Chapter 130

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Leveled Up
While the surroundings stared at the little girl who defeated the Chimeras without any trouble, the person in question was putting the defeated Chimeras in the item box while explaining.

“Still, when did you drew the magic circle? You didn’t do it during the fight, right?” (Miguel)

“It’s impossible to draw without support during battle, after all. Besides, Feli’s magic circle drawings are cough, cough, she’s poor at drawing them, so I thought you weren’t planning on using them?” (Nathan)

“I didn’t plan on using them, but Otousama took his time to teach me, so I made various things and tested them out myself.” (Felice)

“”Various?”” (Miguel & Nathan)

“Yeah. Figuring out the nature of each attribute while defeating and capturing, and also their entertaining values.” (Felice)

“What’s up with the last thing you said? Oh well, and so, how did you put the magic circle in use?” (Miguel)

“Have you used a magic tool?” (Nathan)

“Nope, I have used a skill.” (Felice)

“”Skill?”” (Miguel & Nathan)

A smile floated on Gai’s face as he interrupted Miguel and Nathan who tilted their heads in puzzlement after hearing Felice’s reply.

“Feli’s magic circle drawings look like that, so there’s no need to use them forcibly, but there aren’t many things as good for fighting as that. But, having said that, drawing magic circles while fighting would be absolutely impossible for Feli. Even her regular drawings are like that, after all.” (Gai)

“That time, Feli’s drawings become a really big problem. We were talking at night while eating snacks.” (Albert)

“Feli fell asleep halfway, you see.” (Gai)

“You guys were doing something like that…” (Miguel)

“We will be fine even without sleeping~” (Gai)

“We won’t get fat while eating snacks during the night either~” (Albert)

“Shall I report it then? Your words you just said… to Mother.” (Nathan)

“”We won’t do it anymore. Please forgive us.”” (Albert & Gai)

Because Albert’s mother restricted his beloved sweets since a previous incident, Albert’s words would certainly rub her the wrong way.
Albert and Gai quickly apologized after hearing Nathan’s words.
However, the two who were bowing their heads didn’t notice the trembling and shaking Felice up until now.
The teary-eyed Felice glared at the two.

“You have been making fun of my drawings again and again… you guys are terrible! Why don’t you say it bluntly! That they suck!” (Feli)

“T, that’s not true! They don’t suck or anything. They are just a little bit… right~ Gai!” (Albert)

“Me!? T, that’s right, they don’t suck. Right! They are peculiar! You could say that they are very personal, even!” (Gai)

“Was that… supposed to be a follow-up?” (Albert)

“Looks like it would be better to teach Al and Gai about consideration, huh.” (Nathan)

“Nathan, since a while ago, you have been…” (Miguel)

“What are you talking about, Elder brother?” (Nathan)

“You… oh well. Feli, can you please tell us about the skill if you feel better?” (Miguel)

Giving up on talking to Nathan, Miguel inquired from Felice.

“Mu~… the skill I used is ‘Thoughtography’. I might be poor at drawing, but memorizing and clear mental imagination is my strong point.” (Felice)

“‘Thoughtography’… I see. Certainly, if you reproduce the image in your mind, there’s no need to expressively draw it.” (Miguel)

“Ah, it’s the skill you had learned while memorizing textbooks, right?” (Albert)

“Learned… I would say that I only copied it.” (Felice)

“You don’t need to deny when you worked hard. Al and I only lent you a hand.” (Gai)

“Yep, yep. There aren’t many people with ‘Thoughtography’ so it was quite a troublesome task~” (Albert)

Slightly further away, Austin who heard the explanation about the magic circle from Claude asked a question.

“Still, Angela’s magic tool was designed by Felice, right? Is she really that bad at drawing?” (Austin)

“The magic tool that time was produced by magical power from metal. I have no idea.” (Meison)

“I have also not seen it directly before, but wasn’t the drawing good for a child?” (Blake)

“I thought so too that time I heard Miranda’s report, but I was able to tell that Miranda achieved enlightenment when she was looking at several magic circles Feli made during her practice.” (Claude)



“Rahter than that, those fellows have calmed down too, let’s take them without delay. I leave Feli and those guys to you.” (Claude)

“Ou.” (Austin)

Claude went to take Zaran who was still staring dumbfounded while Austin and others approached Felice’s group.

“You did well, Felice.” (Austin)

“Umu, you have handled the weapons well.” (Meison)

“You moved nicely too.” (Blake)

“Thank you very much. Teachers.” (Felice)

“Have you checked your levels?” (Austin)

“Not yet. Err… status.” (Felice)

Praised by the three teachers, Felice who conveyed her gratitude bashfully opened her status.

Name: Felice Faust
Lv.: 1→15

HP: 2856→3506
MP: 15685→16435

Felice who saw the status was relieved that her level raised.

“Yay! It increased properly!” (Felice)

“The opponents were Chimeras, so it must have raised by quite a lot, right?” (Albert)

“They were three, after all. At this rate… o, oy, what’s the matter?” (Gai)

“”Eh?”” (Albert & Felice)

When Felice turned to where Gai was looking, they saw Austin, Blake, and Meison pinning the inner corners of their eyes.

“Erm… are you okay?” (Felice)

“Are you crying?” (Albert)

“Why all of sudden?” (Gai)

“Kuh… sorry. When I think that… that… that Felice… you have worked hard.” (Austin)

“Even though I didn’t know how it will turn out at first… you did well.” (Meison)

“I was at a loss, not knowing what to do with you, but… you did your best.” (Blake)

“””…………””” (Albert, Felice & Gai)

Albert and Gai were amazed, while Felice was troubled.
Was she being praised or spoken ill of, is she supposed to feel happy or angry.
As a result of her trouble, she decided to puff out her cheeks and wait for her teachers.
Felice had no way of knowing that a similar scene will be waiting for her a few hours later.
On the other side, Miguel and Nathan who heard Austin and others’ words were talking to each other.

“Say, Elder brother. To whom were the words ‘worked hard’ really directed to?” (Nathan)

“That’s, of course to the… Felice…” (Miguel)

“I thought so. Ah, one more.” (Nathan)

“What?” (Miguel)

“About Felice, didn’t her level raise by quite a lot?” (Nathan)

“They are obviously not your ten-year-old’s numbers. Her MP is several times higher than ours.” (Miguel)

“Does Uncle and others know?” (Nathan)

“They do. But, being caught in Felice’s future prospects, they must have decided to train her without getting caught in common sense.” (Miguel)

“I see. I was sure that their common sense of ten-year-olds had been warped by Albert and Gai.” (Nathan)

“T, that’s surely not true… it shouldn’t be… probably.” (Miguel)

Even while denying Nathan’s remark, Miguel’s eyes jolted just because of the possibility.
Just at that moment, an angry voice from Claude’s side resounded.

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