.” (Blake)

“Truly. Your strategy was splendid as well.” (Meison)

“Was that a magic circle? When did you teach her something like that?” (Austin)

“I only taught her the basics of magic circles, that magic circle itself was Feli’s own creation.” (Claude)

“That’s incredible~” (Austin)

(((((That’s incredible~… not! What are you teaching a child!)))))

The Knights, and naturally Zaran too, didn’t forget to interject while seeing the group talking with Felice in harmony.
No one noticed that one person disappeared during that moment.

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